Marcel, The "Nerd"

Marcel was the schools nerd, that's what they call him. Everyone laughed, bullied, talked about, abused, etc. He never had a girlfriend, or a first kiss, or even a friend. He made no new friends in school, only enemies. But Marcel does have a crush. Her name is Carter. 'Of course she won't like me back', he thought to himself. But Carter and Marcel have been friends since high school. Will she start to get bullied? Or was she already getting bullied for being his friend? Does she have feelings for Marcel? Read to find out!!

I give some credit to someone in watpad. Don't know their name though. Cause I stole her first chapter. Lol


3. I would kill myself, rather than loose you.

AHHHHHHHHH!!! I woke up from my dream. Or shall I say, NIGHTMARE!!! I can't believe I could ever dream that! I started bawling my eyes out. Oh god. All I can think of was Marcel. Marcel is the only thing that was on my mind. I had to talk to him. To see if he would really do that. I managed to get up and get my phone. I went to Marcel's contact and presses call.

"Hey, Carter!!!! What's up?!@

"C-Can yo-u c-c-come ov-v-er? I Ha-be t-to tal-lk  t-to yo-you-u."

"OMG!! Ok!! I'm on my way!!!! Stay strong!!! Please!!! I'm be right over!!"

With that, the call ended. I put my phone down and started crying again. Suddenly I heard the front door open then slam shut. There was Marcel, barging into my room. He saw me crying my eyes out. He ran over to the bed and hugged me.  

"Shhhh. It's ok. I'm here Carter. You're safe wirh me. No need to worry. I'm here by your side. I'm always am. Please calm down."

He was drawing circles on my back. It's good to be in the arms of the person you love. I started to calm down by the thought if that.

"I really hope you're okay, Carter. You had me worried sick. Do you want to tell me what happened?"


(A/N skip the boring thing again. Sorry)

"CARTER!!! I will NEVER hurt you!!! Never in a million years! I care about you too much to ever hurt you!!"

"So you're saying that you'll never hurt me?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Ill never hurt you."

"we'll let's get ready for school."

I said getting up. Then I got picked up bridal style.

"MARCEL!! Put me down!!" I said laughing

He set me on the couch. Then sat by me.

"What are you doing? We need to go to school!!" I said getting up. Then I got pushed back down. 

"We're not going to school today. We're gonna watch movies together and relax."

Then I got really strong butterflies. I smiled and nodded. I got up and put in a movie. Marcel suggested the movie 'Notebook' so I put that in. I say down next to Marcel. He put his arm around my waist. I snuck out of his grip. He looked REALLY hurt. I had to tell him. I had to tell him my feeling for him. I took a deep breath and spoke up.

"Marcel, I need to tell you something."

he snapped him head towards me. Then a tear fell down his cheek. It hurts cause I know I caused this. I wiped it away with my thumb.

"Marcel, I need to tell you something weather you feel the same way or not."

he nodded his head and wiped his other tears with his shirt sleeve. 

"Marcel, I-I-I, ummmm, I li-Ike you. I actually love you. Ever since we became best friends, I started liking you more and more. You make me have butterflies in my stomach. You make me smile just by me hearing your name. Whenever you come near me, my heart races. If I ever lost you, I don't know what I would do. I would probably just ki-"

I was cut off my something getting connect to my lips. It was Marcel's lips. I smiled during the kiss and so did he. I can't believe this is happened. I thought he would be discussed by me!!! Well I thought wrong!!! We had a FULL make out session. Soon our lips disconnected. He had a huge smile plastered on his face. So did I. 

"You do NOT know how long I've wanted to do that. You don't know how long I've loved you, Carter. I love more that anything in the world!!! If I had to make a choice between loosing you as a friend, or killing myself. I would kill myself. I never want to loose you. Ever. I love you so much I want to wake up next to you every morning knowing that you're mine. Kiss your lips everyday. You mean too much to me. Carter, will you be my girlfriend?"

I kissed him on the lips for about 10 seconds.

"Does that answer your question?"

"Yes. Very."

"But don't kill yourself" 

"I will if I had that choice. I love your sooooo much Carter."

"I love you too. I love your with all my heart."

With that, he pecked my lips and we began to watch the movie. 



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