Marcel, The "Nerd"

Marcel was the schools nerd, that's what they call him. Everyone laughed, bullied, talked about, abused, etc. He never had a girlfriend, or a first kiss, or even a friend. He made no new friends in school, only enemies. But Marcel does have a crush. Her name is Carter. 'Of course she won't like me back', he thought to himself. But Carter and Marcel have been friends since high school. Will she start to get bullied? Or was she already getting bullied for being his friend? Does she have feelings for Marcel? Read to find out!!

I give some credit to someone in watpad. Don't know their name though. Cause I stole her first chapter. Lol


2. I got you a gift.

Marcel just left my house. All I can do was think about the kiss. I kept smiling like an idiot!! I never thought Marcel would kiss ME. Like, ME! Who would kiss me?! Yeah, sure I liked him, and yeah sure I liked the kiss, who an I kidding? I LOVED THE KISS!! I smiled even more. This time I got butterflies in my stomach. Does he like me? Probably not. He probably just wanted me to shut up or something. My smiled suddenly disappeared. It was getting late, I should probably go to bed. I headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After I was done, I changed I to my pajamas. I got in bed got all comfty. Tomorrow is another day of school. I only like school cause I got to see Marcel, really. I liked him ever since we became best friends. Suddenly, I drifted off to deep sleep.


******The alarm went off. I got up quickly. I quicker, the faster I got to see Marcel. I brushed my teeth, did my makeup, went back to my room and threw on some clothes. I went downstairs, into the kitchen, grabbed a granola bar, grabbed my backpack, and left.

I walked into school to see everyone staring at me. Was it my hair? My clothes? My shoes? My makeup? WHAT?! Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Marcel. 

"Why is everyone staring?"

"Cause I told then to. I didn't want ONE person to miss out. I got you a present close your eyes."

"OK!!" I smiled. Marcel looked different today. His hair was in a quiff, he was wearing black skinny jeans, and a white T-Shirt. But I just wanted my gift.



I smiled really big!!! My heart racing!!!!!! But that smile dissapeared soon. Next thing you know, I'm on the ground in pain. Marcel punched me. The one I love, the one I lived with all my heart, punched me. In school. He kept on punching me. 


"You really thought I liked you?! You really thought I meant to do that kiss for, romance?! NO!! I did it so you can shut up already!!!!! You want your real present now? Well you're getting it anyway." He said evily smiling. 

He pulled out a knife. 

I tried to squirm out of his grip. He was too strong. Then he stabbed my multiple times. In the ribs, heart, arm, leg, then lastly, my neck. I couldn't breath. Pain over filled me. Tears were pouring out of my eyes even more now. Soon, all I can hear was laughs. Then black overcame me. *****

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