Not without a fight

Kristy Hollow is a shape shifter slash vampire but she has kept it a secrete for one hundred years, but her secrete is getting harder and harder to keep when vampires attack there world, and those vampires are staying a secrete as well. But Kristy wont let the vampires take over her world so she teams up with a lonely soul slash human and they try to get back there world. Because Kristy Hollows isn't going down without a fight


1. Half vampire Half werewolf

  I woke up in a cold sweat, I was chattering feeling cold because of the vent next to my bed. I decided to go back to sleep I yawned loudly before I snuggled back into my covers feeling warmth rush through me my spine tingled, I closed my eyes for not even five seconds when I heard the commotion from outside, there was a lot of screaming it was in a shrill voice though. I finally had enough so I got up. And nearly drew the blinds but gasped at what I saw outside, there were souls lots of them there were deep black holes were there eyes should be there mouths closed into to tight frowns. My eyes moved around hoping to find anyone besides a soul, I looked around not seeking anyone until a loud scream erupted I followed the voice it was in the back, a girl she was being held by two of the souls, I stared out in shock as another soul pushed another one into the body now that soul was going to occupy that body for eternity unless you found a way to kill them but that would only be possible for another soul. The soul inside was yelling to get out I was shocked not once have I heard souls wanting to get out of a human if there in a human that only makes them stronger, and seeing souls isn't a gift its more of a curse, not many people can see souls but they can be harmed by them. And why can I see souls? because im undead as well. Im not a soul but I am a half werewolf half vampire. your next Scarlet they said together except for the soul in the girls body instead she frowned most likely feeling bad for me, they started walking closer to my house closer and closer until they reached the door.


    That's when I really woke up, I got out of bed looking out my window. There were no souls only cars passing every few seconds I took deep breaths I was panting hard I wanted to pinch myself to make Shure I was up but I believed that I was awake then. But It is true about the souls and what they can do its true that I can see them and that im part werewolf part vampire. I wish that stuff wasn't true but it was reality for me. a sickening reality. Now yes people can see me the only things they cant see are souls unless there in a human body. I slowly walked downstairs  and into the living room and turned on the small TV but the screen stayed black so i turned the light on but nope it didn't respond. I sighed heavily as I sat in the black recliner. I didn't dare go back to sleep I was still scared from the dream. I jumped when my phone rang the ringtone was from Jaws my all time favorite movie. I answered the phone when I saw it was just Daniela my friend she didn't even know my secrete but I wasn't planning on telling her I mean this isn't twilight when the vampire tells someone because they love them to much or whatever I mean I do love Daniela she has been my friend for two years now but she never questioned me why I wasn't aging over eighteen. And I was happy she didn't but I know when she's like twenty six she will start asking. Hello I said. Are you watching the news? She asked sounding worried, No the powers out why? Well turn the TV on the powers back! Ok I said so I got up and turned it on, murder was the first words I heard there were pictures of at least twelve dead people, it looks as if an animal of some sort attacked a group of people and carried one off because right over here a body was found and now is gone is it an animal or a serial killer who is responsible, I dropped my phone when they went to examine the bite they were teeth marks it wasn't an animal but I knew what it was. Now we'll be back right after this! Was all they said before they showed a commercial for Kmart.

   I looked at the TV in shock I just couldn't believe it vampires attack people in different areas in different ways or else its way to obvious, but know my secretes in danger grave danger.



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