Only Time Will Tell...

Ashton Reynolds and Leah Johnson Timberlake aren't your average teens. They have tough lives. Ashton has too many secrets but Leah is an open book. Leah goes to England to look at a dance academy when she runs into Liam Payne. She takes the guys back to America to meet Ashton. Ashton finds out that Niall is going to be her stepbrother and Leah is going to be Zayn's stepsister. What will happen when Ashton and Zayn remember each other from a year ago? What about Ashton and Liam? What about Leah and Harry? What about Leah and Niall?
Read Only Time Will Tell... to find out what happens.


48. Hate!

Liam fell to his knees and cried.

“Ashton!” he screamed.

“Oh! You’re not Leeroy?” the nurse asked.

“No! I’m Liam!” Liam said.

The nurse looked through her files.

“Ashton Payne is fine… she is in room 37…” the nurse said, pointing down the hall.

Liam ran to room 37.

“Liam?” Leah asked.

“How is she?” Liam asked.

“I guess she is fine… they won’t let me see her…” Leah said.

Cooper ran down the hall, “Is mommy ok?” he screamed.

“Cooper? How did you get here?” Leah asked.

“Uncle Harry and Aunt Addy brought me here!” Cooper said.

Harry and Addy walked down the hallway.

“Where is she?” Addy asked, nervously.

“Mommy died!” Cooper yelled.

Addy started crying.

“Cooper! She is not dead!” Leah said.

Shawn, Darcy, and Wyatt all came stumbling down the hall with Niall right behind them.

“I heard she was in room turdy-seven…” Niall said.

The doctor came out. “She cut deep, but she didn’t lose too much blood, so she’s fine. You can see her now….” He said.

Everyone sighed relief and headed for the door.

“Stop,” Leah said, holding out her hand. “Liam should go alone.”

Liam walked by slowly, and slipped through the door.

“Babe, are you okay?” Liam asked worriedly, seeing Ashton. A few seconds went by and Liam yelled, “What were you thinking?” in tears.

“I couldn’t handle it…” Ashton said, sitting there with bandages wrapped around her wrist.

“Couldn’t handle what?” Liam asked.

“You see for yourself…” Ashton said.

Liam got out his phone and went to Twitter. After a minute of reading hateful comments, he looked up.

“I’m sorry, Ashton, but do you know what would happen to me if you died! I can’t live without you! You’re my everything…” Liam said.

Ashton struggled to speak. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking! My judgment was clouded…” she said quietly.

“Ashton, I can’t live with the fact of not knowing when I’ll ever see you again…” Liam said, tears rolling down his face.

“Like I said before, I don’t know what I was thinking! I know better now. Liam, you have to look past my mistakes…” Ashton said, disappointed in herself.

“I’m sorry…” was all Liam could say at the moment.

Outside the room, Leah and Niall were waiting while everyone else waited in the waiting room down the hall. After silence, Leah spoke first. “She’s so tough, always has been ever since the bullying…but everyone has that moment, that breaking point…when you let your walls down and the emotions flow out…” Leah finished.

“Yea, but I never imagined Ashton doing something like this!” Niall said, shocked.

“Me either, but can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t checked on her!” Leah said.

“Did you get hate, too?” Niall asked.

Leah pulled out her phone and showed Niall all the horrible things people were saying about her.

“Wow…I knew our fans loved us, but they shouldn’t have gone this far! I’m sorry you have to deal with this!” Niall cried, wrapping his arms around Leah.

“I’m usually not as strong as Ashton!” Leah said.

“Leah, you don’t realize how strong you are! And how much I love you!” Niall said, giving her a kiss.

“Thanks…and by the way, you’re worth everything the fans put me through!” Leah said, kissing him back.

“What kind of hate did Ashton get?” Niall asked.

Leah searched for the stuff, and Sophiam popped up.

“It says Ashton Reynolds and Liam Payne had a surprise coming when Liam got Sophia Smith pregnant after secretly dating behind Ashton’s back…” Leah read aloud form the One Direction news channel.

“That’s not true!” Niall yelled.

“I know, but apparently Ashton didn’t think so!” Leah said, and got up from the floor and went in the room.

“Leah, hey…” Ashton said, surprised by Leah bursting in.

“Did you cut because of Sophiam?” Leah asked forwardly.

 “Sophiam?” Liam asked.

“Yea, you got Sophia pregnant!” Ashton cried.

“No I didn’t! Ashton, you actually believe that stuff!” Liam yelled.

“I didn’t know what to think!” Ashton replied angrily.

“Wow, you really think I would cheat on you like that!” Liam yelled.

“Mommy and daddy, stop fighting!” Cooper said, running in.

Liam and Ashton went silent

The nurse walked in. “Is there a problem?” she asked politely.

“No…” Ashton said suddenly.

“Good, well, it’s time for you to rest, Ashton, so everyone else please leave,” the nurse said, shooing them out.

“Thanks, Mary,” Ashton said.

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