It was a unexpected shock for myself, finding out how I felt for him. I knew how stupid I was and I excepted it. It's hard to stay away from someone so irresistible.


1. Chapter One



      “Oh, how truly lovely you look in that dress!” my friend Alice said to me as I did a turn in her dress. It was late at night and the sleep over at Alice’s house was only one hour into it and our friend, Stella and I were completely bored. It was her idea to just get all dolled up - dress, hair and make up; to which i found to be absolutely pointless, though seeing as I suggested nothing better to do, we were stuck with that. 

      I admired myself one more time in her wall length mirror. The dress that I was wearing was a coral pink colored loose shimmery top, with a black pencil shirt.

      “Let me do your hair Ariel!” Stella said as I was rushed to Alice’s bathroom. The curlers where heated up and there was makeup scattered all over the table top. Stella grabbed a section of my chest length copper colored hair with one hand and the curler with the other.

      “I’ll do your makeup then,” Alice said as she grabbed her eyeliner.

      It wasn't till Stella was midway through with my hair and Alice was adding blush to my cheeks that Stella had an idea.

      “We should go clubbing!” she said her eyes lighting up and she nearly dropped the curler onto my bare and exposed arm.

      “Yeah, oh my god let’s do it! It’ll be such fun!” Alice said as she put her brush into her makeup kit.

      “How about no?” I said butting in as Stella stopped what she was doing.

      “Oh hell no,” she looked me right in the eyes, still holding the curling iron, “You won’t get your way this time! And besides your basically already dressed for it.”

       “Ariel, it’ll be a rush!” Alice said to me. And a rush is what I needed. Seeing as I was only seventeen and Stella and Alice both eighteen I could always slip the man at the door a twenty and this problem would be solved. 

      I didn’t know what was wrong with me but I nodded as my friends high fives each other.


        “Look we can party for a few hours and go back home. I promise you that your mum will never know.” Stella said as she resumed to finishing my hair. Alice gave me a quick smile as she went to her closet to grab her heels.


       I knew the true reason why they wanted to go clubbing; recently Alice’s ex-boyfriend Mark dumped her for Stella thinking they would have a chance. Little does Alice know that Stella liked him back and didn’t fully reject him. Mark’s been Stella’s crush ever since seventh grade. Even though Mark broke up with Alice, Alice still loves him, and wants him back; meanwhile Stella has always known that Mark enjoys clubbing on Saturdays.


       As for myself; a rush is what I need to feel. I want to have that feeling of doing whatever the hell I wanted to do and knowing how much trouble I would be in if anyone found out. I’m known as a goody-two-shoes and I’m sick of it; it’s a tittle I’ve bared with since elementary.


       “Stella! Call a cab! I’m already done!” Alice called from inside her room.


       “In a minute!” Stella called back as she set the curler down onto the table top.


       “Wow, Ariel, you look so pretty!” Stella said as she gave me a quick hug. I turned to look at myself in the mirror which I didn’t get to do earlier.


        “Well, damn..” I muttered as I fell in love with my own reflection. My hair was done just like a Victoria Secret model and my make up gave me a sexy, but not whore like appearance. It was hard to believe this was me, let alone that I could look this good.


       “C'mon guys, Stella did you call that cab yet?” Alice piped in as she took me out of my trance.


       “Yeah, yeah, I’m on it Alice.” Stella said partially annoyed. 


       I walked out of the bathroom my bare feet touching Alice’s carpet. I saw her putting her earrings on and lipgloss.


        “Hey there hot stuff, haven’t seen you around.” I said trying to imitate a male’s voice.

       “Oh my god, you sounded just like Harry Styles for a second. She turned to face me as I gave her a puzzled look.


         “Harry who?” I asked jokingly as Alice gasped.


         “Ariel you have got to be kidding me! What do you mean you don’t know who Harry Styles is?” Stella said rushing into the room at the mention of his name.


       “I’m sorry, I don’t think I do.” I said as I took a seat on Alice’s bed, trying to keep up with the act. I obviously knew who he was, Alice practically has her room filled with posters of him.


        “He’s from One Direction! You know that band Stella, myself and the rest of the fandom are obsessed with!” Alice said as she returned her attention to her earring.


        “Oh, One Direction,” I said as I rolled my eyes. I’ve heard about them and have seen pictured of them but they aren’t really anything special. “I know, I know, I'm not stupid." I said as they ignored me. "But that one guy is hot.” I said trying to redeem myself.


       “Which guy?” Stella said butting in to our conversation.


       “Zayden.. Zay-“


       “You mean Zayn Malik?” Alice said as she showed me the back of her phone case, she pointed to  this Zayn Malik and I nodded.


       “Yep, that’s the one.” I said.


         “Zayn is hot I’m not going to lie, but I’m more of a Harry girl.” Alice said as she sat down next to me and handed me a pair of her best black party heels.


        “I’m more of a Harry girl too.” Stella said as Alice and her started to talk about him. I slipped the heels on and walked around her room a bit to adjust myself to the height.


         As I glanced over to the window I saw the shine of headlights, meaning the cab was here.


        “Are you sure your parents won’t know?” I asked as Alice handed me one of her cluches and pushed Stella and I out.


         “They won’t know a thing, they’re all the way in the states.” she said as she grabbed the spare key of her house and locked her house door.


- - -


        When we reached the club I ended up paying for the ride leaving me with only enough for the ride back. As we walked to the door I started to feel sick. A  knot grew in my throat as we stood in line. The rush of the moment was leaving my mind and reality hit me hard.


         But before I could come to my senses the man at the door asked me for my ID. 


        “She’s with us sir,” Alice said as she pulled out her ID he looked it over as he shook his head no.


        “If she dosent have ID she’s not allowed in.” the man said as I was about to speak.


        I knew what was going to happen, I had to either use the cab money or leave. I took a step back, ready to leave when I saw a hand extend forward, holding roughly about thirty dollars.


       “Let her threw,” I heard a deep voice say there was a young man, about twenty walking over to my friends and I. He had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and he had a familiar blond streak in his hair. He looked like something out of magazine.


       I looked up at him, holding his stare as he took off his sunglasses, i thought it was awfully dumb of him to wear sunglasses at night. He handed the man at the door the money and exhaled the smoke from his cigarette. I held in the urge to rudely cough, only because of how nice the man was as to pay to let me in.


       “A-Alice.. Do you know who that is..” Stella whispered as she grabbed onto her arm. I glanced over to my friends who stood paralyzed with huge smiles on their faces. 


        “Oh my god, it’s Zayn Mailk!” she said practically squealing, I turned back around, about to thank him when knowing who he was stopped me. I wasn't a fan and I wasn't sure why I was feeling so nervous.


        He looked at all of us, maybe even checking us out as he winked.


       “Have fun, babe.” and with a puff of his cigarette he left. 


       I didn’t know what exactly happened; I felt as though I was touched by an angel. As I forced my legs to move into the club my friends held onto my arm.


       “What just happened?” Stella asked as she looked at Alice as if she was going to cry.


       “I have no idea! Oh my god Zayn Malik practically paid for Ariel’s ticket in!” Alice said as Stella and her rambled on about that.


       I didn’t even tell them I was going to walk away, and I didn’t think of telling them till i did. And plus I figured they would be fighting over Mark anyway as soon as the shock of seeing Zayn Malik was over; and so when I made my way over to an empty seat near the bar, I started to feel my stomach churn and the knot in my throat get bigger.


        So as I sat down at the booth I was offered a cup of an ice cold beer. I knew better than to take one but something about being into the rush of things made me grasp the cup before I had a chance to think it through.  I saw a young man approximately about 19 or 18 looking at me and smirking as the man left.


        He looked at the cup then back at me. It seemed to me as though he was saying that I couldn’t handle the beer, and so to prove him wrong I took a huge sip; almost finishing the whole cup. As I slammed the cup back onto the table, I broke into a coughing fit, choking on the beer. As I continued to cough I looked at the curly headed boy and saw him laugh and he smirked once he saw me. Angrily I got up and stormed into the girls bathroom.


       Once I pushed open the door I saw things I didn’t want to see -disgusting things. There were bras and underwear lying almost every where with moans escaping from two stalls. But as I walked over to the sink and examined myself and rinsed my mouth with water the moans never once stopped. I quickly grabbed my clutch as I heard the stall open and I ran out of there.


         Once I got out I saw the curly headed boy talking into his cell phone. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I didn’t walk away when he was talking.


        ”..No, forget it Louis I’m not going home yet. I don’t care what Paul has to say.” 


        Well damn, someone was mad. As people walked by I continued to stay put near the bathroom.


        “Look, Zayn’s here-“


       Oh, so curly-head was a male one direction fan; interesting.


       “I know- he knows too, just whatever.” 


       I saw him out of the corner of my eye hang up his phone and walk angrily over to his seat.


       I too walked over but sat in the same booth as him. I don’t know why i did - it might have been the alcohol or something, but he looked surprised as I sat down.


        “Hey.” I said as he looked me right in the eyes. I don’t know why but I felt weird - I knew this wasn’t how I would normally act but I went out of my comfort zone.


        “Oh, hey.” he kept on looking at me weird and he acted tense, as though he was waiting for me to do something.


       The guy with the drinks came around and handed us two beers each, I could already feel myself getting sick. But I watched as curly-head brought the first cup to his lips and drank the whole thing in one big gulp. I felt as though i should do the same, so I took the cup of beer and rose it up to my lips. 


       “I don’t think your the drinking type,” Curly-Head said as I set the cup down. “And you don’t look eighteen either.” he said as I froze. Crap, how did he know.


       “Uh, well actually-“


        “Uh, well actually nothing, I can tell that you aren’t and you don’t need to lie, I won’t tell anyone.”


       “Yeah, I’m not, umm, some guy paid for me.” 


        “Oh, and I’m guessing you don’t drink either.” he said as he smirked. As he smirked I could see the sight of a dimple.


       “No, I drink, just not as much as others.” 


       “And you don’t seem like the party type,” he said as he picked up his second cup.


       “I’m honestly not..” I don’t know why I was talking to this complete stranger like I've known him. “I’m just here for the rush of the moment, knowing that I can get caught in at any given time. Call me crazy, but I love that feeling; its like an unhealthy addiction.” if he didn't judge me before, well there was plenty to judge on right now.


       “Yeah, I know what your talking about.” he trailed off into deep thought after that sentence. “I cant get enough of that feeling as well.” he said as he took his cup and rose it into the air.


       “What are you-“


        “Lets just get into the rush of things tonight, how about it?” he said as I wrapped my fingers around the cup. I hesitated at first but then I smiled as our two cups clashed together.


        “Cheers!” we said with drunk like smiles on our faces. Not knowing how drunk we would get tonight we each gulped down our beer like we didn't even care.

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