Moving Away

Chloe, Skye and Olly, three best friends living in London, only thing is Skye is moving to America and dosnt have the guts to tell her friends, but when she feels like shes being ignored she decides not to bother, but will Chloe and Olly get angry hen they finally find out?


6. The leaving party

Skye was looking at herself in the mirror, She was wearing a long red dress and some silver jewellery and silver heels, she looked so beautiful. Ding dong, Skye jumped and went to answer the door and there was Chloe wearing a long, silver, sparkly dress and Olly was wearing a fancy suit. "hi guys"said Skye in an excited voice,"hi" they both replied. Together they walked into the kitchen where the party was being held. The kitchen was full of all Skye's parents friends They ate the snacks and laughed together and Luke was playing with his friend in his room so he wasn't annoying anyone, it was a great night for everyone, but there was still one thing annoying Skye. She was moving and leaving her friends and she knew she wasn't going to fit in at a new school, she wasn't going to fit in in America and she was going to miss her friends more than anything, but she knew she had to enjoy this last night with her them and after a while she was having fun, talking and laughing with everyone in the room.

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