Only Time Will Tell...

Ashton Reynolds and Leah Johnson Timberlake aren't your average teens. They have tough lives. Ashton has too many secrets but Leah is an open book. Leah goes to England to look at a dance academy when she runs into Liam Payne. She takes the guys back to America to meet Ashton. Ashton finds out that Niall is going to be her stepbrother and Leah is going to be Zayn's stepsister. What will happen when Ashton and Zayn remember each other from a year ago? What about Ashton and Liam? What about Leah and Harry? What about Leah and Niall?
Read Only Time Will Tell... to find out what happens.


7. The Beach...and a wedding!

The Beach

Once they all got to the beach, all the boys jumped out and ran to the water.

“Boys…” Leah said.

“Can’t keep them calm for anything,” Ashton said.

Ashton and Leah got out and chose a perfect spot for an umbrella and set the chairs up. Leah read and Ashton listened to music while she slept.

Leah looked up from her book, and saw something magical. She nudged Ashton and Ashton woke up. They both sat there staring at 5 adorable shirtless guys coming out of the water, flipping their hair back.

Ashton pulled her sunglasses down, and Leah almost fell out of her seat.

“Are you drooling?” Leah and Ashton said simultaneously. They wiped their mouths and tried not to stare.

“OMG…” Ashton said.

“Best day ever!” Leah added.

Niall came up to Leah, the water glistening off his tan body.

“Hey, come in the water. It feels great!” Louis yelled.

“Um… how bout Ashton and I get you some food?” Leah said nervously.

“Yea, ok” Niall said before bolting back into the water.

Liam walked over to Ashton, his rippling muscles and abs glowing in the sunlight. “Hey”

“Hey.” Ashton said trying not to stare at his 6- pack.

Zayn came up behind him, looking jealous.

“Well, Perrie will be here soon,” Zayn said.

“Great,” Ashton whispered sarcastically under her breath.

“Yep,” Leah said, “Well, let’s go Ashton.”

Ashton and Leah got up and left to go to Chik-fil-a.

“What would you like?” the intercom rang out.

“Um… just give me 10 orders of the 12-count chicken nuggets with fries and 7 chocolate shakes.” Leah said.

“How much food can you eat?” the person said.

“We have five hungry guys to feed!” Leah said impatiently.

“Ok, your total is 128 dollars even.” The person said.

“Thank goodness we have Niall’s credit card!” Ashton said.

As they drove up to the counter, Ashton got in the back seat of the van, ready to stack up the food.

After 30 minutes of stacking, they left. On the way back, Leah asked, “What about Perrie?”

“She wasn’t there when we left, so why should we have to buy her food?” Ashton said.

“You really don’t like her, do you?” Leah asked.

“No, not really…” Ashton said.

When they got back to the beach, Perrie was there.

“So I told the lady, those are my shoes. She tried to slap me with her purse, so I punched her in the face.”

“How old was she?” Liam asked.

“Like 80 or something. I didn’t ask her. I was too busy trying to get my shoes out of her granny hands.” Perrie said.

“What are you talking about?” Leah said confused as they walked up to them.

“Why do you care?” Zayn asked rudely.

“Ok, calm down. We brought food,” Leah said.

“It’s about time! I’m starving!” Niall said.

Everyone went to the van and ate. Zayn was feeding Perrie fries.

“That’s nasty,” Ashton whispered to Leah. They both laughed.

“I love you pooh bear!” Perrie said all sweet.

Zayn replied, “I love you too, my little cinnamon bun!”

Liam looked annoyed, “I’ve never seen this site of Zayn before! It’s kind of disturbing!”

Everyone laughed. Zayn glanced at Ashton like he was trying to make her jealous. Ashton pulled Zayn away from everyone else.

“I know what you’re trying to do… and it’s not working.” Ashton said.

“Ok, fine, but I just really like you!” Zayn said.

“You what?” Perrie interrupted.

“Um… what are you doing here?” Zayn said.

“You know what… maybe we should break up!” Perrie yelled.


“I’ve been cheating on you anyway with Liam Hemsworth!” Perrie screamed so everyone could hear.

“You what? That’s my brother!” Leah ran up and said.

“How? Your last name is Timberlake! Leah Shay Johnson Timberlake!” Zayn blurted out.

“He’s my half-brother!”


“Well, I think it’s time to go…” Ashton said awkwardly.

Perrie came up and slapped Ashton in the face. Then she ran off crying.

“I’m driving,” Louis said trying to change the subject. Everyone got in the car and left.

Leah’s POV

This whole day has been so awkward. I don’t know what to do.

Is that my phone ringing? Mom!

“Hey, mom!”

“Hey, sweetheart!”

“Why didn’t you tell me Zayn Malik was going to be my stepbrother?”

“How’d you- nevermind that. The wedding will be July 27.”

“What? That’s like 1 month away! That’s not enough time to plan a wedding!”

“We are going to the courthouse, honey,” Trisha said.

“Aw, well, ok!” I replied.

“Speaking of which, would you and Ashton like to be the bridesmaids?”

I looked at Ashton and asked her if it was alright.

“Yea, it’s fine” I said.

“Do you want to be the maid of honor?” Trisha asked.

“Of course mom, well, love you! Bye!”

I got off the phone and told everybody when the wedding was.

“Yay, I love love!” Louis yelled.

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