A Light Of Hope

Forced by her best friend, Alyssa joins her on The One Direction Birthday Project. She launches the red balloon into the sky and returns back to her normal life. What happens when a curly haired someone finds the balloon? Will he ever find the girl who wrote the letter. Was it fate that brought the balloon to him or just plain luck?


1. 1 The Birthday What?


Walking through the hallways I search for Bella through the crowd. I finally notice her ginger hair in line at the counter in the cafeteria. 

"Hey Bells, what are you getting?" I asked her.

"I'm torn between the chicken club and the turkey club sandwich," she states thoughtfully.

Finally choosing the turkey sandwich she pays and turns to me. 

"Alyssa..." She starts.

I knew that tone. She used it when she needed something. Whatever it was, I had a feeling I wouldn't like it.

"Well you're my friend right?" she continued.

"Yes," I reply not sure where this was headed.

"I was scrolling through my newsfeed and I noticed that on July 23 all directioners will launch a balloon in the air"

"Bells, you know I don't like them"

I'm not a hater of One Direction. Their music is good, I just don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with them. I mean they are good looking but you never knows who they really are. I think that with all the fame around them, they turned into a bunch of snobs.

"Please don't let your best friend do this alone, come with me"

"Bells, don't you know any other directi-"

" But I want you, come on!"

"Fine but only because I'm your friend"

She twirls around and quickly walks away before I could change my mind. 


As I walk home that night I wonder why I let her talk me into agreeing. Little did I know that this balloon might just change me.




I'm sorry that this is a very short chapter. As you noticed this story is about the one direction birthday project. If you don't know what it is:

Many directioners have agreed to launch a red balloon on July 23. On the balloon we have to write why we like One Direction, our names, country, twitter, tumbler...etc 

I hope you liked the first chapter. Please comment your thoughts and if I should continue. If you find anything wrong or have any suggestions comment so I can improve the story.

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