Only Time Will Tell...

Ashton Reynolds and Leah Johnson Timberlake aren't your average teens. They have tough lives. Ashton has too many secrets but Leah is an open book. Leah goes to England to look at a dance academy when she runs into Liam Payne. She takes the guys back to America to meet Ashton. Ashton finds out that Niall is going to be her stepbrother and Leah is going to be Zayn's stepsister. What will happen when Ashton and Zayn remember each other from a year ago? What about Ashton and Liam? What about Leah and Harry? What about Leah and Niall?
Read Only Time Will Tell... to find out what happens.


8. Another wedding?

The next day

Nobody’s POV

 “So, how was last night?” Ashton asked Leah.

“It was great! We went dancing, and had a blast. Ashton? I think I love him! So how was your date?” Leah asked.

“It was horrible! We went to a baseball game. We were on the kiss cam. That was our first kiss!”

“That was great!” Leah said enthusiastically.

“No it wasn’t! I wanted it to be romantic!” Ashton said sadly.

Liam was behind the door and he heard everything! ‘So much for a great date!’ he thought.

30 minutes later

“Everyone, I have an announcement to make!” Niall said over the noisy guys.

Leah sat on the couch, looking confused as ever. Niall looked at her.

“Leah Timberlake, I know people may think we have only known each other for a week, but we have practically grown up together.”

Everyone looked confused. Leah got nervous.

“Anyway, Leah. I love you and I want to spend the rest of our lives together! Will you marry me?” Niall asked. His hands were sweating.

Leah looked around. Everyone was telling her to say yes. Except Ashton.

Leah’s POV

What do I do? I want to, but what if everything falls apart. I can’t do this! Yes I can! I love him!

Nobody’s POV

“Well?” Niall asked nervously.

“Of course I will!” Leah said, jumping into his arms.

“Yay!” everyone shouted.

“I’ll call Paul!” Liam said.

“Really? Why do you do this to me?” Ashton yelled and ran upstairs.

Everyone stopped cheering.

“I better go see what’s wrong.” Zayn said.

Zayn went upstairs.

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