Like a Stray in a Wolfpack

Kate is an ordinary teenager. She likes partying, hanging out with her friends, and pretty much everything else, typical for her age group. But one day, she meets Chris. A charming, young man, who isn't like all the other guys..


4. After hours

At around midnight, the party had tuned down a bit. People were starting to leave, and most of them were pretty wasted. Kate had also had her fair share of drinks, and was pretty drunk. She had been talking to Chris most of the evening, loosening up quite a bit once she’d gotten some more to drink. She had even been out on the dance floor, with Chris a couple of times, and was now sitting next to him. Okay, she was drunk, and when she got that drunk, she tended to get flirty, so it wasn’t that big of a deal really.

Kate looked up, when she heard her name called and slipped out of Chris’ grip as she stood up to give Tyler a hug. Tyler looked a Chris, almost cautiously, while Caitlin had a hard time taking her eyes off Chris. Kate couldn’t blame her. Chris was hot. Sure, Tyler was hot too, but not like Chris. Chris had that kind of look, that just made girls want him, and Kate had quickly found out he was actually very sweet and down to earth. He wasn’t the usual player type, bragging about everything he’d accomplished, no they had been talking about everyday things, although it had mostly been about Kate. Not that she minded at all, but it would be nice to know something about him too.

“Are you going home?” Kate asked, as she let go of Tyler.

Tyler nodded once and looked at Kate, a smile on his lips, and a teasing tone in his voice. “Yeah, I figured you wanted to stay.” He winked at her, making Kate blush and push him a bit away, though gently.

Caitlin got up to Kate and dragged her a few steps away from the table. “He’s hot!” she whispered, taking another quick glance back at Chris. “Can I have him?”

“You’ve got Tyler, don’t forget that.” Kate answered. She couldn’t help but giggle a bit, blaming that on the booze. “Besides, I’m not gonna let him go right now.”

Kate stood up straight and went back to Tyler. She gave him a slight kiss on the cheek, while giving him another hug, before she sat back down next to Chris. She felt his arm around her waist, almost right away, which made her giggle lightly.

Tyler looked at Chris and Kate for a bit, before taking Caitlin’s hand. “Call me tomorrow, okay Kate?” he said, a bit worried. Kate just nodded lightly and then turned her attention towards Chris, making Tyler sigh before dragging Caitlin with him, out the door to get a cab home.

Chris looked at Kate, his head tilted a bit to the side. “You don’t wanna go with them?”

Kate bit her lip gently, blushing when Chris pulled her lip away from her teeth. “No. I like it here.” she answered, an almost shy smile gracing her lips.

Chris couldn’t help but laugh. It was a short laugh, not even all that joyous, but it still took Kate’s breath away. Most likely due to that fact that he had closed in on her lips. Kate bit her lip again, only the quickly let go of it, before Chris could react to it. Her breath went still, as she felt the light brush of Chris’ lips against hers. Her head went all blank, and she had to pull away slightly to catch her breath again. She knew she was blushing, she could tell by the smirk on Chris’ face, but she didn’t care at that moment. She leaned back in, to meet his lips with her own, instinctively closing her eyes as she felt him kissing her back.

Kate bit her lip lightly, as Chris took his lips away from hers, just to let them wander along her jawline, lightly down her neck, planting small kisses all the way. A light moan slipped over her lips, as she felt him biting her neck. Not hard, but gentle and teasing. It was almost mean, with Kate being in the state she was, but she didn’t want to stop him. She was enjoying it, and her excitement didn’t tone down the least, as she felt his hand slide up her inner thigh. Kate shivered lightly, resisting the urge to just jump him, while he grabbed her and moved her onto his lap. Kate moved willingly, placing herself with a leg on each side of him. She slid her hands down his toned upper body, down to the edge of his shirt, before letting them slide back up, this time under the shirt, her fingers gently caressing his stomach and sides. Chris bit her again, this time just above the collarbone, causing Kate to moan slightly again. She let her hands slide behind his back, up to his shoulders, letting her nails drag lightly down his back.

Chris stopped shortly, when he felt her nails on his back, and then let his lips slide back up till they reached her left ear. “You wanna go somewhere else?” he whispered lightly in her ear, once again causing her to shiver lightly.

“Mhm…” It was barely an answer, but she was distracted. Who could blame her?

It was enough for Chris, though. He gently pushed her away, making her stand, before he got up himself and slid an arm around her waist. He kissed her gently, just below the ear and started walking towards the door, talking to one of the men on their way towards the door. Kate let her lips wander slightly down his neck, when he stopped kissing her. She bit him a bit above the collarbone, harder than intended, but causing Chris to shiver lightly.

When they got outside, a car was waiting for them, ready to take them anywhere. Chris told the driver where to go, before turning his attention towards Kate, who was once again kissing his neck and jawline. He smiled and turned his head, as she pulled back a little, only to catch her lips with his own. Chris pulled her closer, while Kate let her hand slide from his chest, up along his neck, only to end in his hair. He had definitely done something to her already, or maybe it had just been too long since she had been with someone.

Chris pulled away slightly, letting Kate breathe a bit. “We’re here.” he said gently, placing a few kisses along her jaw before letting her go.

Kate blinked a couple of times and looked out the window. They had stopped in front of a big – and very expensive looking – hotel. She took Chris’ hand and let him help her out the car, then following him inside and into the elevator.

“Do you live here?” Kate asked, looking at Chris.

Chris smiled and shook his head lightly. “It’s just a room I have, for when I get drunk enough to not wanna go home.”

Kate opened her mouth to ask some more questions, but shut it again right away, as Chris once again started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes, enjoying every second of it, and not even noticing they stopped at the penthouse. The elevator opened up directly into the living room of the giant suite, but Kate didn’t notice any of it. Only he was on her mind, as he led her towards the bedroom.

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