You're with the Geek?

Georgia Rose was best friends with Marcel in Primary School, but once high school hit, their friendship was over. What happens now that he misses her in Senior Year?


1. No Date? Big Problem

Georgia's POV -

"Do you have a date to prom?" Ashley, one of my best friends, asked Carol and I. I shook my head as I stuffed my face with chicken salad, "I don't think I wanna go." They laughed, Carol even snorted. "Homecoming queen isn't going to prom?!" Ash yelled, catching other people's attention. "Quiet down!" I whispered loudly. 
This was what I lived with, two shitheads who make and ruin my life. "How can you not go to prom though?" Carol asked, "Better yet, howcome no one has asked you yet?" I shrugged, "Because I'm ugly." "Okay homecoming queen," Ash said as Carol giggled. "We're gonna find you a date. And that's a promise." 

After school, I headed to Best Buy to get my Macbook fixed. I went alone, which I sorta liked, it gave me more time to think things through without being interrupted. I headed to the Customer Service desk. To my surprise, Marcel, the geekiest of geeks, stood behind the computer. "Marcel.." I said, laughing awkwardly. He stood up and smiled, "Georgia.. How are you? Do you need help with anything?" He said as he fixed his glasses. It was awkward because Marcel and I used to be best friends in primary school. Now that high school has come along, everyone labelled him as 'the gross geek'. Sad part is, I was stupid enough to hurt his feelings and stick with the crowd. "Uh, well, my Macbook's power button is stuck, and it won't turn on at all.." I explained as I tried to make eye contact. He stayed staring at the desk, "Well, yes, okay.. I'll send it to the back to get it fixed.. Would you fill this out so we know how to contact you?" He finally looked up at me and smiled. His smile was exactly the same, straight and cheerful. I smiled back and took the papers. But instead of filling it all out, I thought about our old friendship. Memories flashed in my mind. When he smiled it felt like 5th grade all over again. He and I used to play on the swingset and he'd spin and push me as we laughed with the same smiles on our faces.. Why did things have to change? I mean, they were the exact same smiles, just with a whole different meaning.. I'd probably be lying to myself if I said I didn't miss him. "Ge-bear," He said. I snapped back to reality and smirked, "You haven't called me that since primary school." "I— No, I-I didn't mean to. Uh, can you fill the form out, please?" I smiled at him one more time as I quickly filled out the form, "Here you go, Ma-bear." He chuckled, "Now that, that one's embarassing." "Ge-bear's pretty embarassing too!" I said, laughing. He smiled and shook his head as he entered all the information into the computer. "Alright. You're all set," He smiled. I smiled back and stood up, "Alright. Thank you for everything, Marcel." He stuck out his hand, I grasped it and shook, "You're welcome. See you soon." I smiled to myself as I started to walk away. "Wait! Georgia!" I heard him yell. I saw him jog towards me as I turned around. "Yes?" I smiled. "Uh, I was sorta.. You know.. Wondering, if you had a date.. To the.. Uh, prom?" He fiddled with his fingers. My face lit up, causing his too aswell, "I don't actually." His eyebrows raised, "Really? Homecoming queen, Ge-bear doesn't even have a date to the prom?!" I giggled and hit his shoulder, "Shut up!" He laughed under his breath as his shoulders slouched back down with relief, "Well, would you like to go with me?" I smiled my widest, "Really?" He nodded with a smirk. "That's so sweet! Absolutely!" He smiled and opened his arms out for a hug. I came in. "This hasn't happened since Primary School," He said as he lay his head on my shoulder. I felt him smile, causing me too aswell. We both seperated, "I'll pick you up at 5 on Saturday, alright?" He smiled. "Alright." I started to walk away and turned around one more time to wave bye. Was our friendship back? Is something more than a friendship rising? How could I have betrayed Marcel these past four years? "Georgia!" My thoughts were again interrupted. I turned to see Gemma, Marcel's older sister. "Did Ha—Marcel. Marcel. Did he just ask you to prom?" She said, stuttering. I smiled, "Yeah." She smiled her widest, "Great. You won't regret it. He'll clean up really nice for you." I nodded my head, "Awesome." She made a weird head gesture, "Th-Thank you." "No, no no no, don't worry about it! I wanted to." Her face lit up. We quickly hugged and made our seperate ways. I smiled to myself in the car. This weekend is going to be great.

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