24/Seven (A Big Time Rush Fanfic)

When Evan meets the famous James Maslow from Big Time Rush at her summer camp, they instantly hit it off and become great friends.... But what happens when James starts to fall for Evan? With four crazy guys, a month long camp, and plenty of horseback rides, find our what happens in '24/Seven.'


2. Chapter 2

(Evan’s POV)

“Evan!  Evan!  Wake up!”   I hear a voice saying.  My eyes snap open and I see Ella standing over me as she’s struggling to pull her long, straight, and very dark hair back into a ponytail.  I look around, trying to remember where I am.  Then it hits me:  Summer camp.  Riiiiiight. 


“What’s right?”  Ella asks, and I realize I said ‘Riiight’ out loud.


“Oh, nothing,” I say groggily.  “So, why up so early?”


“First day of camp, remember girlie?”  She says, finally wrestling her hair into a hairband.  She turns and examines herself in the mirror, nodding when she’s satisfied.


“Oh.  Yeah, I forgot.”  I say, finally starting to remember everything that has happened since I got here.  Unpacked, met Ella, got lost in the hallways, met James and the rest of Big Time Rush, and ate a burger.  Mmmm, that burger was good.


Woah woah woah.  Big Time Rush?  I shrug my shoulders.  You’ve got problems, Ev.  Pull it together.  Must’ve been a crazy dream.  I slide out of bed, going over to the closet of our room.


“What’s our activity this morning?”  I ask Ella, pulling my favorite sweatshirt off of the hanger.


“Trail ride.  And just a tip, wear jeans.”  She says, smiling.  I quickly change into my favorite pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, and then pull the sweatshirt over top.  Then, I pull a brush through my hair a couple times and throw it up into a high ponytail on the top of my head.  Hop out the door, pulling on my shoes as I go. 


“Let’s roll,” I say, as Ella follows me out the door, laughing.  As we’re walking down the hallway, she pulls her phone out of her back pocket and texts someone.  Then she breaks into a grin.




“What is?”  I ask, looking over at her as we turn left down a hallway.


“The guys, they chose the morning trail ride too.  We’re going to meet them in the lobby, right now.”  She smiles.


“Cool!” I say, confused.  What guys?  We go down in the elevator to the lobby, talking about our lives at home the whole time, and when the elevator doors open, we step out.


“Look, there they are!”  Ella says excitedly.  I look over and see Carlos, Logan, Kendall, and yes, James, standing and waving to us.  I wave back, like everything’s normal.


Hold on.  Pause.




“Come on, let’s go!”  Ella says, grabbing my hand and pulling me through the crowd towards the guys.


Oh, crud.  That was so not a dream.



(James’ POV)


“Trail ride, right, Logan?”  I say out of the corner of my mouth, watching Ella drag Evan through the crowd towards us.


“Yep.”  He replies.  Logan is in charge of scheduling all of our activities at camp.  He enjoys it, and he’s so organized that we always get our first pick.  “Try not to screw things up with Evan too bad, ok bro?”


“Why would I screw things up?”  I ask, nervously.


“Because you like her.  Like, like-like her.  So don’t screw it up.”


“Is it that obvious?”  I say, and I feel myself blush as the girls finally reach us. 


“Good morning!” Ella says, greeting us.  She gives Carlos a hug and smiles at the rest of us.  “Ready for the first day of camp?”


“So ready,” Kendall replies, giving a short wave to Evan as a greeting.  “How was your first night in lodging?”  He asks, punching her arm.


“Awesome!”  She says, yawning.


“Tired, I see,” Kendall says, and Evan nods.  “Yeah, you’ll get used to that.”  He looks around at the rest of us.  “Ready to go?”  Everyone nods and so we walk out the doors of the lodge and head toward the stables.


“So,” I say, moving up beside Evan as she yawns again.  “Trouble falling asleep?”  She smiles.


“Obvious, huh?  Yeah, I’m not used to it.  When I woke up this morning I wasn’t sure that last night was real.”


“What do you mean?”  I ask, confused.


“You know, getting lost in the lodge, running into you, and then standing in line for and eating a burger with James and the rest of Big Time Rush.”  She blushes slightly.  “Typical, normal person stuff.”  I laugh.


“Most everyone at this camp has pretty much gotten over the whole Big Time Rush thing.”  I admit, looking out over the hill that the stable is on.  “Although, it does have its setbacks.”


“Well, every girl in camp must hate Ella.  And every girl in camp also must be dying to go out with you all.  At the same time!”  She jokes.  I smile.


“At the beginning it was rough for Ella, we all started the same year at camp.  All of the girls hated her because she and Carlos got along so well, and she spent all of her time with us.  But then, you know, everyone got to know her, and once you get to know her, its really, really hard to hate her.  Now, it’s cool.”  I pause to watch Ella and Carlos, who are talking and laughing.


“They make a really cute couple,” Evan admits, watching them too.


“Never say that around both of them,” I warn.  “They freak out and insist that there’s nothing going on, that they’re just friends.  I try to support them on that, but it’s really obvious to everyone that they like each other.”  She smiles and nods.


“So, yesterday, Ella was telling me all about how everyone has camp crushes, every year.  You buy into the whole thing at all?”  Evan asks, looking back at me.


Why, yes I do!  In fact, my camp crush is standing right next to me, I think.  Instead, I say,  “Not a whole lot.  It’s mostly just the girls, and that gets old pretty quickly, with the length of this camp.”  She smiles.


“I can imagine.  Being crushed on all the time must get a little annoying.”  I bunch my eyebrows together.


“What are you talking about?”  I ask her, confused.


“You don’t know?”  She says in disbelief as we enter the stable.  “It’s pretty obvious that half the girls in this place are crushing on either you, Logan, or Kendall.”


“Really?”  I ask.  “I never noticed.”  And I’m being completely serious.


“Seriously?”  She laughs, finally seeming to wake up.  “On the walk up here alone, I’ve gotten the evil eye a bunch of times from girls just for talking to you.  Then, after they’re done trying to intimidate me, they go back to staring at you!”  I roll my eyes.


“Do you find it intimidating?”  I ask honestly.  I hate to get all protective, but….  “I know a lot of girls find that really stressful and, well… intimidating.”


“No, I don’t,” She says, laughing again.  “To me, it’s just staring.  Something I’m pretty used to at home.”


“What do you mean?”  I ask as we go into the tack room and pick out saddles.


“There was this whole thing with me and the queen bee in my grade.  She hates me because I’m a tomboy, but we used to be best friends in elementary school.  During middle school and going into high school, my best friend was the guy who was the star quarterback of the football team.  She had this huge crush on him, and they went out, and during that whole time he totally ignored me.  When he finally broke up with her, she swore it was because of something I said to him, and has since been trying to turn everyone at school against me.  Not really working, because everyone’s known the volleyball playing, incredibly dorky tomboy that is Evan since the third grade.”  She pauses, and sighs.  “Sorry, there’s my school sob story.”


“No, that’s fine,” I say.  Then I pause.  “You want to get these two horses?”  I gesture to the horses in two stalls right next to each other.


“Yeah, sounds good.”  I look at the name of the horse I’ve chosen.  Bailey.  I enter the stall to start saddling him up, and Evan does the same with the horse next to mine, whose name is Trouble.


“So,” I say, deciding to take a leap.  “Did you like your best friend?  I mean, did you like-like him?”


“No,” She answers, looking over Trouble and the stall wall at me.  “I mean, obviously I love him to death, but he’s more like my brother than a boyfriend.  I’ve pretty much known all of the guys in my hometown for too long to date any of them.  It always seems too weird. That, and no guy in my hometown is interested in me.  I’ve never actually had a boyfriend.”  Evan admits.  “What about you?  Any girls at home?”


“Well, of course there are girls at home,” I say, jokingly.  “But none that I really like.  Where I am, anyone who I could have a relationship with, I’m not really thrilled about having a relationship with, and anyone who I would want to have a relationship with doesn’t stick around long enough.”  I pause.  “I guess what’s really happening is that my expectations are too high.  I just want a normal, down-to-earth girl, who is pretty, and can joke, and is just a generally nice person.  Like you.”  I wince.  That definitely just came out of my mouth.  But instead of giving me the, ‘Wow, you’re a real creeper’ look, she smiles, looking down at Trouble as she places the saddle on his back, over the saddle pad.


“Thanks,” She says.  “And I guess that I have that problem too.  I mean, it’s hard to date someone when they either a) aren’t interested in you or b) you’ve seen them puke up cake at their 11th birthday party.”


“Well,” I joke.  “I have a definite advantage.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never puked in front of you.”  She laughs, but then it turns to a frown.


“Um… James?” She asks, sheepishly.  “After all this, I’ve realized that I have no idea what I’m doing.  Can you help me with all this stuff?”  I smile.


“Totally.  Hang on,” I tighten the last straps on Bailey’s tack and go into the stall next door, where she stands, holding all of Trouble’s tack and looking at me expectantly.


“Alright,” I say, gently taking it out of her hands.  “I don’t know what any of this stuff is called, but I do know how to saddle up a horse.  Let’s get to work!”


A/N:  Thanks for reading guys!!  Sorry for the awkward spacing in this chapter, I copy-pasted from a word document, so some chapters might be like that.  Hope you enjoy and hopefully I will get another chapter up in the near future!!  :)

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