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Georgia Rose was best friends with Marcel in Primary School, but once high school hit, their friendship was over. What happens now that he misses her in Senior Year?


8. Pack It Up!

Harry's POV -   As soon as we got done celebrating downstairs, we headed up to start packing up her things. She brought out three suitcases for four months. Sounded pretty good to me. We packed casual clothing, pajamas, fancy clothing, a couple pairs of shoes, and anything else she needed. Time passes by quickly when you have a little dance party to the Take Me Home album. "I didn't realize it's already 4 PM," She said as I sat down on her suitcase so she could zip it up. I shrugged, "Oh well. Looks like someone might need to spend the night at my house." "Oh, is Luke coming over again?" She said as I glared at her. She laughed and smiled, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. But I guess if i have to.." I glared once more, "KIDDING." I pecked her cheeks multiple times, "Aw, you're so cute." We stood up in sync and I serenaded her to the chorus in Last First Kiss, "Girl what would you do? Would you wanna stay if I were to say.." I sung as I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. We waddled around the room for a little, our noses and foreheads touching the entire time. I broke free and held both her hands, "I wanna be last, yeah. Baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss." She smiled and moved closer to me as we Waltzed around her room. "I wanna be first? yeah. Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this," She sung. I was actually shocked at how amazing she was at singing; every note, perfect timing. I just smirked at her. We sung in sync, "And if you only knew, I wanna be last, yeah. Baby let me be your last.." "Your last first kiss," I finished off as I gave her a big kiss at the end. We stood and kissed for quite a while, and it was quite nice aswell. A phone buzzed on the table and she pulled away. I sat down on the edge of her bed as she went over to get it. "It's yours," She said as she ran over to hand me my phone. It was My mum:  Tell Georgia about dinner tonight with the crew xx. I pulled my phone towards me, making sure she didn't see:  It's still a surprise to her, haha. Thanks though mum. Tell them not to mention anything to her or on twitter xx I set my phone back down on the table as I watched her get ready for my house. I also got up to change into something quite casual but chic enough to a restaurant for dinner.    Georgia's POV - I noticed Harry got dressed quicker than I did, so I scanned his outfit for inspiration on mine. He wore a white button down, some faded black jeans, his blue converse, and to top it all off, his navy blue blazer which was rolled 3/4. "I haven't seen you wear that in a while, Haz," I said as I chose some clothes. He shrugged and brushed off his shoulders coming towards me, "I can still rock it." I laughed and rolled my eyes, "Whatever floats your boat, honey." He sat beside me and chose my high waisted black jeans with a white, collared button-shirt. He also grabbed my navy blue knit cardigan. He handed me the pile of clothing but kept the cardigan. I laughed and ran into the bathroom to quickly get changed. I put my hair up in a loose and baggy topknot bun and pulled out a couple strands of hair to make it look lazy. I walked out feeling pretty and confident. Harry smiled as he came over to put the cardigan on me, rolling the sleeves up 3/4. We both looked into the mirror, fixinf ourselves, then I finally realized we were matching. "We're twins," I said as I turned to him in shock. "Took you long enough," He said as he smiled and tackled me with a hug. We both landed on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. I turned to face Harry, "I'm so excited for tour." He smiled as he looked over at me, "I can tell. I really can't wait to share this experience with you." I smiled and lay on his shoulder, "Neither can I."    Harry's POV - As we pulled up into my driveway, I realized that Georgia looked quite nervous. I took the keys out of the egnition, and held her hand, "You alright, love?" She made a straight face and nodded. "I'm sure she'll love you," I said, running my thumb across her knuckles as she just nodded again. She didn't speak until we got onto the porch, "Are you sure, Haz?" I kissed her forehead as I rung the buzzer, "I'm positive, baby. Don't worry about anything and just be you." She nodded one more time, looking a lot more relaxed. The door swung open, it was Gemma. Georgia immediantly smiled and greeted her with a hug, "Georgia! Are you—" She was gonna bring up the dinner. No. "Georgia!" My mum yelled, intterupting their conversation. Good god. I smiled at Georgia as my mum came up to shake her hand, "It's been quite a while now. It's nice to see you again." She smiled at her, and seemed more relaxed aswell, "It's really nice to see you again aswell." I took Georgia's hand, "Mum, we're going up to my room to pack for tour, & she's spending the night, is that alright?" She nodded in agreement, "I'm sure you two will be out and about until one in the morning, so sure." I smiled as we headed up the stairs. She sat on my bed, "Out and about? I thought I was only staying at your place?" I just shrugged and smirked at her. She shook her head, "The last time I was here was in fifth grade, wasn't it?" I laughed as I pulled out a couple luggages, "Yeah! We were working on our science project." She laughed even harder, "The volcano!" I sat beside her, "Yes! Remember when we put in too much baking soda and my mum got so mad at me for it?" "It wasn't only you! I was right there next to you," She shoved me. "Sure, sure. But hey, that was worth an A+." We laughed and talked about our memories as we begun to pack up my clothing.   
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