Only Time Will Tell...

Ashton Reynolds and Leah Johnson Timberlake aren't your average teens. They have tough lives. Ashton has too many secrets but Leah is an open book. Leah goes to England to look at a dance academy when she runs into Liam Payne. She takes the guys back to America to meet Ashton. Ashton finds out that Niall is going to be her stepbrother and Leah is going to be Zayn's stepsister. What will happen when Ashton and Zayn remember each other from a year ago? What about Ashton and Liam? What about Leah and Harry? What about Leah and Niall?
Read Only Time Will Tell... to find out what happens.


57. Epilogue

4 years later…


Things weren’t the same ever since the band broke up. Once the news spread, heartbreak spread throughout the entire world from fans.

It felt like the whole world ended. The boys saw how much this changed girls lives forever, and they couldn’t stand the fact that they ruined their lives. But soon everything went back to normal. Harry was working as a solo artist. Niall opened his own restaurant called NLH (short for Niall, Leah, Horan). Liam was a stay at home dad, while Ashton worked as a part-time teacher. Louis became a male underwear model. Zayn owned his own art museum, selling his graffiti for millions of dollars. Life was good. Simple. Happy.

The End…?

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