Summer Games

The Summer Games. Every year, teens from all over the world compete in them. Boys against girls, fighting over the ultimate prize. The rules are simple, no cheating, no violence, and most importantly, do NOT associate with anyone on the other teams, not to mention fall in love. And that is why I am screwed.


1. Chapter 1


"Mum, can you grab my purple bag for me? I think I left it in my room." I said breathlessly as I threw all my other suitcases in the back of our black SUV. She smiled and nodded her head. I tossed my long, dirty blonde hair over my shoulder and continued shoving my things into the trunk. My 15 year old brother, Jeremy, walked out of our overly-large house with a smirk on his face. He leaned against the car and crossed his arms.

"You know, Kurt went to 'Camp Cali' last year, and the boys whipped the girls butts." Jeremy said cooly. I rolled my eyes and bit the inside of my lip.

"Guess that we'll find out." I said cockily and ran my hands through my hair. Camp Cali is a summer camp that boys and girls all around the world go to. They are known for their 'Summer Games', where boys and girls go against each other in competitions to win a big prize. I heard that one year they gave some kids time-shares in Hawaii. My brother and I finally made it into the camp this year. It's almost impossible to get into Camp Cali. They put your name on a piece of paper and randomly draw it out of a bowl. Its almost like the 'Hunger Games', just less violent.

"God Zoe, leave some room for my luggage." Jeremy said crankily and started chucking my stuff into the trunk.

"Jeremy! I have breakable stuff in there!" I yelled and shoved him out of the way. My mom walked up to the car carrying my plum purple duffle bag. "If you brake one of my perfumes, I will kill you." I said between my teeth.

"Zoe honey, calm down." my mom said slightly annoyed and stared stacking Jeremy and I's stuff in the car. I shoved my hands into my jean pockets and walked inside our house to make sure I got all of my bags.

"Dad, have you seen my phone?" I asked while walking around the living room. My dad looked up from his paper and took a sip of coffee.

"I thought I saw it in the kitchen." He smiled. I thanked him and ran into the kitchen. Sure enough, my iPhone was sitting right on the counter. My phone was filled with texts from my friends, saying how much they'd miss me and how lucky I am to get into Camp Cali. I rolled my eyes and turned off my phone.

"ZOE! IT'S TIME TO GO!" Jeremy's voiced boomed through the house. I ran out of the kitchen and hugged my dad.

"I'm going to miss you dad." I said into his shoulder. He hugged me back and kissed my forehead.

"Don't get in too much trouble." My dad smiled. I shook my head and hugged him one more time. Jeremy bursted in the house and yelled at me again.


"Ohmigosh Jeremy!" I yelled and grabbed my phone and purse. "Bye dad!" I smiled and jumped into the car. I buckled my seatbelt and sighed.

"Are you two excited?" My mom asked, breaking the silence. I shrugged my shoulders and crossed my arms. My brother made a 'phhhhffft' noise and closed his eyes. "You guys are seriously not excited!?"
"Of course we're excited mom! I'm just really tired." I said whilst leaning my head against the window.

"What about you, Jeremy?"

"Eh." Jeremy replied, annoyed.

"You are going to have a lot of fun." My mom smiled at Jeremy.

"Yup." I said bluntly. "Sure we are."









First chapter! YAAAAYYY! So, I am going to be ending 'Life of an EX Eleanor Calder' soon :'( I am so saaaad :(


I have been seriously traveling the WHOLE summer. It sucks. I love seeing family and stufffffffff, but I just am so glad to be hommmee :') I'm such a homebody


I am going to do the whole 'so and so likes and I'll update' thangg again on here, cuz Its just easier fo meeeeee.


15 likes and I'll updateeeee!!






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