Moving Away

Chloe, Skye and Olly, three best friends living in London, only thing is Skye is moving to America and dosnt have the guts to tell her friends, but when she feels like shes being ignored she decides not to bother, but will Chloe and Olly get angry hen they finally find out?


3. Being ignored

The three best friends met at two although Skye was not happy, she couldn't get a word in. It was all about them and they had been doing and what they liked and what they disliked."Ughhhhh" Skye complained, she was getting a little bored and knowone seemed to notice. She thought this would be a really good time to tell her friends but if they weren't going to listen then she wasn't going to tell them. Skye managed to slip away while they were talking to each other about something knowone cares about. She went home a switched on the tv but then her little brother, Luke, came in with a paper aeroplane and started to annoy Skye. "Argggggg Luke go away" and she started to chase him around the house. Finally Luke ran up the stairs and Skye went and sat in her chair and watched tv again. She watched tv for hours and then decided it was time to pack, seing as she was moving in one week. She started pack things into a big brown box but soon got bored and read a magazine. Skye's mum came up to Skye's room, saw her reading a magazine and saw how little packing Skye had done and of course she didn't know that she was in a big argument with her friends, so Skye's mum decided she would call Olly and Chloe and ask them to help Skye. When Chloe and Olly had heard that Skye lied to them and had decided not to tell them she was moving they were not happy, infact they were furious, so they ran straight to Skye's house and ran up the stairs almost tripping over, pushed the door into Skye's room and stared at her angrily.

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