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Georgia Rose was best friends with Marcel in Primary School, but once high school hit, their friendship was over. What happens now that he misses her in Senior Year?


5. Nice To Finally Meet You..

Georgia's POV -
I woke up to the sound of murmuring and speaking. There was the sound of the accent I heard in Marcel's voice last night. I quickly turned over to see them all getting ready. "I even uh was —" Marcel said before being interrupted by Luke, "Hey. Georgia." I fluttered my eyes, "No, carry on your conversation. I want to hear. Pretend as if I never awoke." They ignored me. Luke and Ash were up and ready to leave, while Marcel was still in his pajamas. "Alright, we're gonna get going, we got a big day ahead of us," Luke said as Ash followed. "You two have fun today, prom king and queen," Ashley said as she followed Luke out the door. "Well let's get ready! It's already 11:30, my dear." I laughed as I got up to put all the blankets and pillows away, "I was up thinking last night." Marcel looked over at me from his bag, "Oh yeah? About what?" I shrugged, "What would happen today." He smiled as he pulled out some clothes, "Don't worry. You'll have the greatest time ever. I guarantee." I smiled as I started up the stairs, he followed. "Alright, alright."    We went to In-N-Out Burger for lunch. I convinced him not to spend so much, so we ended up here. We both got regular cheeseburgers, some animal fries and a couple Neapolitan shakes. Once back on the road, I noticed we started to head towards West Hollywood. "Where are we going?" I asked, shoving a couple fries in my mouth. "Somewhere," He smiled while he focused on the road. "Be less vague, Mr. Costanio." "Just be patient baby, you'll figure things out soon." His phone buzzed from the cup holder, "Can you get that?" "I'm allowed to touch your phone?" I asked as he shook his head and smiled. I picked it up, "It's Luke:  We'll see you in 10 bro. Wait, see us? They're coming with us?" Marcel just shrugged one more time. After time passed, we pulled into the lot of a very big house right down the street from Sunset Blvd. "Who's house is this?" "Why are we here?" "Can you please explain this to me?" I kept bugging and asking. I noticed Luke's car already parked in the lot. "Oh look, they're here," Marcel said as he rung the bell. Luke opened up the door. "This isn't your house, is it?" I asked. Luke laughed, "Nah. Check it out though, isn't it nice?" I shrugged, "Yeah, of course it's beautiful, but who's house is it?" "Hello love, nice to meet you, you must be Har—Marcel's lady friend," Someone with a strong British accent said as from behind me. I turned around to see Louis Tomlinson, who stuck out his hand. I shook it in shock, "Ar—Are you Louis?" "Yes. This is Louis Tomlinson, my best friend, Georgia." Marcel said in the accent from last night and this morning; the British accent. He smiled as he took his fedora off to reveal his quiff. I covered my face with my hands and rubbed my temples. I was about ready to scream. Why didn't I know this in the first place? How come I didn't figure it all out? I shook my head and sat on the ground in disbelief. They all sat down with me. "So.. You're Harry Styles," I said, laughing in disbelief.  "Yes. I am, but I'm also the Marcel Costanio you know from school," He sat in front of me and took my head in his hands, pretty much convincing me to look into his eyes, he kissed my nose bridge. I laughed again, "I'm fucking dreaming. This is some Hannah Montana shit, Marc.. Harry? Marcel?" Everyone around us left and Harry.. Or Marcel.. and I sat alone on the floor. He smiled at me, I finally saw it. I saw in front of me Harry Styles, just as if he was a picture on the internet. "Baby, I really hope this doesn't change anything." I smiled, "Of course not.. but why didn't you just tell me before?" "After Primary school we didn't really talk much.. So how could I?" He said, his accent was stronger than ever. "And you maintained too keep an American accent for your entire life?" He shrugged, "I felt as if it was needed at school." I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder, "I can't believe this.. Like, wow." He hugged me, "Well believe it. I hope you're alright with all this.." I pulled away, "All of what?" "Fame, paparazzi. Being labelled as his girlfriend." Louis said from the balcony of the stairs above us. I just realized we were still on the floor, "Well Louis, what if it's not just a label? What if I am his girlfriend?" Louis smirked as he begun down the stairs, Harry blushed and fixed his hair to hide the redness of his cheeks. You have got to admit that it was cute. Ashley ran back towards us dragging Luke, "I HEARD GIRLFRIEND WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Harry ignored her and stared up at Lou, "Well if she's my girlfriend," he wrapped his arms around me and cuddled his face into my neck, "Then I'm her boyfriend." I smiled and cuddled into his arms. The bell rung, and since we were just right down the hall from it, we all turned our heads as Louis opened the door. In came in a parade: Liam, Zayn, Niall, Perrie, and Eleanor. I covered my face in my knees one more time, "I'm dreaming, Harry. I'm dreaming." He stood up and put his hand out in front of me to help me up, I shook my head. Zayn pushed Harry away and did the exact same thing. I took it, but I felt like I was being pushed to. Harry's jaw dropped as he pulled himself up from the wall, "So you like him now?!" I ran over to him and laughed. He grabbed me and kissed me quickly. "Can you not?" Liam said as they all came up to us, I shook his hand, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Payne." Zayn took my arm and hugged me really tight, "Let go of her! You're gonna kill her," Perrie yelled from right behind him. He let go and smiled, "Nice to meet you, Ms. Georgia Rose." I giggled, "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Malik and Ms. Edwards." Niall came in for a Horan Hug and soon enough I was back in Harry's arms. We scattered all around the house. "Louis' flat is really really big." I said as Haz took my hand up the stairs up to the pool balcony. He nodded, "You wouldn't imagine the parties." I smiled and sat on a woven chair, "Since you're not Marcel anymore, am I not allowed to call you Ma-bear anymore?" He chuckled a little, "How about Ha-Bear?" I nodded, "Alright. Sounds good, Ha-Bear."       i guess the plot twist came a little early. whoops! 
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