You're with the Geek?

Georgia Rose was best friends with Marcel in Primary School, but once high school hit, their friendship was over. What happens now that he misses her in Senior Year?


7. Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling.

Harry's POV -

Sunday morning. It was raining outside, which was quite odd because it was nice and sunny yesterday. Oh California's weather. I noticed Georgia was gone, and smelled the aroma of bacon and eggs. I stood up and stretched, "Is that breakfast I smell?" She came out of the kitchen and set two plates on the table, "Well sleeping beauty is finally awake!" I laughed and yawned as I observed the plates which consisted bacon, sausage, egg, and hash. Just my favourite. She also brought out two mugs. One coffee for her, and one tea for me. 

Georgia's POV -
As he walked into the wash closet to whatever, I set down the utensils and sat myself. I was way too hungry to wait for him, so I started alone. Soon enough he came out of the wash closet and sat himself, "Thanks for waiting for me." I smiled, "Oh anytime baby." "Are you excited for tour?" He asked as he ate a piece of his egg. I just shrugged and smiled, "I mean, if I have to be excited.. Then I guess." We laughed as he shoved me with his elbow, "Come on, I know you're excited!" He said in the most adorable British accent. Ever. I still hadn't been able to adjust to his accent. It was weird, but also very comforting. I giggled, "Of course I'm excited, you dumbo." "Good, tour starts up again on Tuesday, as you heard. So we should get packing today," He said, I nodded in agreement. "And I can help you over here, and then you can come over to meet my mom and keep me company while I pack." I giggled a little, "Sounds like a plan." We continued to make more small talk as we finished our breaky. We cleaned up downstairs and I left a voicemail on my mom's phone: 'Hey momma. Call me back as soon as possible? Marcel and I have a couple of plans, and I need you to know about it all. Love you!' Harry laughed as I hung up. "Looove you!" He said in a white girl accent, my jaw dropped as I lightly shoved him. He wouldn't stop laughing, I just sat there glaring at him, trying to hide my smile aswell. He caught his breath, "Alright, alright. I'm okay," He chuckled a little more. I just glared at him now. He stopped as his jaw dropped with a smile, "Oh come on!" He dropped the blanket he was folding and came onto the couch to tackle me with a hug. I laughed as he pushed me down and we layed on the couch together. Our hug soon turned into a tickle-war, with one side winning: Harry. He knew since Primary that my weakness was being tickled. "Stop! STOP HARRY," I laughed and shrieked. My phone rang on the table, we both stopped as I sat up and quickly grabbed it, getting my hair out of my face. It was my mom, I pressed answer and set her on speaker. 
- "Mom!"
- "Yes? What's wrong?"
- "You know Marcel.. Right?"
- "Yes, that sweet boyfriend of yours?"
He smiled and fluttered his eyes, whereas I rolled mine. 
- "Yes him! Well, he'd like to say Hello."
He took my phone from me.
- "Hello! Mrs. Rose." 
He also spoke with his English accent. 
- "This isn't Marcel?"
- "Erm, correct. This is actually Harry Styles."
- "I TOLD YOU, GOD DAMN IT." I heard my dad yell as Harry covered his mouth to prevent from laughing. I was silently dying of laughter and rolling on the couch. 
- "Well hello, Harry. Will you two please explain what's going on?"
We all calmed down and explained. The names, stories, how he's the 'geek'; all that good stuff.
- "Sounds good. So what were you two's plans?"
- "Well.. I'm headed back on tour on Tuesday, and our management said we could bring one person. I invited Georgia. There's security everywhere, and we've got our own homeschool teacher. It'll be for four months. We come back in September. She'll be safe and if you ever need to call our bodyguards or management you can. We also—"
- "Harry."
- "Em, yes?" 
- "Of course she can go. Just make sure you take care of my little baby."
He looked up at me, a sign that he wanted to laugh. I laughed silently and shook my head.
- "Really?! Thank you Mrs. Rose! Aw, I'll take such good care of her!"
- "Boy you better." I heard my dad say, "Shut up. But Harry, I'll need your supervision's numbers, and when will you guys be leaving for tour?"
- "I'll give the numbers to Georgia to give to you. And we leave on Tuesday morning."
- "Great, you two have fun, alright?" 
I took the phone back.
- "We will momma. Love you, again, thank you."
As soon as we hung up Harry & I jumped up and celebrated in sync. I jumped on him and he caught me and kissed me, "I'm so happy!" "It's unbelieveable!" He said as he hugged me one last time.

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