The Restorer

Lia Benedetti, a 21 year old girl who belongs to one of the biggest companies in the world is in love with a Forsaken. Forsaken are the abandoned people of the world who can't make a living because their business suffered through bankruptcy. But in the year 2030, being in love with a Forsaken is a sin, and you immediately get sentenced to the death penalty. The Forsaken live everywhere, ranging from secluded towns or even alleys. They are no longer supported by the government and have to fend for themselves but that's where the Restorers come into play, they are the ones who secretly supply them with food and a supplies. Lia is one of them.


1. Chapter 1



He rubbed the side of my face with his thumb and I smiled, taking in all of his scent because that's what I had left to remember him by. He doesn't look like the same guy I knew 2 years ago and I regret not being there for him after his company went bankrupt.


But that's why I'm a Restorer, I'm here to save him from death...and even me. Each and every one of his friends, family, are called out by number and not a name, but I keep his identity alive. He is registered number #0019582354.


His name is Roman Smirnov and he is 22 years old. He comes from a Russian family but they are long gone because they still live in Russia while he is here in New York with me.


Their whereabouts are unknown.


Chapter 1


I started my day off normally, getting ready for work in a hurry because I woke up late and that caused me to freak out just a bit. But I made it on time and got to paperwork right after. Being in a big company is tough, you have ten times the work and less time to socialize, that's why it looks like I have no friends. In reality I do have them just very little. I only need one best friend to make it through the day but that's not the point, the guy I love is a Forsaken.


With that being said he lives in a secluded home west from here. It's closed off because that's where all the Forsaken live and that's how they can easily be distinguished. At 2 o'clock in the morning I visit him and supply him with food, clothing and supplies. But I must go unnoticed or else I will be punished, so I go by car and then walk passed the border, today's his first shave in a while, and I admit he looks like Jesus.


“Hey Roman, remember what today is right?” I questioned him once I dropped the supplies on the 'comfy' couch.


“Yea I suppose, time to rid me of Jesus?” He joked and I slightly punched his arm.


“That's correct! And I brought you new clothes and food...”


But he cut me off with a kiss and I smiled. I didn't fight back nor did I say a word because I cherished this moment, for it might be my last. We proceeded to cutting his hair and shaving his beard, then we sat side by side, talking about stories and recent events. His accent was hard to decipher by others but I've been around him so much that I can understand it like its my own. I'm Italian and he's Russian, two way different sides of the spectrum, he's calm and I'm hot headed, he's 22 and I just celebrated my 21st birthday a few months ago. Times flies and it takes a toll on us both.


It was 4:30am and I realized it was time for me to go and tend to my things because work was right around the corner, but he stood there in silence knowing what I was going to do without me even speaking. The look on his face made me feel like crap but what could I do? I really didn't want to end up like this and I at least wanted to help me him out rather than us both going through this. To conclude to that I'm a Restorer and that's my job.


I'm Lia Benedetti and welcome to my life.  

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