The Institution

A normal girl with a serious problem


5. Chapter 5

I sit at the table as the waiter places a bowl of pasta infront of me.


I take in the smell and scrunge my nose.


My stomach starts to do backflips.


I can feel my moms intense stare.


I take my fork and swirl it around in the pasta, bring it to my mouth, chew it slowly, then swallow.


I repeat my actions until my bowl is empty.


My eyes start to water.


I ate all of that..


I excuse myself from the table and go into a bathroom stall.


I fall to my knee's and cry.


I lean over the toilet and bring 2 fingers to my mouth.


I take a breath and stick the 2 fingers down my throat.


I tickle the back of my throat until I start to puke.


I puke about 3 or 4 times until I cant puke no more.


I lean against the wall, my body drained of energy..


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