In Your Shadow

Not only are Taylor and Louis twins, they're also best friends.
But with Louis getting even more perfect everyday, will Taylor manage to escape his shadow?
Or will she always be known as just 'Louis' twin sister'?


3. The Weird Panic Attack

As I had thought, my parent's hadn't even realised that I had left the house at 7 am. They wouldn't have found out, either, if Louis hadn't have blurted out that I went to Nandos for breakfast; causing both of my parents to look at me strangely. The thing is, though, stuff like this shouldn't surprise them because I think that most people know about my impulsive decisions and the fact that I'm down right strange. After all, I am the girl who wanted a pet llama for her 6th birthday instead of a pony like all of the other girls. And, I'm also the girl who dreamed of being a forensic scientist at the age of four, when all of the other girls dreamed of being ballerinas or popstars.


“What the heck would cause you to go to Nandos that early?” My mother asks me across the dinner table. “You know there's food in the fridge, and normal people would settle with that.” Dear God, her and Louis are too alike.

“I thought I'd established over the years that my levels of sanity aren't as high as everyone else's? And you know that I love Nandos, and what better time to have it than when I'm hungry?” Meh, that seems sort of believable.

“Next time just grab a yoghurt from the fridge or something,” My father chips in.


This is getting exhausting. I've had to lie to four people about my whereabouts and it's making me tired. And I can't even go take a nap because I probably won't survive a second heart attack if Louis attacks me again.


I start to gather up my dishes since my interrogation seems to be over, but I am stopped by Louis' deepening voice.


“Oh and a heads up Taylor; the lads are coming over in a bit and they'll be staying the night. I'm just letting you know so you don't have one of those weird panic attacks like the one you had when Sam Parker stayed the night in year seven.” I instantly feel my cheeks flame up at the memory.

“Why what did she do?” Harry asks, with an amused look on his face.

“Erm what 'lads' are coming over, then?” I say, before Louis can give Harry an answer. And yes, I just used air quotation marks around the word 'lads' because apparently I'm back in year seven.

“Oh you know, just the boys; Liam, Zayn, Nialler and Haz is staying the night as well.”


Fudge, I think I'm having that weird panic attack I had in year seven.


My heart beat starts racing and I feel my breath come out in short gasps. Sweat starts forming in the palm of my hands. Oh God, this is going to get ugly.


“Er, are you okay?” Harry asks in his heart-melting deep voice, but my mind is too busy freaking out to answer him.

“Oh shit, I think she's having that weird panic attack!”


I drop my dishes onto the table and flee the room. I sprint up to mine and Lou's bedroom and start rummaging through the little make-up I own. I grab a handful of bottles and run into the bathroom.


A layer of lipgloss, tinted moisturiser and mascara later; I have successfully applied my make-up with only stabbing my eye twice with my mascara wand. My next mission for looking acceptable is to find an outfit which doesn't look as if I have just crawled out of bed.


I frantically search through my wardrobe for something that will make me look less disgusting and more...datable. I eventually grab my dark blue skinny jeans, my bird print tied top and my pair of blue flats, and pull them on.


I'm just slipping my shoes on when I hear the loud sound of laughter ascending up the stairs. As realisation hist me, I grab the nearest book and dive onto my bed. The door to my shared bedroom opens and the group of boys walk in while I look 'intently' at the contents of my book.


“You got chang-” Harry begins.

“Oh, hey guys,” I say casually, interrupting Harry.


The boys just stare at me the same way the secretary from this morning had done; as if I am some sort of freak. And yeah, I admit that I'm slightly strange but right now I'm actually being normal, so why are the staring at me like that?!


“Y-you...” Louis starts.

“Wowza,” Zayn adds.


I am starting to get really paranoid. Did I forget to put my top on or something? Is there food stuck in my teeth? Have I grown a second head?!


“You're reading Fifty Shades of Grey?” Niall asks after a moment of silence.


I stare down in horror at the book in my hands; the book that I had been 'intently reading' when the boys walked in. I throw the book away from me as if it is on fire.



“Are you sure? Because you seem pretty into it when we walked in...” Harry smirks at me.


Oh my god, this can't be happening.



“WHAT?! I'M NOT READING THAT!” Louis joins in with my screeching.






The screeching comes to a stop as a look of horror appears on both mine and Louis' faces. I close my eyes, breathless from all of the shouting I have just taken part in. When I re-open them I notice that four pair of eyes are fixed on Louis and I. Oh yeah, I forgot they were there.


I glance nervously at Niall, hoping that he isn't freaked out by my weirdness. He winks cheekily at me while grinning. I feel myself smiling sheepishly back as a light blush surfaces on my cheeks. Damn him and his Irish charm.


“Where are we sleeping tonight, Lou?” Liam askspolitely.

“Just in here... you're alright with that, aren't you Tay?” Louis asks me, breaking me from the eye-sex I was having with Niall. Well, at least I think it was eye-sex but I've never really had it before so I'm just going to assume it was eye-sex. Okay.

“Wait, what? Where am I meant to sleep?!” As everyone already knows, I love my sleep, and my bed for that matter, so there's no way that I'm being kicked out of my bedroom because of Louis' sleepover club. Damn, I miss that show...

“You can still sleep in here. I know how in love you are with your bed and I wouldn't want to deal with your tears if you had to separate with it for the night, so the boys can just sleep on the floor.”


Fudg- screw it, SHIT. Attractive boys plus me sharing a room with them equals not good. I'm pretty sure I snore and that's going to be a massive turn off. Why can't I just crawl into a hole and live in there, only visiting the outside world when my food storage runs out? Life would be simpler that way.


I wouldn't have to deal with all the annoying people in this world. I'd get to have naps whenever I want. I wouldn't have the pressure to look acceptable or to be as perfect as Louis. I could just sleep and eat for the rest of my life and have no cares in the world. Life would be absolutely perfect. Right, that's it; I'm investing in a hole and this plan will go ahead. I will then be known as the creepy hole girl who growls at people.


“Taayyylorrr?” Louis waves his hand in front of my face, bringing my away from my imagination, which sucks because I like the world in my mind a lot better than the real world.

“Oh sorry I was just thinking about holes...” I speak aimlessly, still not really with anything that is going on.


There is a moment of silence and when I finally come back to the real world I am met with five pairs of eyes staring at me. That's happened a lot today, and I'm really starting to believe that I'm morphing into some sort of alien.


You were thinking about holes?” Harry asks with that familiar smirk.

“...Yeah? What's wrong with that? I want to live in one in the future.”

You want to live in a hole?”

“YES! Did you not hear me the first time? And why do you keep exaggerating the word 'hole'?!” I'm starting to get annoyed now. I've only had the idea about living in a hole for a few short moments but I'm already becoming quite defensive about it.

“Well, Taylor, I don't know how possible that's going to be for you... unless you have a you know and then I think it would be possible but I thought you had a... you know..” Harry suddenly looks really uncomfortable and I swear his cheeks weren't that red before.


Wait a minute. I can't live in a hole unless I have a 'you know' but he thinks I have a 'you know'... OH MY FUDGING GOD.



“Well this is awkward...” Niall chips in.


Oh double-fudge, I forgot that Niall and the rest of the boys were stood there witnessing all of this, as well as hearing my rant about holes.. Note to self: don't bring up holes ever again. Oh yeah and stop using the word fudge.


“...I need a nap.”

“Okay, you go take a nap in your hole,” Harry winks at me. “We'll just stay here.”


When did my life become this awkward?




I have successfully managed to have a nap without being attacked so I am already feeling more refreshed. The only thing that keeps haunting me is how embarrassing I was earlier. Sometimes I wish I had an on and off button for my awkwardness so I could turn it on to scare away people I don't like, but then I could turn it off when I'm around a sexy irishman who smells of sunshine dust and rainbows.


“Oh, you're awake... I didn't wake you did I?” A deep voice interrupts my thoughts. Wait, when was there someone else in the room with me?


I look up at the source of the voice like a deer caught in headlights.


“...are you okay? You've been acting weirder than usual ever since the other boys got here.”

“I'm fine! Why do you ask? Do I not look fine? Is it because you judge me now because of my idea of living in a hole? Oh my gosh, why did I just bring that up?! I'm sorry, please ignore that. Do you smell like sunshine dust and rainbows like Niall?”


Harry just stares at me for a moment, not saying a word. I just sit there blinking awkwardly because I can make even the simplest things like closing and opening my eyes awkward.


“No, you look fine! More than fine actual- wait, did you say that Niall smells like sunshine dust and rainbows?”



I see realisation flicker across Harry's eyes and then it is as if a light bulb has just lit up above his head. He's figured me out.


“You like Nialler! That's why you had that weird panic attack earlier!”

“No I don't. What are you talking about? How did you get your hair that curly? Can I borrow your curlers?” I ramble on, embarrassed.

“Stop trying to change the subject, Taylor. I can see right through you... but don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your crush or the fact that you compared his scent to sunshine dust and rainbows.” He gives me a small smile which I've never seen before. I'm used to his big grins but this smile is different... It gives me reassurance that I can trust him.

“You can't see through me... no one can.” I admit quietly.

“You may think you're invisible, Tay, but I can see you.”


With those final words; he leaves, making me even more flustered than I was before.  

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