A girl named Kelise is a odd child... Well should we say teen? All the teens in her school Love a band One Direction, But she loves the band Skillet... What does she think when her soon to be step brother is from One direction? And he hates skillet? Well she surrender or will it be the other way around? Will she save herself? Is she a hero?? Kelise is a strange teen... Punk.. doesn't care of what people think of her.. who will surrender?


2. dinner?

Kelise POV
So tonight my mom is having dinner with her boyfriend.. GREAT!!! YAY not! I do not like him.. My mom says to not say hate since its a strong word! But love is a strong word and everyone just throws it out their like its a coin! My mom says I need to learn how to control my anger issues ._. mother just stop! haha she is a rude ass hoe! going to man to man! but I have to deal with her.. >-< haha but uh about this dinner my mom said I have to wear a pink skirt and a white blouse.. ugh!!! even worse I have to wear heels XD.. I need to get ready..

    I get my bath stuff ready.. I start the water and wait for it to warm up.. I slip off my pajamas and place my foot in the water.. Soon I slip my whole body in it.. I let the water suround me.. and I close me eyes... after sitting their for 15 min. I grab the shampoo and wash my hair.. I rise it out of my hair and condition my hair next.. I leave it in their for about 5 mins. I was my body and shave my legs and arms... I wash out the conditioner and get out.. I wrap the fuzzy towel around my body

I get dressed and I go wait down stairs and wait for my mom... Can she be any slower>.<


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