Only Time Will Tell...

Ashton Reynolds and Leah Johnson Timberlake aren't your average teens. They have tough lives. Ashton has too many secrets but Leah is an open book. Leah goes to England to look at a dance academy when she runs into Liam Payne. She takes the guys back to America to meet Ashton. Ashton finds out that Niall is going to be her stepbrother and Leah is going to be Zayn's stepsister. What will happen when Ashton and Zayn remember each other from a year ago? What about Ashton and Liam? What about Leah and Harry? What about Leah and Niall?
Read Only Time Will Tell... to find out what happens.


43. Paul

“How many have you read?” Ashton asked nervously, seeing the notes in Liam’s hands.

“Enough…” Liam said, looking up with tears in his eyes.

Ashton sat down beside him, grabbed all of the notes, put them in the box, and put the box back in the drawer.

“Who gave you those?” Liam asked.

“Everyone… except Leah…” Ashton said, tearing up.

“When?” Liam asked seriously.

“High school…” Ashton said, looking him in the eyes.

Liam wrapped his arms around her, “I went through the same thing…”

Ashton looked at him and realized she needed him. They both slowly went in for a kiss, and Darcy yelled from the doorway, “Get a room!” and slammed the door.

Ashton laughed and looked back at Liam, “Where were we?” she asked. Then they kissed.

“I guess you’re moving out…” Leah said.

“Yes, she is!” Liam said.

“No…” Ashton said. Liam looked at her, confused.

“No, we are…” Ashton said, grabbing Liam’s hand.

Leah noticed the open drawer.

“Ashton, you kept ‘em?” Leah asked.

“Yea, but I’m done talkin’ ‘bout it…” Ashton said.

The Next Day

“I’m glad you’re home…” Zayn said, glancing at Ashton’s hoodie.

“Really? It’s not a big deal anymore! I’ve had this thing for 5 years…” Ashton said.

Liam looked suspicious, “Wait! So you’re saying that’s Zayn’s hoodie?”

“Well, I stole it when we were dating. I never gave it back so I’ve like always wore it!” Ashton said.

“Ok. I understand.” Liam said.

Harry ran downstairs, “Best Song Ever video came out today!” he yelled.

Liam turned to Ashton, “Please do not watch it!” he said.

Ashton took out her phone and called Leah.

“Hello?” Leah answered.

“Have you watched the video yet?” Ashton asked.

“This wise guy is telling me not to!” Leah said, referring to Niall.

“Same here!”

“I’m gonna come over when the boys go to the studio and we’ll watch it!” Leah whispered. They hung up.

“Ashton, we are leaving to go to the studio!” Liam yelled, walking out the front door. He turned around quickly, “You better not watch it!” he said.

10 Minutes Later…
“Let’s watch this thang!” Leah said, walking in the door.

They clicked on ‘Best Song Ever’ and were shocked. After the video was over, the door opened.

“Paul canceled!” Zayn yelled.

“So, what did y’all do while we were gone?” Liam asked.

“Not much, Leeroy!” Ashton snickered.

“You didn’t!” Liam said.

“Now stay with me, cause I’m quite quick, and a 5, 6, 7, 8!” Ashton laughed. Niall and Leah burst into laughter.

“I did!” Ashton said.

Liam sat down on the couch. Kendall started crying. Liam started to get up, but Ashton stopped him.

“Liam, you stay exactly where you are cause you are per-fect!” Ashton said, and ran upstairs.

“This is exactly why I didn’t want her to watch it!” Liam yelled.

Leah finally stopped laughing, “So, Harvey, I didn’t know you took tap!”

“This is exactly why I didn’t want YOU to watch it!” Niall said.

“Hey, wise guy, get out of my office!” Leah joked, still laughing. Niall couldn’t help but laugh too.

Cooper stood on the stairs.

“I think Veronica’s really pretty!” he smiled.

“Cooper Dawson Malik, don’t call your father pretty, even though he is!” Ashton said. Cooper’s mouth dropped.

Cooper realized that Zayn is Veronica. Zayn was embarrassed. Liam was laughing his butt off.

Ashton came downstairs with Kendall.

Zayn smiled, “So, you think I’m beautiful?” he said to Ashton.

Ashton smiled, and Liam took Kendall from her arms.

“You’re such a good father!” Ashton said to Liam. Ashton’s phone chimed.

“Twitter…again…” Ashton said.

“You have a twitter?” Liam asked. He got out his phone and looked up Ashton Reynolds.

“I can’t seem to find you…” Liam said, “All I can find is @Ashton_luvs_Zayn…”

Ashton quickly looked down, “Um…well…um…you see… that is mine…” she said nervously.

Zayn looked shocked, “You never changed it?”

“You told me not to…” Ashton said.

“So, you’re saying that your twitter name is Ashton loves Zayn? Not Ashton loves Liam!” Liam said.

Ashton took a deep breath, “I never got on after Zayn and I broke up… until last week, and I never had the time to change it…”

Liam made a little kid face and shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever….”

The doorbell rang. Leah opened it to see Paul.

“Hey, Pauly!” Leah said, giving him a sweet hug.

“I’m not a…hugger…” Paul said, awkwardly.

“Sorry, I am!” Leah said, quickly letting go.

“Guys, I need to talk to you…” Paul said, motioning them to the kitchen.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked, as they got in there.

“Teen Choice Awards is next week, and I booked you all to perform Best Song Ever.” Paul said.

“Cool…” Liam said.

“I’m nominated!” Harry said excitedly.

“Exactly why you have to go!” Paul said.

“Can Leah come with me?” Niall asked.

“Of course, but not Ashton…” Paul said, “Just kidding!” he said, bursting into laughter.

Liam was laughing too, and then he got real serious. “Not funny Paul…”

“Ok, sorry, but Ashton, Leah, Addy, and all them kids can come too…but the kids can’t be at the awards!” Paul said, seriously.

“I don’t blame you!” Harry said.

After they left the kitchen, Niall told the girls about TCA.

“I finally get to wear an awards dress again!” Leah exclaimed.

“I’m wearing the purple one from that catalog!” Ashton said excitedly.

“Paul said the kids can come…” Liam said, then quickly lowered his voice so only Ashton could hear, “But I don’t think they should!”

Ashton nodded in agreement, “I’ll call my mom…” she said, walking upstairs alone.

“Hello, honey!” Melanie answered.

“Hey mom, can you watch the kids next week?” Ashton asked forwardly.

“Oh, sweetie, Bobby and I are in Ireland right now…” Melanie said slowly.

“Oh, well, that’s fine… bye…” Ashton said, and hung up disappointedly.

She didn’t want to, but she was left to call Ryan. She slowly dialed his number.

“Hello?” a sleepy voice answered.

“Dad, its noon! You just now got up?!” Ashton asked shocked.

“I was busy last night…” Ryan said.

“Well… umm… the thing is…” Ashton slowly began.

“What do you need?” Ryan asked impatiently.

Ashton thought for a minute.

“Will you watch Shawn, Kendall, and Coo… that’s all!” Ashton said quickly taking Cooper’s name out. She was gonna get Leah’s mom, Trisha, to watch Cooper instead.

“Just them? Ok? That’s fine! When?” Ryan asked.

“Next week?” Ashton said, unsurely.

“That’s fine, sweetie…” Ryan replied.

“At 3 is when I’ll drop them off on Monday. On the next Friday, I’ll pick them up, depending on when we get back…” Ashton said, explaining the situation.

“Teen Choice Awards? Yea, anyway, I can handle that,” Ryan said. He was quickly interrupted by Blake. “Is that Ashton? Hey, darling!” she said perkily.

Ashton quickly hung up, not wanting to listen to that.

After all that, she went back downstairs.

“Well?” Liam asked.

“Huh, mom and Bobby are in Ireland, so dad will watch Shawn and Kendall. I want Trisha to watch Cooper, so remind me to ask Leah later…” Ashton said, explaining again.

“You trust dad?” Liam asked, referring to Ryan.

“Yea? He’s changed!” Ashton said, defensively.

“Ok!” Liam said, trying to calm Ashton down.

“Hey, my mom’s watching Darcy and Wyatt and she offered to watch Cooper too…” Leah said, walking up to them.

“That’s perfect! I was just about to ask!” Ashton said relieved.

“Per-fect!” Liam laughed. Ashton slapped him.

“Moving on…” Leah said, awkwardly.

“What was that for?” Liam asked, rubbing his face.

“Love…” Ashton said, kissing him. There was a knock at the door. Liam opened it.

“Addy?” Liam asked.

“Hello? I finally moved out of my house in Germany, and the furniture vorkers are on their way!” Addy said, just a little of her German accent she picked up on while living there coming through.

“That’s right. You’re moving in!” Liam said.

“Da!” Addison said.

“Wait, how come you have a German accent kinda but Ash doesn’t?” Liam asked.

“I’ll tell youvs later…” Addy said, pushing past Liam.

“Addy!” Ashton said, running up and giving her a hug.

“Ashton!” Addison yelled.

“You finally got here! Harry’s in the living room…” Ashton said.

“Speaking of which, I got a job at Ryan’s studio. I’ll be in his next movie! But anyway, Harry and I need to have the wedding next veek! I’ve already found the perfect dress!” Addy said, scanning through her phone, and finally showed Ashton the wedding dress.

“I love it… but the guys and we are leaving next week. We have to go to the Teen Choice Awards!” Ashton said.

“Oh…” Addison looked like she was about to cry.

“I’m sorry!” Ashton said.

“Addy-bear!’ Harry said, running up to Addison and romantically picking her up and spinning her around.

“Stop! You’re making me dizzy!” Ashton yelled, pulling from his grip.

“Ashton?” Harry said, quickly putting her down.

Liam’s face got red.

“How would you like it if I did that to your girlfriend?” he said to Harry.

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