Harry and Sam are neighbors. But are they more?


2. 2

Harrys POV 


I woke up at like three in the morning to my phone. "Hello?" I asked. "Harry help me." Sam. I got up and stormed over to her house. I kicked the door open and saw her unconscious on the floor. Her ankle was swollen. I picked her up and ran to my car. I laid her in the backseat and sped to the hospital. I ran her inside. "HELP!!!!" I screamed. I looked at Sam. She had a scared look on her face. "I'm here Sam. I'm here." Two men set her on a stretcher and took her to a room. I tried to follow but a nurse stopped me. "Ser, you need to calm down…" "Ok. She called me at three in the morning telling me to help. I rushed her over here and now here we are. IS THAT CALM ENOUGH FOR YOU?!?!" I screamed. "Ser, sit down. We will let you know when you can see her." "I NEED TO SEE HER NOW!!! I LOVE HER!!!!" I screamed in the ladies face. "SIT DOWN!!!" She glared at me. I shut up and did so. She scared me. I waited there for an hour or two and finally a nurse came over. "I'll take you to her room. Her ankle is broken. It could've been worse if you hadn't taken her here sooner." I got up and she showed me to Sam. She was sleeping like an angel in an orange cast. "You can go now lady. I wanna be alone with my girlfriend." "Of course." She left. I softly kissed Sams lips and sat in a chair. She fluttered her eyes open and looked around. She smiled at me. "Hey. How ya feelin?" I got up and walked over. "I wanna scream!" I laughed. "And shout and…" And so on. She giggled and held out her hand. I grabbed it. "I am so glad you're here for me Harry…You're a good friend." Friend? "Friend?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. I fake smiled and let go of her hand. "Get some sleep. I'm getting your crutches." I walked out. "Harry." I walked back in. "I only meant that as you're a good friend. But you're a great boyfriend for doing all of this for me." I smiled and nodded. I walked out and saw everyone. They all stood up. "Is she ok?" Perrie asked duct taping a pair of crutches. "Are those Sams?" I asked. She nodded. "And she's fine. But she's sleeping and doesn't want any people in there but her awesome boyfriend. Her words not mine. Perrie bring those in in the morning or when you're finished." She nodded and everyone sat down. I walked back in and Sam looked at me. She smiled. I smiled back and scooted a chair over to the bed. I sat down and held her hand. "Hey. Do I know you from somewhere?" She teased. "Hmm? No. I'm just a random stranger paying for all of this and holding your hand." I played along. "You are not paying for this!!!!" She struggled to sit up. "Shhh. Baby lay down and get some rest. I'm right here if you need me. I'm not sleeping a wink. And that's a promise." I meant it. "Can we kiss first? I miss your lips." She stuck out her bottom lip and batted her eyes. "Anything for you." I kissed her. She kissed me back. She was fast asleep after a couple minutes. I let everyone come in but told them to be quiet. All the guys softly kissed her lips making me mad but, they were only being gentlemen. Perrie and the girls fixed her hair and painted her toes. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. The nurse told everyone to leave and they did. Sam woke up around 9 the next morning. "You ready to go home? Oh and your home until you get that cast off is my house." She nodded and stretched. She looked at her toes then at me. "Perrie and the girls came in while you were asleep." She chuckled and I helped her sit up. I kissed her soft lips. She kissed me back. The nurse came in and ruined it. "Ok whoever you are time for your pills." She winked at me and gave Sam a dirty look. "Wow wow wow!" I stood up and walked over. "Did you just give her a dirty look?!?!" I screamed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and nodded. I yanked her off of me. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU DICKHEAD!!!! GIVE ME ALL THE DIRTY LOOKS YOU WANT!!! BUT SAM IS MY ONE AND ONLY!!!! SO BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!" The doctor came in. "What seems to be the problem?" He asked. "This dickhead of a nurse gave my girlfriend a dirty look. I wanna an new nurse for Sam." I looked at him. He nodded and dragged her out. A new nurse came in. She was too old for me. Good. "Ok sweetie. Time for your pills. Then your adorable little boyfriend can take you home." She pinched my cheek. She gave Sam her pills and Perrie walked in with her crutches. "Hey Sam. How ya doin?" She asked. Sam chuckled. "Sorry ya can't get through, why dontcha leave ya, name and your numba, and we'll get back to you." They both sang. "You have a pretty voice baby." I smiled at her. She smiled back and kissed me. I kissed her back. 

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