The Institution

A normal girl with a serious problem


6. Chapter 6

It's been a few days, and I have been doing this new diet. It's called 'Chew and Spit' 


My Mom is at work, so I do this when she isn't home. I look at the chips infront of me and slowly pick them up. I bring one to my mouth, and chew. It crunches on my teeth.


I haven't have chips in a while. I savor the taste then spit out the food onto a plate. I do it again, and again. I like this diet better.


I hear a gasp from the door way. I already know who it is. I sit there tense, in shock. My Mom wasn't supose to be here for another hour..


Tears slowly trickle down my face, I don't move. She caught me. I am soon embraced in her hug. We both cry, not saying anything.


"Why are you doing this?" She whispers. I shake my head. Sobs coming out of my mouth uncontrolably.


I start coughing from all the crying and sobs. She rubs my back. Nothing dramatic has happened like this since my Dad died. He died 2 years ago from a car crash.


"We are gonna get you help." She assures me. All I do is nod my head. There is nothing I can do anymore. 


I started doing this to myslef about 2 weeks and a half ago. In that time I've lost about 11 pounds. Now weighing 107. I just want to be skinny..


My mom kisses my cheek and stands up whiping her tear stained cheeks. "Im gonna go find a number for an institution." She says. I cry even harder.


"I don't want to go to an institution." I sob. But I already know that she is gonna make me go. I know that she is doing what's best for me..


I hold my body in a craddle position and cry. My body is now shaking like mad. I squeeze my eyes shut and listen to my mom on the phone. What have I gotten into?


*A/N: Hello, so now all the action starts in the book! Once she gets into the institution it will get more interesting, I promise. So fave. like and comment if you like it! Give your opinions (: I'll be updating tomorrow. Bye x*

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