You're with the Geek?

Georgia Rose was best friends with Marcel in Primary School, but once high school hit, their friendship was over. What happens now that he misses her in Senior Year?


3. It's a Prank.. Right?

I'm glad you guys like it so far(: & this one's rEALLY LONG. so be prepped. (:     Marcel's POV -   I went over to Gemma's flat to ask for help. What was a guy with a gorgeous date to do for prom? I rung the bell, she answered and welcomed me in. "What color is Georgia wearing?" She asked, I shrugged. I slid my phone out, "Do you want me to call her?" She nodded as she shoved a chip in her mouth. The phone rang.  - "Hello?" - "Hi, Georgia?" - "Yeah! Hi Marcel." - "What color are you wearing tonight?"  - "I was just about to ask you the same thing.." Black and White! Gemma mouthed. - "Why don't we go with the casual black and white?" - "Sounds great." - "Alright. I'll see you at five, gorgeous." "Well! Mr. Marcel. Who are you going as tonight?" Gemma asked. The number one question of my life.  Who are you really? I smirked, "I'm Harry tonight." She smiled, "That's the brother I know. Gosh, I can't wait to see the look on everyone's face. We'll make you look so good," She smiled. I always loved when she helped me pick things out for a special occassion. The outcome is always amazing.    Georgia's POV - "What color?" Ash asked. I sipped my bubble tea, "Black and white. Simple, casual. Just all that." She smiled. "Then perfect." She sat me down on a stool as she walked up and down the aisles of Windsor, grabbing everything and anything that looked cute. Ashley's style + Ashley's advice + Ashley's help = good outcome. Always. She piled dresses and shoes on me and pushed me into the dressing room. I tried on a ton, but ended up paying for a black and white crochet strapless maxi dress. The skirt was a flowy white with a little bit of pearl underneath, and the corset part was a lace black. I got black, felt-feel wedges, and a small black studded clutch. By the time we got back into the car, it was 4:00 PM. Just ONE hour to get ready. Ashley dropped me home and drove back to get ready herself. I slid on everything and applied little make-up. My hair was curly and my aroma was fragrant.    Marcel's POV - I was dressed in a plain tux with a little black bowtie. My blazer was rolled up 3/4 and unbuttonned. My flannel was three buttons loose and my hair was poofed up into a quiff. I was Harry, not Marcel. 4:57 PM. I drove into her driveway and parked. Remember. I'm Harry. Harry fucking Styles. Tell me any different and expect wrong. My confidence level was high. But also low. What would she think? Would she like me? Does she like Marcel better than Harry? No.. No one likes Marcel better than Harry. I got out of the car and fixed my blazer and tie. The floorboards creaked as I walked up to the doorbell. Her father opened it, "You must be.. You actually look a lot like Harry Styles.." I smiled, "Pleased to meet you, sir," I said as I shook his hand, was it obvious? He smiled, and I caught Georgia coming down from the stairs. She stopped and covered her mouth as she ran back upstairs. Confucsion fell upon us.   Georgia's POV - I called Ashley as fast as I could. No answer. I called Marcel aswell, but all I heard was a familiar ringtone in my living room. - "Marcel?!" - "Yes, beautiful?" The same voice came from downstairs. I was on the verge of screaming. - "This. Is. Not." - "Come downstairs. I'll explain." - "You guys are playing a prank on me aren't you?" - "Come downstairs, pretty." I hung up and slowly went back down. My parents moved out of the way to reveal who I refuse to believe is Marcel. I fake smiled and wrapped my arm around his. "It was very nice to meet you, Marcel," My mom said. I looked at him, he just smiled. "It was very pleasant meeting you aswell, Mr. & Mrs. Rose." He shook both of their hands. "You take care of my girl," My dad said. Marcel smiled, "I'll treat her as if she is my own." We walked out hand-in-hand. I hadn't said a word, I didn't know what to say, actually. "Are you alright, Georgia?" He asked as he ran his thumb accross the top of my palm. "I.. Who are you? Because I know for a fact you're not Marcel." He smirked, "Baby, tonight and every night, I'm Marcel, the geekiest of geeks. Marcel Costanio, just a little cleaned up." I shook my head in disbelief, "Then Marcel.. You clean up very well."    Marcel's POV - I didn't do it. I backed out. How could I? Why didn't I tell her that I'm Harry? Howcome she's so shocked? What did I do wrong? Does she not like Harry Styles?  God damn it, Harry. You screw everything up.    Georgia's POV - Though I was still so shocked, we walked hand-in-hand into the hotel ballroom with people glaring and staring. I lay my head on his shoulder and whispered, "You clean up really good. And you proved that to the entire school aswell." I felt his cheek tense up and I smiled. He lay his head on my shoulder, "And guess what the best part is?" I shrugged as he wrapped his arms around my waist, "What is that?" "I'm yours. You had faith in me, and I proved to you that I could make you happy." I pulled away so that he could see my face, "Marcel.. You'll make me happy no matter who or what you're dressed as, sure you look so.. gorgeous right now, but nothing changes the fact that you're still the Marcel I know inside." He kissed my cheek, "Thank you. Thank you so much, Georgia. For everything." I wrapped my arms around his neck, "Same goes to you. I don't know where I'd be without you.." We waddled in the same position for a long while. "Georgia!" I turned to see Ashley coming towards me with Luke being dragged along. They both smiled at me, and froze at Marcel. "Marcel..?" Luke said as Marcel smirked a little, "Hi Luke." They shook hands, Ashley pulled me to the side, "He. Cleaned. Up. So. Fucking. Well." I smiled, "Didn't he?" "God you two are so cute, it's not even funny." I just blushed to myself, "I just can't believe how stupid I was to leave him after primary school." She smiled at me, "You really like him again don't you?" "I honestly don't think I've stopped.."   Marcel's POV - "You really like him again don't you?" Ashley asked as I came up from behind them. I made a gesture to Ashley so that Georgia wouldn't know I was here. But again? She's liked me before? My crush since Primary has and does like me? I smiled to myself. Ashley smirked a little. "I honestly don't think I've stopped.." This made me blush, I looked down at my feet.    Georgia's POV - I felt arms wrap around my waist and Marcel's head fall on my shoulder. I leaned my head back on his shoulder in disappointment, "How much of that did you hear?" I felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled underneath his breath, "Just enough." Ashley and Luke walked away hand-in-hand as I turned around to face Marcel. "Georgia. I want to take you on a date," He said, looking into my eyes. I smiled and giggled, "I'd love to." He ran his hands up and down my waist, "Great. Are you busy tomorrow?" "I'm not actually.." "Good. I'll pick you up for lunch on me, then I have a little surprise for you." We smiled in sync, "Alright. Sounds like the perfect plan. Do I bring anything?" He shrugged, "Dress casual. Like you're going to the mall and want to look good if anyone important sees you." He laughed as I shook my head, "Okay, okay." Our foreheads touched as a slow song came on. He quickly parted as he held both my hands, "But for now.. Would you care for a dance, beautiful?" I smiled, "My pleasure." He gracefully took me onto the middle of the dancefloor. His hands were back on my waist and my arms were wrapped around his neck once again. We waddled back and forth, moving along to the music. "This is so corny and boring," I laughed. He shook his head and smiled, "Why don't we ditch this place and go get some real dinner? Pizza isn't all that great here." I smiled, "That'd actually be perfect." 
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