Moving Away

Chloe, Skye and Olly, three best friends living in London, only thing is Skye is moving to America and dosnt have the guts to tell her friends, but when she feels like shes being ignored she decides not to bother, but will Chloe and Olly get angry hen they finally find out?


4. Busted

"Hi Skye, whats with the box?" asked Chloe through gritted teeth. Skye almost jumped out of her skin."oh, the b-box is for ch-charity" Skye lied. Skye couldn't bare lieing to her best friends anymore so she told them the truth. "Ok, i'm moving to America and i'm sorry I didn't tell you before its just I couldn't say a word since you've been going out and then you started to ignore me an-" said Skye so fast you nearly couldn't hear the words.

"we know" said Olly inerupting Skye

"it's just- wait you know, how?" asked Skye curiously

"why do you think we're here" Said Chloe in a questioning voice. Skye just shrugged " I dunno"

"to help you pack, silly" answered Chloe in a voice that made Skye look very stupied. Chloe piled some books into a box. Skye looked at her wih a confused look on her face and then smiled and started to put books into the box and Olly started on the CDs. After an hour or two they had boxed everything up except Skye's clothes and her bed.

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