Like a Stray in a Wolfpack

Kate is an ordinary teenager. She likes partying, hanging out with her friends, and pretty much everything else, typical for her age group. But one day, she meets Chris. A charming, young man, who isn't like all the other guys..


3. Partytime

Next day, when Kate woke up, she couldn’t help but think about the guy yesterday. What was his name? She didn’t really remember, actually. A light sigh fell from her lips, as she got up and out of bed. Why did she even agree, to go meet him on Saturday? He wasn’t that good looking. Was he? Kate shook her head, before she tugged the all too big shirt over her head, and dumped it on the bed. She took a quick glance at the clock, realizing it was almost 3 PM. She really slept for that long? She picked up her phone from the nightstand, noticing the two missed calls from Tyler, while walking to her closet. She’d better find some clothes then, because it would probably take a while, before she would be ready to go.

Kate called back Tyler and held the phone to her ear, with the help of her shoulder, while she looked through her closet, trying to find some clothes for the party. It would probably take a while, to get past all the torn jeans and t-shirts, so better find the clothes now instead of using hours on getting ready later.

“Hey Kate, you just woke up?” Tyler’s voice sounded in her ear, as she took out a dress, to take a good look at it.

“Yeah, just got up.” she answered calmly, putting the dress back, where she found it. “What’s up?”

Tyler chuckled lightly, before shaking his head lightly. “I was just wondering if I should come pick you up later. Caitlin is coming too.”

Kate grimaced. She didn’t have anything against Caitlin, most of the time, but that girl had a way of annoying the shit out of Kate, every freaking time they went to a party. It had to be some special trait she had, and honestly Kate never understood why Tyler was so into that girl.

“Sure, but I think I prefer to take a cab home, if you don’t mind.” she said, with a small smirk. Tyler knew how Caitlin and Kate could be when they were drunk together. Fighting over every little thing, and often the evening ended up with Kate being hurt, because she punched a wall or something like that, just to not let her fist give Caitlin a kiss at the jaw.

Tyler waved her off, till he realized she couldn’t see him. “Yeah, yeah, I know. Neither of us will be able to drive home anyway.”

Kate laughed and threw a dress on the bed, before turning to her shoes in the bottom of the closet. “Good point. So when are you coming to get me?”

“Half past six?”

“Sounds good. See you then.” Kate hung up and threw her phone on the bed, next to the dress, before turning towards the closet again and getting out a simple pair of heels. They weren’t that high – none of her heels were – since she was already pretty tall. She shut the closet door, before dumping the shoes next to the bed and then walking to the bathroom. She had been too tired to shower, when she got home from work, so she definitely needed a shower now. After that…. She shrugged lightly, before entering the shower and turning on the water. Well, she’d figure out afterwards.

When she finally stepped out of the shower, she was relaxed and in a much better mood. Although she was kinda annoyed she couldn’t stop worrying about the next day. She was wondering why that guy had even asked her. It was pretty sudden, and it seemed far from planned, so why? Kate shook the thought, taking down a towel from one of the hooks on the wall to dry off her body and hair.

Once she had gotten dressed, she looked at the clock. Half an hour? Had she really been out there for that long? Well, it definitely wasn’t dressing that had taken up her time, since she at the moment was plainly dressed in a pair of loose, light blue jeans and a white, tight top. She shrugged lightly, checked her phone, found her wallet and then went out to get some damn food. Emptying the fridge could wait till Saturday or Sunday. Right now she wasn’t really in the mood to deal with half-rotten food.

Kate went down the street, looking around for a place to go eat. She still had about 2-3 hours, till Tyler and Caitlin came knocking on the door to pick her up. Plenty of time, to get some food and get ready. She stopped in front of a pizza place, looking in through the window. Pizza? Yeah, definitely pizza, she decided while walking inside. It had been a while, since she had pizza.

She walked up to the counter, looking at the list of pizzas they offered, ordering two different ones to go, and then placing herself on a chair, as she waited for the pizzas to get ready. Oh, she was slim and all, a beautiful girl, but when it came to eating, she didn’t care much. She ate a lot, for a girl her size, and somehow didn’t gain weight. Most likely due to the fact that she never really sat down for an entire day, just doing nothing. She was too restless for that. Then she’d rather go running or something. Anything else, but just lying on the couch, being lazy all day.

Kate looked at the young girl behind the desk, as her order was called, and stood up to get her pizzas. She walked back out the door and back towards her house, lightly humming some random song. She was in a very good mood this day, due to the fact she finally had some days off work, and of course the fact that she was going to a party in the evening. The day looked brighter every minute, the thought of that guy was already gone, or at least temporarily forgotten as she decided not to focus on it anymore.

Kate was home soon after, being as hungry as she was, almost bursting in the door, slamming it shut behind her and then kicking off the shoes, before she went in to the living room, dumped the pizzas on the table and dumped herself on the couch, while turning on the TV. She then opened the two boxes, setting them next to each other, before she grabbed a slice and started eating, a smile still on her face. She really had to start eating more pizza.

Once done eating Kate checked the time, after she’d put the last four slices of pizza in the fridge. She hadn’t been able to eat all of the pizza, thinking it would be better to save the last pieces, making sure she had something to eat when she woke up. Just in case she had a hangover, which had only happened once. She took a beer from the fridge, opening it and taking a sip, while the thoughts were running wild in her head. She had about an hour, till she had to be ready, so maybe she should just consider getting ready? Kate shook her head and quickly emptied the bottle, before sliding it across the kitchen counter to the other empty bottles. It wouldn’t take her an hour to get ready. 30 minutes max, and that was only if she was slow.

Kate let out a sigh and went back in to the living room, before once again sitting down on the coach. She moved to lie down on her back, closing her eyes and letting the thoughts wonder. She dug her hand in her pocket and found her phone, opening her eyes to look at the time again. Five minutes. She’d only been lying here, for five damn minutes! Kate glared at the phone, like it somehow was the reason time passed that slowly, before setting an alarm, throwing the phone on the table and closing her eyes once again. Now she wouldn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the time. Long live cellphones with alarms.

Less than two minutes later, Kate opened her eyes again, letting out an annoyed sound. She couldn’t just sit on the couch and do nothing. Seriously! She got up from the couch and looked around the living room a bit, before walking in to her bedroom and getting her guitar. A light smile formed on her face, while she walked back in to the living room, sitting down on the table and resting the guitar on her leg. A few thoughts went through her head, while she tried to figure out what to play, till she finally decided and let her fingers move down the strings, her left hand placing its fingers at the right places on the guitar’s neck. It was no particular song, but fractions of songs, mixed together, fast and slow, hard and easy. She was quite rusty, not having played for quite a while, but she managed with a few errors here and there.

Suddenly her phone’s alarm went off, startling her and almost making her drop her guitar. She’d completely lost track of time, now really thankful for the damn alarm. Kate got up, turned off the alarm and went in to the bedroom, putting her guitar in its place, before stripping herself of her clothes, except for the underwear, and then sliding the dress over her head. She grabbed her hair, pulling it in front of her shoulder, before she got the zipper on the back closed and turned to look in the mirror.

The little-less-than knee-short dress suited her well, being the same, sapphire blue color as her eyes. It was highlighting her features, the top of the dress leaving little to no air, between the skin and the fabric. From the hip and down it was a little looser to give more freedom of movement. Kate ran a brush through her hair, not really able to get rid of all her natural corkscrew curls. It didn’t matter, though. She liked the curls, as long as there weren’t too many of them. She arranged her hair, just enough for some of it to be in front of her shoulders, but other than that she didn’t do anything with it. It was just a party, after all. A little makeup, in the form of some mascara on her upper eyelashes and some lip gloss, was applied. No more needed, in her opinion. She never really used much makeup, even though she had a lot of it. A waste of money, actually, considering she rarely used any of it, apart from maybe mascara. After putting the makeup back in its place, she went over and put on the black heels. She closed the straps around the ankle, before standing up straight and taking a look at the clock. How did she spend twenty minutes getting ready? It felt like five, max ten.

Kate shook her head lightly, a smile back on her lips as she found a few bills in her wallet and put them inside the phone cover, to make sure she didn’t lose the money, before putting the phone down her bra, too lazy to bring a purse with her. She looked up, as she heard a knocking on the door. They were early. Of course they were. Caitlin had probably been too excited to sit still. Kate could swear that bitch was like a two-year-old sometimes. She sighed lightly, the smile quickly back on her lips, before going out to answer the door.

As she opened the door, she was met my Tyler’s grinning face, Caitlin nowhere to be seen. The bright, red lipstick on Tyler’s cheek showed clearly she weren’t bailing on them, though. “Tyler, you’ve got crap on your face.” Kate said with a slight giggle, as she turned around. “Come in, I just have to find a jacket, then I’m ready.”

Tyler nodded lightly and walked inside, still grinning widely. He walked to the mirror, hanging on the wall in the hallway, and wiped away the lipstick. “I know we’re here early, but Caitlin wanted us all to get a little food, before we went to the party. I don’t think she knows that you don’t need more food than you eat already.” Tyler looked at Kate with a teasing look in his eyes.

Kate stuck out her tongue, in a pretty childish way, but couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s not my fault, that you’re just sad, when it comes to food.” she said, not really caring if he was listening or not.

Tyler shrugged and turned towards the door, when Kate came back with a black jacket that matched the dress. “Just don’t fight with Caitlin, okay?” he said, looking at Kate with a stern look.

Kate just waved him off, pushing him out the door and locking it after she was out herself. “I already promised to leave her alone, didn’t I? Besides… If she gets too annoying I’ll just find some random guy and talk to.”

Tyler rolled his eyes at her, before getting into the car, the smile not leaving his face. Kate got in too, sliding in to the backseat. “Hey Caitlin.” She leaned back in the seat, waiting patiently.

“Hey Kate.” The girl turned her face towards Kate, making Kate having to force herself not to grimace. Caitlin was a pretty girl and all, but she wore way too much makeup, actually causing her face to get almost ugly. It was really a shame, but Caitlin liked it and Tyler didn’t mind, so Kate never mentioned anything about it.

It took them about 45 minutes, to eat, pay and drive to the place, where the party was held. Kate got out of the car and looked at the big club, which had obviously been rented, just for this purpose. One, single guy, couldn’t own a club like that, unless he was filthy-fucking rich. Yes, Tyler had said it was some rich guy, but someone that rich, would most likely just invite a huge amount of people he knew, instead of just letting a bunch of random people inside.

Kate looked back at Tyler and Caitlin, who both looked pretty amazed. Kate shook her head slightly, before she started walking towards the door, Tyler and Caitlin quickly catching up to her. They all got in easy, without even being asked if they had an invitation, and walked straight to the bar, where they each found a chair and sat down. Tyler ordered two beers and a Piña Colada. The beers for him and Kate, and the drink for Caitlin.

Caitlin sent an evil glare, towards the two beers. “You should get something real to drink, instead of that stuff. It tastes like shit.”

Kate rolled her eyes. “Well, it’s better than that bunch of cat piss, you drink.” she said calmly, before drinking some of her beer, ignoring the disapproving look Tyler gave her. “So… Anyone even know the name of this dude?”

Tyler shrugged lightly. “I don’t know.” He turned around, taking a quick glance around the bar. “But it’s probably that guy, sitting over there.” he said, pointing at a table at the corner, where a young man was sitting, his face hidden by the shadows, and two big guys standing close buy.

Kate tilted her head slightly, looking at the guy. He looked familiar somehow. “Don’t tell me!” She sat up straight, suddenly, causing both Caitlin and Tyler to make a funny noise.

Kate turned towards the bartender, catching his attention, before she looked back at the man in the corner. “Excuse me, but that man… He’s the reason we’re all here, right?” she asked, before taking a quick look at the bartender.

“Yes, he is.” the bartender answered. “It’s his 21st birthday, so he just decided to have a party, inviting just about everyone in the damn city.”

Tyler looked at the bartender, a bit confused. “What’s his name? I was never told.”

The bartender gave Tyler a weird look, before opening his mouth to answer. In that same moment, the young man leaned forward, his face lit up by the light. “Chris…” The name came out of Kate’s mouth, not the bartender’s, which made both her friends and the bartender look at her, like she just fell from the moon or something.

Kate blushed lightly, quickly turning away as Chris got up, maybe hoping he hadn’t seen her yet. “I think I’m gonna need something stronger.” She gulped down the rest of her beer, pretty fast, before ordering a half-n-half vodka and Red Bull.

Tyler looked back at Chris, who was now on his way over, before he looked back at Kate. “You know him?”

“No, I don’t know him.” Kate answered. “I just met him yesterday, at work. He asked me to come to his party today, but I said no. Of course, I didn’t know it was this party, he was talking about.” She smacked her hand against her forehead. This was stupid!

“I thought you had other plans today.” A smooth, calm and charming voice suddenly sounded in Kate’s right ear, which made her jump a little.

Kate looked at the young man, who of course turned out to be Chris, before rolling her eyes, more out of habit, than annoyance. “I thought you had other plans too.” she said. “Seems we had the same plans all along.”

She turned her eyes away from Chris and drank the rest of her drink, before turning her attention towards Tyler and Caitlin, who obviously found it very funny, that Kate seemed so uncomfortable. Kate sent them both an evil glare, which just made them start laughing and then standing up, to run off.

Kate rolled her eyes again. Now she was starting to get annoyed. “Don’t go fuck in the bathroom again, okay? Last time you did that, I saw a little more than I wanted to see.”

Tyler just stuck his tongue out, like a child, before grabbing Caitlin’s hand and disappearing into the crowd on the dance floor. Kate sighed lightly, before turning her attention back to her glass. “What do you want?” she asked lightly.

Chris ordered himself a double vodka, before turning his attention towards Kate again. “You don’t really look happy to see me.” he stated, in an almost dull voice.

Kate shrugged, not moving her eyes from the empty glass. “I didn’t expect to see you here.” she said. “Besides… If you’re really that loaded, you could probably get any girl you want. Why waste time on a bartender?” She turned her eyes towards Chris, a bit surprised to see a smile on his lips.

“Look, if it bothers you that much, I can go, but is it that bad, that I find you more attractive, than the girls who’s trying to glue themselves to me?” he asked, before taking a sip of his drink. He looked at her, with a charming smile on his face, which made Kate blush slightly.

“No, no, it’s not that.” Kate bit her lip, to stop the quick words from slipping out. She looked back at her drink, trying her best not to blush again. “It’s just…. A bit weird.”

Chris smiled shortly, before he got up and ordered some bottles from the bartender. Some random booze and a couple of beers. “Come on. It’s kinda crowded here.” He looked at Kate and reached out a hand to help her up, not knowing how much she’d had to drink yet.

Kate looked at his hand, but stood up by herself. “Where do you suggest we go, then?”

“Back to my table. It’s quieter back there.” Chris answered. He took the bottles with booze and beer, before turning and walking towards the table.

Kate hesitated for about a second or two, before deciding to follow. It was indeed weird. The whole situation was just… Unreal. She sat down, on the other side of the table, opposite Chris. Chris slid a beer across the table, and then grabbed one for himself. He looked at Kate, with an almost curious look, which again made Kate blush. Kate gulped down half the beer, and then decided to look anywhere but him. The silence was awkward, but it didn’t seem to bother Chris the slightest. Well, he already had her, where he wanted, and Kate couldn’t really do anything about it.

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