Like a Stray in a Wolfpack

Kate is an ordinary teenager. She likes partying, hanging out with her friends, and pretty much everything else, typical for her age group. But one day, she meets Chris. A charming, young man, who isn't like all the other guys..


2. Chris

At around 1 AM, Kate was finally starting to close up the bar and clean. Although she had to wait, till the last costumers decided to go home, she saw no harm in trying to get home, before 5. Preferably even earlier than that. She put away the rest of the newly washed glasses, the only dirty ones left being the ones in use, by the remaining people in the bar.

A slight sigh fell from her lips, when she heard the door open. Another costumer? Well, it didn’t look like she was going home soon. A light smile shows on her lips, as she lifts her head to look at the newcomer. Or rather; newcomers as it turned out it wasn’t just one, but four people. Kate glanced over the four young men, all of them looking around her own age, maybe a few years younger or older, depending on which of the boys she was looking at. The three of them seemed to be pretty drunk already, practically running up to bar, trying to hit on her.

Kate couldn’t help but laugh at them. They were sweet, no doubt, but she had no interest whatsoever, in either of the boys. Especially not when they were that drunk. She patted the top of one the guy’s head, still laughing lightly as the boys kept shoving each other out of the way, to try and be alone with Kate.

“Are you sure you need any more booze?” she asked teasingly, which caused the boys to laugh.

“We’re not that drunk.” one of the boys replied, still trying to flirt. “Just give me a beer.”

Kate giggled shortly, before getting him a beer and then getting the other two what they wanted. Even though they were still hitting on her, she found it funny. Maybe a bit annoying, because it dragged on like that, but nonetheless funny.

She turned her head to the fourth guy, who was leaning against the bar counter, calmly looking at her. “What do you want to drink?” she asked with a smile, noting easily that he wasn’t half as drunk as the other three.

The young man had brown hair, with the eyes to match. He was tall and slim, and obviously muscular. He was wearing simple, black jeans and a white t-shirt which was tight enough to give a hint of his toned upper body, but it wasn’t clinging to his skin. He had a calm smile on his lips, and that along with his posture and look, gave out the clear expression of confidence. He also seemed to be a bit older than the other three. 20? 21? She was guessing it was around that age, but of course she couldn’t be sure.

The man shrugged shortly, while quickly glancing down along as much as Kate’s body as he could see, making Kate blush a bit. “Scotch.” he said, while directing his brown eyes to meet her blue ones. “On the rocks.”

Kate nodded and poured the man his drink, before placing it in front of him. “There you go.”

He nodded slightly, while still looking at her, Kate getting back to cleaning a bit. “What’s your name?” he asked calmly, before taking a sip of his scotch.

Kate smiled at the question and turned to face him. “Kate.” she answered, tilting her head just a bit. “What about yours?”


The three boys calmed down, when they noticed Kate talking to the other boy, all three letting out defeated sighs. If she was talking to Chris, they had no chance at all. He always got the girls he set his eyes on, and none of the boys dared trying to snatch a girl away from him. Chris could get really scary when he was angry, and he tended to get angry, when someone tried to take his girl.

One of the boys ordered three shots for each of them, not including Chris, plus another beer for himself. Kate took her eyes away from Chris, before smiling at the boy and fixing his order. It didn’t take many second, till all three had their shots and beers, now talking to each other and glancing around the room. Kate giggled as they all took their three shots, quickly, before they got up with their beers in hand, and headed over to a table, where three girls were sitting. From the looks of it, they were just as drunk as the guys, and Kate couldn’t help but think that it was a great match.

Chris drank the rest of his scotch, looking over at the six people in the corner. Typical. Oh well, they could take a damn taxa. He didn’t really care, he wasn’t their babysitter. He turned his eyes back to Kate, watching her move around while she was cleaning the coffee machine and stuff like that.

“Closing up?” he asked, in a calm tone, almost sounding curious.

Kate lifted her head and gave him a brief look, to make sure who was talking to her. “Yeah.” she answered, a smile gracing her face. “I’m not taking in any more people either.”

Chris nodded lightly. He could probably convince her, to keep the bar open a little longer, but she looked really beat, so instead he had another idea. “I’m having a party tomorrow. You’d be welcome, if you wanna join.” he said, checking her reaction.

Kate bit her lip, just barely, feeling a bit awkward. “Well… I’d love to, but…” she hesitated for a second, before looking at Chris again. “I already promised I’d go to another party tomorrow, with one of my friends. You ain’t by any chance having a party Saturday too, are you?” The question asked, with a hint of hope in her eyes and voice.

Chris had felt rejected, when Kate said no, but when she continued, Chris couldn’t help but smile. “No, I’m afraid not.” he answered, noticing Kate’s disappointment as he said the words. “But we can maybe meet here? At eight on Saturday?”

“Here? I’d rather go somewhere I don’t work, when it’s my day off.” she said, a smile on her lips once more. He was damn charming, and he didn’t even seem to realize it. Of course Kate knew he probably knew very well. A guy like him couldn’t possibly have had girls rejecting him, and that confidence did certainly not come from being rejected all the time. That was one thing, she could be sure about.

“Where else do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, honestly.” Kate tugged on a lock of hair, while she was thinking, till Chris suddenly said something again.

“What about meeting outside this place, at eight, and then deciding where to go?” he suggested calmly.

Kate thought about it for a second. That wasn’t a bad idea at all. “Yeah, let’s do that.” she said, that stupid smile still on her lips.

She didn’t mind smiling, not at all, but just the feeling of her lips breaking into a big smile every time she looked at Chris, was clear evidence on how damn charming he was. Usually she was able to keep it casual, and only a few other costumers had been as charming as Chris, making her smile just as much. Although none of them had been able to get her to go anywhere with them.

Kate turned to get back to her cleaning, shrugging off the thought, with the reason she was tired. She tended to get easily persuaded when she were tired, denying the fact that she obviously felt a sexual attraction. That happened so rare, and usually those guys had a girlfriend. Even so, she still felt like just letting Chris having his way with her, just to get the thought out of her head. Just as she did with other guys, if she felt sexually attracted to them. It was a bad habit, and she only did it when she was totally fucking wasted, but she didn’t like getting that kind of thoughts. It made her feel trashy, and she really wasn’t.

Chris calmly slid the empty glass across the counter, to make it easier for Kate to reach it. “See you Saturday.” He winked shortly at her, when she turned to face her, which to his pleasure made her blush, before he turned and looked at the three boys, who were getting up, along with the girls. “Get a cab, I’m going home.”

The boys just nodded all wearing goofy smiles and a girl by their side, walking out the bar after Chris, while yelling their goodnights to Kate. Kate just smiled at them and went over to the table, where they had been sitting and collected all the glasses and bottles. She took a quick glance around the bar, noticing everyone had left, and the seven people that just left, were the last to leave. She shut and locked the door, before getting back to the cleaning and thinking it all over. It was definitely going to be an interesting weekend.

Kate finished up cleaning and putting everything in its place, about half an hour later. She sighed lightly, relieved at the thought that she could get home early, for once. She double checked everything, making sure the alarm was on, before getting out of the bar, locking the door behind her, and then walked down the street, back towards her house.

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