Only Time Will Tell...

Ashton Reynolds and Leah Johnson Timberlake aren't your average teens. They have tough lives. Ashton has too many secrets but Leah is an open book. Leah goes to England to look at a dance academy when she runs into Liam Payne. She takes the guys back to America to meet Ashton. Ashton finds out that Niall is going to be her stepbrother and Leah is going to be Zayn's stepsister. What will happen when Ashton and Zayn remember each other from a year ago? What about Ashton and Liam? What about Leah and Harry? What about Leah and Niall?
Read Only Time Will Tell... to find out what happens.


47. Why?

After the TCAs


“Hey, what did that security guard want?” Liam asked, on their way home.

“He said I would make a great security guard….” Ashton said.


That Monday, they went to a meet and greet.

That Tuesday, the girls went shopping.

Leah’s POV

“Ok, I think we’ve done enough shopping!” I laughed, looking at our pile of bags.

“Yea,” Ashton said, as we waited in line at the food court.

Ashton’s phone started to chime. She looked down at it. I watched as her face grew red.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, and then my phone chimed. I saw the horrible comments girls started posting.

Finally, we got our food and sat down. Our phones didn’t stop chiming throughout the entire line, but I tried to ignore the comments, because I knew it would only bring me disappointment. Ashton, on the other hand, looked at her phone the entire time. She was in tears.

“I have to go to the bathroom…” Ashton said, slowly getting up and running to the bathroom.

After 15 minutes, I knew something was up and went to check on her.

I walked into the bathroom, and asked, “Are you okay-“ then I saw the blood.

Ashton sat there, already on her second cut…

I screamed and grabbed Ashton’s wrist.

“What were you thinking?!” I yelled, as Ashton’s tears flooded down her cheeks, and her hands were shaking.

I gently got her up, and quickly drove to the hospital.

1 hour later

Nobody’s POV

Liam ran into the hospital.

“Where is she? Is she ok?” Liam yelled to the nurse.

“Last name?” the nurse asked slowly.

“Payne….” Liam said.

“I’m sorry but she didn’t make it…” the nurse said.

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