Like a Stray in a Wolfpack

Kate is an ordinary teenager. She likes partying, hanging out with her friends, and pretty much everything else, typical for her age group. But one day, she meets Chris. A charming, young man, who isn't like all the other guys..


1. Kate

Even though it was supposed to be mid-summer, it was still freaking cold outside. Of course it was also morning, but that didn’t really matter to the young, golden-haired girl, walking down the street, on her way to the nearest gas station. She was definitely not a morning person, rather quite the opposite, but after three hours of sleep, it was like her body decided she needed no more. And that’s when she also found out, she was out of cigarettes. That’s why she was now out in the cold, instead of back home in her warm, comfy bed, half asleep and not in the best of moods, the cold not making it any better.

After the about ten-minute walk, she finally reached the gas station, taking a quick glance at the clock on her cellphone, before turning the bright, sapphire blue eyes to the opening hours taped on the door. A muffled stream of not-so-polite words sounded from her, as she went over to the wall, leaning against it with a sigh. Waking up at half-past shit in the morning, wasn’t her idea of a great start, but walking to the gas station, at that same hour, only to realize it wouldn’t open, for five more minutes, was making her need that damn cigarette even more.

A light knock suddenly reached her ears, and she kicked herself off the wall, while looking around, only to see the face of someone she knew. A young man, with chocolate brown hair and eyes to match, was staring at her from inside the shop. She rolled her eyes, a bit annoyed, while he walked to the door and unlocked it, so she could get in.

“Morning, Kate.” The young man looked at her, with a smile, almost as if he was trying not to laugh, which most likely was the case. He knew Kate was no morning person, and he had experienced first-hand, how evil she could be in the morning. Literally.

Kate gave him an evil glare, but the need to punch him was suppressed, at the thought of him being able to supply her with cigarettes. “Yes, it’s morning, Dave, do you have to look so damn happy about it?” she snapped, while walking up to the register.

Dave just laughed and threw a pack of her usual brand of cigarettes on the counter, while he waited for Kate to get the money out of her pocket. Kate slammed the coins on the counter, before snatching the pack and opening it on her way out, Dave following her like a lost puppy. “You seem more edgy than usual.” It was more of a statement, than a question, but Kate still answered, while getting a cigarette out the pack and finding her lighter.

“You would be too, if you’d been working twelve hours, just to get home and only sleep for three.” She mumbled, while lighting the cigarette.

Dave scratched the stubbles on his chin, out of boredom, while staring out into nothingness. “Then go sleep, maybe?”

Kate’s right hand balled into a fist, while she concentrated on getting as much smoke down her lungs, as she possibly could in one breath. “Wow, genius, I didn’t even think of that!” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm and danger, making Dave back away a few steps.

Another sigh was let out from the teen’s lips, before she looked at Dave, with something that could almost be mistaken as regret. Almost. “Look, David, I went down here to get my nicotine need satisfied, not to chit-chat about the fact, that it’s fucking morning, okay?” She put the cigarette in her right hand, letting the left drop down in her pocket, before turning her back to the young man. She didn’t say anything else, but just lifted her right hand, as a kind of wave, while walking away from the gas station. Dave just smiled and looked after her for a few seconds, before he went back inside.

Ten minutes later, Kate returned to her house, her second smoke being thrown on the ground, before she stepped on it, then walking up the three small steps, to her front door. She dug the keys out of her pocket and shoved it in the keyhole, before she twisted the key, unlocking and opening the door. Kate withdrew her keys, while entering, dropping the keys on the counter in the hallway, while letting the door slam shut behind her. It was a small house, but still a bit big, for only her. She had considered getting a roommate, and there actually had been two or three, giving it a chance, but Kate’s murderous intents being obvious, when they all had been morning persons, had kinda scared them away, and then she’d just given up. She didn’t need the roommate, other for maybe taking up some space.

Kate hung up her coat and kicked off her shoes, before walking into the living room and dumping herself on the couch. She was still tired as hell, but she didn’t really have much choice, but to stay awake. A thought occurred, as she was staring at her calendar, lying on the coffee table. She leaned forward and snatched the calendar, before opening it and finding the current and following dates.

“Oh, thank god!” A relieved sigh, and the first sign of a smile, this morning, was all she could really muster at the moment, even though she actually felt like jumping on the couch, in pure joy.

Kate double checked the calendar, the smile growing. Yes, she was right. Today was Thursday – yeah, she checked her phone, to be sure – so she had to work today. BUT! Friday, Saturday and Sunday were her days off. No work at all! She was so going to go to some random party, or bar, no matter what, both Friday and Saturday. It had been way to long, since she’d been drunk. Maybe a bit ironic, considering she worked in a bar, but she couldn’t drink when working and she’d been working every day, often ten hours or more, for the last three months.

An annoyed “Pff” sounded from the teen. No wonder her friends were beginning to complain. On the other hand, she was making quite a bit of money and a lot of tips too, thanks to all the young, male costumers. Besides... Her friends often came to the bar, where Kate worked, just to say hi or watch her show off her skills, which she had a tendency of doing quite often, not even realizing it herself.

A loud, obnoxious ringing started sounding from her pocket, which startled the blonde girl. Kate found her cellphone in her pocket, while cursing and swearing whoever-called-her into oblivion and hopefully the deepest pits of hell too. Who in their right, fucking mind, would call her in the morning, everyone knowing it might very well end up in a murder case, if they got to close.

Kate answered the phone, not bothering to look at the caller ID. “What?” she almost growled into the phone, while standing up and walking towards the kitchen.

A small sound, that was barely noticeable, came from the one on the other end. The person clearly losing his confidence, knowing damn well he was practically digging his own grave, calling Kate this early in the morning.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” he asked, somehow making his voice sound far more confident, than he actually felt.

Kate started mumbling some very nasty words, before taking a calming breath, letting out the air, while sighing. “No, lucky for you, I’ve been awake for almost an hour.”

“An hour? What, are you sick?”

“What the fuck, does that have to do with anything?!” Kate snapped. She was out in the kitchen, standing in the middle, trying to figure out if she should just smash everything in sight, or actually calm down and find something to eat. “What do you fucking want, jackass?”

The boy frowned a bit, being used to the so-called nicknames. “You know, I have a name.” he said, a smile starting to form on his lips. This was really going to be considered as almost mocking death. “Come on, say it with me: Ty-ler.”

Kate started clenching her fists together, really wishing he was here, just so she could punch him in the face, wiping the obvious smile of his face. “I’m gonna kill you.” She said in a dangerous tone.

“No, you won’t.” Tyler grinned. “You’d miss me too much.”

“Just tell me what you want, Tyler.”

“I was just gonna invite you to a party tomorrow.” The answer came out, calmly. He knew Kate wouldn’t be able to resist that offer. “But if you’re really gonna kill me; I guess it doesn’t matter now.”

Kate hesitated for a bit, before letting out a defeated sigh. “What kinda party?” she asked, the anger completely gone now. She had a hard time being mad, when someone actually gave her a chance, to get wasted.

Tyler shrugged, not really realizing, she couldn’t see him. “Some rich guy, holding a big ass party, to celebrate his 21st birthday.” he said, thinking about it for a second. “One of my friends heard about it, somehow getting invited. Don’t ask me how, but he was allowed to bring as many people as he wanted, even telling me, I could invite someone too.”

Kate started fiddling with a lock of hair, thinking about the offer. A rich guy? That would probably mean a hell of a lot of booze, and a big fucking party. How could she pass that up? “When and where?”

The boy on the other end of the call started laughing. Got her! “It starts tomorrow at seven. I’ll text you the address.” he answered, with a smirk. “Just don’t get into any fights, while you’re there, Kate. I heard there’s gonna be like a million bodyguards and shit.”

Kate snorted shortly, quickly getting annoyed again. She didn’t fight… That much. “Fine, fine, I’ll behave.” she said. “But you better not give me an excuse to kill you, then.”

Another laugh sounded, as Tyler just couldn’t help it. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Kate.” he said, before simply hanging up.

Kate glared at the phone for a few seconds, debating herself, if she should just smash it into the wall or something. Finally she let the phone slide back into her pocket, undamaged, and walked to the fridge, ripping it open and getting a beer. She opened the beer, while looking at the food. Now, what to eat? Not that she had much. Her work had been taking up a lot of time, so she hadn’t had the chance to actually go buy some food. Usually she just ordered a pizza or something, but at this hour, she knew she couldn’t exactly do that.

Kate gulped down half her beer, before setting the bottle on the counter and grapping a bag of apples from the fridge. “Eww…” she mumbled, glaring at the almost rotten apples. She’d definitely been gone for too long, starting to doubt she even had anything edible. From the looks of it, it wasn’t likely to be the case.

After about five minutes, of throwing out stuff that was going bad, she finally gave up, slamming the fridge shut and setting the empty beer bottle at the corner of the kitchen counter. She ran her fingers through her hair, before she simply went out the kitchen, into the living room, continuing into her bedroom. She might as well try and get some more rest, before she had to go to work. Otherwise she would be scaring away, most likely everyone she came in contact with.

Kate tugged off her top, dumping it on the floor, quickly followed by pants, socks and bra. She then went over to the bed, putting on her much too big shirt then lying down on the bed, pulling the blankets up and over her head, trying to get some sleep. Hopefully she’d fall asleep, without having to toss and turn for hours.

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