24/Seven (A Big Time Rush Fanfic)

When Evan meets the famous James Maslow from Big Time Rush at her summer camp, they instantly hit it off and become great friends.... But what happens when James starts to fall for Evan? With four crazy guys, a month long camp, and plenty of horseback rides, find our what happens in '24/Seven.'


3. Chapter 3

A/N: Again, awkward spacing…..  Sorry about that.  Also, for any horseback riders, sorry if I screw up the terms, or lingo, or whatever you want to call it! :P  I’m not a rider, so… I apologize in advance for my stupidity. :)


(Evan's POV)

"So then you just tighten this, and then you're good to go," James says, guiding my hand along the strap of the saddle.  I pull it to what I hope is the right tightness, and then let go and step back, and James does with me.

"Excellent job, young padawan."  He says, laughing.

"Thanks," I say, choosing to ignore the fact that he's still awkwardly holding my hand.  When he doesn’t drop it, I clear my throat and look down at our hands.

"Oh!  Sorry," He says, dropping my hand and blushing deeply.


“Not a problem,” I say, shrugging.  “Um.. You want to see if everyone else is ready to go?”


“Yeah, good idea.”  He leaves the stall and I run my hand over Trouble’s shoulder.  James sticks his head in again.  “Everyone’s ready to go.  Lead him out,” He turns to grab Bailey’s lead rope and joins me in the hallway as I start walking outside.


“Here, mounting blocks are over there,”  He says, pointing to where Ella stands on the mounting block being mentioned.  Carlos is already on his horse, laughing and talking with Ella, while Logan and Kendall wait behind her to use the block.


A few minutes later, we set out on the trails, and feeling bad that Logan and Kendall have been a little ousted from the conversation by Ella and me, I pull Trouble up alongside Kendall’s horse and start a conversation.


“I’m guessing you aren’t new at this?”  I ask, and he looks over and smiles.


“Nope, I’ve done this every year I’ve been here.  It’s one of my favorite activities, especially to do with friends.  Old and new!”  He smiles, nodding at the others to signify old and then gesturing to me to signify new.  I smile.


“Well, that’s what summer camp is for, meeting new people, and getting together with old friends.”  I reply.  “At least, if you aren’t new.”


“So there’s really no one here that you know?” He asks, frowning.  I shake my head.  “Wow.  Well, you’ll know people by the end of this!”  I laugh.


“It’s guaranteed!”  I look around the trail, then back at Logan and James, who are talking, then up at Ella and Carlos in front of us.


“So, tell me about yourself.  What’s life like at home for you?  Boyfriend?  Sports?  Life-altering secrets?”  He says the last one jokingly, waggling his eyebrows.  I laugh.


“It’s good.  I like my hometown.  No boyfriend, not now, not in the past.  I play volleyball and soccer for my school… That’s about it.  I’m a little bit of a loner, not a huge group of friends.”


“Volleyball, huh?”  He asks.  “And how do you like that?”


“I really enjoy it.  I play middle hitter, which is my favorite position.  My favorite thing is hitting, so that helps.”  He smiles.


“You know, there’s a intramural volleyball tournament here at camp.  It’s 3 vs. 3 games, and it goes through pretty much the whole month and half of camp.  It starts next week!”  I smile.  Finally, something that I can really sink my teeth into.  You know, besides that delicious food.


“Really?  Have any of you all ever done it?”  Kendall shakes his head no.


“Logan and I have always wanted to, but we could never find a third member for our team that we could stand spending that much time with.  We got plenty of offers, but only from girls who didn’t know how to play, and who only wanted to be on our team in order to weasel their way in as one of our dates for one of the dances.”


“One of the dances?”  I ask.  “You mean there’s more than one?”


“Yeah, there are two.  Don’t ask why, there just are.”  I raise my eyebrows.


“Ok then.  Little unexpected.  But anyway, that would be totally awesome to do that volleyball thing with you two!  What do you two like to play?” 


“Um…” Kendall says sheepishly.  “We don’t really play positions, we just try to get it to whoever’s gonna hit it over.  I guess that would be you.”


“That’s cool with me!”  I say, smiling widely.  “Thanks for inviting me!  So you’ve never entered it?”


“Well…” He says, skeptically.  “We did enter, in the first year, with a girl as the third member of our team.  When we got together to practice, all she did was flirt with us and complain about the fact that no one had asked her to the first dance yet.  Then she was all, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be so romantic if one of you took me?’”  He pauses and looks back at Logan and James, who are now listening to us, Logan who has pulled up on the other side of me, and James on the other side of Logan.


“Oh, man, that was… interesting?” Logan says, struggling for a good word.  Kendall laughs.


“So, we sat her down one day and asked her honestly if she really wanted to do the volleyball thing, or if she just wanted one of us to ask her to the dance.  She confessed, we each promised her one dance at the first dance only, and that was that.”


“We withdrew from the tournament,” Logan says.  “Why are we even talking about this?”


“Turns out,”  Kendall says, smiling broadly at me and Logan in turn.  “Evan plays volleyball at her school.  She’s gonna complete our trio for 3v3!”  Logan smiles.


“Awesome, girl!  Finally someone who a) won’t try to ask us out and b) is awesome, normal, and not creepy!”  I laugh.


“Thanks,” I say awkwardly, not liking the spotlight that’s just been placed on me.  “I try to be normal and not creepy most of the time.”


“Good plan to have,” James says, smiling from Logan’s other side.


“So,” Kendall says.  “Let’s talk about putting together time for a first practice……..”

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