I'd Rather People Hate Me For Who I Am Than Love Me For Who I'm Not

You should read PeacockKiller's movellas. She's an awesome writer, and so nice. Hope you like this movella. Thanks. :)


3. 3:


Blue whinnied, pacing the fence line. Cara hadn't been out to see him. He pawed at the ground and snorted, tossing his head up and down. His whinnies wrenched at Cara's heart. She went out to see him everyday. It was midnight when she decided to sneak out.

 He was still whinnying, but it stopped abruptly when she reached him. He sniffed at her face and flickered his ears. She sighed, stroking down his blaze. "You love me, don't you?" She needed someone, but had no-one.

 Sighing again, she dropped a kiss onto his forelock and went inside. Crawling under her covers, she let sleep consume her.

 Her mother woke her the next morning by opening the curtains. "Come on, it's Friday. You have school today."

 Cara groaned and her mother shot her a glare. She sighed and climbed out of the bed as Janna left. Pulling her uniform on, she listened to her music. Her head was still pounding, but she just took a tablet and ate a small breakfast.

 The bus came and she climbed in without a word of goodbye to her mother. By the time they got to the school, they had called her every name she knew and more. All the time she just wrote. It calmed her mind and helped her block them out.

 Even though she was doing that it still hurt. Nothing could take the pain away. The one word that got to her was useless. She was useless. She wasn't as academic or sporty as her mother and instead of poker straight, blonde hair and green eyes, she had wavy red hair and blue eyes.

 "They just say horse riding isn't a sport because our ball has a mind of its own." She had written that countless times.

 "I am useless," she wrote in her diary. She looked at the cover, which she painted. "I can't even paint a decent horse. All I can do is ride and I'm not even good at that." She sang songs in her head. She had a decent voice, nothing special, but she'd never let anyone hear her.

 As she went over the lyric in her head, she though of Blue. His big brown eyes and sturdy, yet slender body.

 Someone leaned over the seat. "Meet me by the trees at lunch," he whispered in her ear.

 Cara didn't know what to do, but she knew one thing; there was no way she was going to the trees where nobody could see.


 Sorry for this really bad, crappy chapter... I'm just tired and have a lot to do... And my brother's annoying me. I'm this * * close to punching him...

 On a happier note, it's my older brother's birthday. Love ya, brother. Happy 22nd birthday. <3 :)

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