Marcel, The "Nerd"

Marcel was the schools nerd, that's what they call him. Everyone laughed, bullied, talked about, abused, etc. He never had a girlfriend, or a first kiss, or even a friend. He made no new friends in school, only enemies. But Marcel does have a crush. Her name is Carter. 'Of course she won't like me back', he thought to himself. But Carter and Marcel have been friends since high school. Will she start to get bullied? Or was she already getting bullied for being his friend? Does she have feelings for Marcel? Read to find out!!

I give some credit to someone in watpad. Don't know their name though. Cause I stole her first chapter. Lol


1. Marcel, The "Nerd"

Mae's P.O.V


DING DONG my doorbell ringed.

"Coming!" I yell as I get up. I open the door to see Marcel. We have been friends since all through high school. We both came in the middle of Freshman year, so we decided to stick together.

Yes, I do get bullied for it, but he's worth it. He is the smartest, funniest, sweetest, guy I know. Also, he's quite attractive. Everyone calls him ugly, but he isn't.

Me, I'm not pretty. Everyone tells me I am. But I'm nothing special. There are way more prettier girls than me, yet I still get the jocks asking me out. I don't get it. Why can't they go after one of the blondes with the fake boobs? I just don't get it.

"H-hi M-mae" He shutters.

"Hi Marcel!! Come in!" I say as I gesture him to walk in. He gladly takes the offer and walks in.

"Th-thanks." he says as a tears start forming in his eyes.

"Marcel, what's wrong?!" I say worriedly

"Everyone hates me. I have no friends. Nobody likes me." He says as a tear runs down his face.

"Marcel!! I'm your friend!! And not everyone hates you" I try to comfort him as I wipe away his tears

"I know you're my friend, but I don't see why. You're too good for me." he cries.

"I'm not too good for you. If anything, you're too good for me." I say still wiping his tears away.

"I would never be too good for you. Everyone hates me. And...and..." he trailed off.

"And what?" I encouraged him to talk.

"I think I would be better off dead!!" He spilled out. Tears were pouring down his face now.

"Marcel!! Don't ever say that!! Ever again!! I cried. Tears now falling down my face.

"Can I show you something?" I ask.

"Of course." He said. I pull up my sleeves and show him my, many, scars and fresh cuts.

"Mae!" He yelps. "How long have you done this?"

"Awhile." I simply respond. "I call them markings of the unloved"

"But you are loved." He replied as he kissed every scar.

"Yeah, by my mom. Really nobody else." I say



"I can name another person who loves you."


"Me." He said as he pulled me in for a kiss.








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