A girl named Kelise is a odd child... Well should we say teen? All the teens in her school Love a band One Direction, But she loves the band Skillet... What does she think when her soon to be step brother is from One direction? And he hates skillet? Well she surrender or will it be the other way around? Will she save herself? Is she a hero?? Kelise is a strange teen... Punk.. doesn't care of what people think of her.. who will surrender?


1. who am i?

So I'm Kelise :D I'm a odd one well atleast that's what everyone calls me.. Just because I do not listen to 1D (One Direction) And I listen to Skillet..But who gives a fuck right? But Im 16 and I love dark colors... I love rock music.. I used to cut intill I went to rehab, My mom said she didn't want me to scare away her new "boyfriend" Who I think is a jerk. I hate him and his son. Who've nr even met. I am bulimic... She doesn't know.. an nor do I care to be alive... But Ill update latrzzzz <3

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