Chronicles of Dreven Trenz

First run of a series I may continue. Be gentle. Its my first time.


7. To Craft A Wonder

Chapter 3 - To Craft A Wonder

      We had been tracking Maeve for what felt like hours. The path twisted and turned through the forest and I was sure that we were lost more than once. Dreven somehow managed to keep their trail long into the night. How Maeve was able to keep ahead of us escaped my reckoning, but here we were. As we broke camp for the night, Dreven lit a small fire to keep up warm. Despite it being mid summer, it got quite cold at night. As we sat by the fire, I pulled a bit of iron from my pack. I borrowed Dreven's canteen and filled a small pail with water. A short search found me a large flat stone. My tools at the ready, I give a look over to Dreven.

     "Do you suppose it would be alright if I did some smithing? I'd hate to fall out of practice and my tools still look rather new."

     "I don't think that should be a problem." He replies. "In fact, I think I may have...yes...just a moment." He reaches into his satchel, and digs around for a moment. From within that mysterious bag, he pulls what I believe to be a pale white wood. When he hands it to me, it is far heavier than any wood I had encountered. "That, my good boy," Dreven continues, "is dragon's tooth ivory. Very rare, but surprisingly easy to work with. I'm sure you'll put it to good use." I wonder at the bit of material. Was this really the tooth of a fabled dragon? To think that Dreven would entrust such a treasure to me was almost too much for me to believe. I hold the ivory as one might hold a crystal goblet. Dreven gives a light chuckle at my sudden caution. "Worry not young Reiken. Though it is easy to work with, it is difficult to break. Do with it what you will, and consider it a gift." His smile is evident as his teeth glint slightly in fire light. With that, I place the iron into the flames to let it heat. I take my knife and gingerly place it against the ivory. It takes very little pressure for the blade to shave a small bit from the piece. Before long, I had fashioned a smooth hilt, maybe five inches in length, I had bored a hole through it for the tine of the blade I intended to make. I pull the iron from the fire, it glows a vibrant red. Laying it upon the stone I had found, I pull my forge hammer from my bag. It's weight feels right in my hand. I swing and a loud CLANG fires through the forest. I can feel the iron give way to my blows, as ring after ring sounds through the area. As I lower the red hot steel, now beginning to take shape, into my pail of water, I can't help but wonder what the mystical water will do to it. The iron touches liquid and as expected there arose squeals, pops, and hisses as the iron quickly cools and tempers. As the blade cools, I mold a simple pommel in an ord from the left over iron and drop it into the pail as well. Dreven has been staring at me the entire time I worked, as if fascinated by my every move.

     "Have I done something wrong?" I ask gingerly. I was not used to having someone other than my master watch over me as I worked.

     Dreven shakes his head, "Oh hardly. Though you are only an apprentice, your forge skills are excellent. Especially despite the fact that you do not posses all the necessary tools. Please, continue. I am interested to see what becomes of this." His eyes sparkle slightly as he goes silent once more. I carefully reach for the iron blade. The pail is now quiet, the iron having cooled completely. I touch the tine of the blade to test if there was any heat left. To my surprise, the iron is not only cool, but indeed, cold to the touch, as if bound in ice. As I remove the blade from the pail, a wondrous thing occurs! The dim rusted patina of the iron has given way to what looked like polished steel of the highest quality. I stare in amazement and twist the blade in the moonlight, it sparkles and shines even though the light is dim.

     "What wizardry is this?!" I gasp. My eyes dance along the eight inch blade, searching for any sign of impurity, but I cannot find one. I look to Dreven, "It was the water, not the canteen that was enchanted! That must be the case!"

     "Very astute, young Reiken." Dreven nods in approval. "It seems you even found a property of the enchantment that I, myself did not know.  Very well done indeed." His grin has stretched even further, if that were even possible, and with renewed desire, I place the glimmering blade upon my stone anvil. I pull the sphere pommel from the bucket with much the same result. The iron is cold to the touch, and of a pristine shine. I create a small crossguard from hardwood, and fit it to the tine. The tine is then pushed through the hilt, the fit is perfect, leaving a bit of iron below the hilt to fit the pommel. I hold the tine into the fire, heating it bright red, I place the pommel on the tine, and quench it in the pail to weld the pieces together. Once cooled and dry, I hold my first hand-made weapon aloft. I felt a pride within myself I had never felt before. Dreven touches my shoulder. "Let us sharpen this blade. Make it as keen as possible. That is only fitting for a weapon so fine." I nod in agreement and pull a whetstone from my pack. I dip the stone in the pail, and quickly run it the length of the blade. Sparks like small stars arc from blade, I can feel the iron becoming more honed as I work. Soon, my work complete, I place the finished weapon on the stone anvil. I still can hardly believe how that long dagger glistened. Dreven reaches forward. "May I?"

     With an emphatic nod, I reply, "By all means! It would be an honor!" His hand closes around the ivory grip, and he lifts the blade from its resting place. A look of mild surprise comes over his face.

     "It is very light, despite its size. Well balanced too." He stands and positions himself as one might in a duel. "This is a fine thing indeed!" He swings the blade in a wide arc, and we found ourselves at a loss for what happened next. As the dagger swung, we could clearly hear a tone ring out, as though a fair maiden were trapped within it. The arc in which it followed, could also be clearly seen, as the air had turned to frost and drifted slowly down, disappearing when it touched the earth. "By the gods! You've crafted an enchanted blade!" We both stared in wonder at the new artifact. I lowered my eyes to my hands. Before I could utter a word, Dreven continues excitedly, "It bodes ill for an item like this to not have a name! With what name shall we honor this long dagger?!"

     "I...I really don't know." Is all I managed to stammer out. Not only was this the first enchanted weapon I had ever seen, but it was crafted by my own hand. Still in shock, I lean back against a log and place an arm across my eyes. "You may name it. I am without thought currently." Dreven laughs loudly and holds the flat of the blade to his forehead.

     "Tell me, keen blade, what name do you desire?" His eyes close, and remain that way for some time. I had almost thought him asleep, when his eyes snapped open and an understanding smile crosses his face. "As you wish." He whispers. He turns to me and holds the blade aloft. "This weapon shall henceforth be known as, Nixe-wen, or Ice Maiden in the faye language. So the blade requested, so shall it be." Dreven runs his finger the length of the blade, and whispers an incantation. "Ingvar Melora Inscriptus." A golden shine follows his finger, and a soft flowing script appears on the blade. "There you have it. Forevermore will this blade hold its name. It has been a long night, young Reiken. We still have our journey to finish. Maeve still holds our knight hostage, though you may have given us an advantage here tonight. Sleep well with that blade by your side. Nixe-wen will be your partner now. Respect her, and she will respect you. For now though, we sleep. Good night Reiken."

     I lay the blade upon my bedroll and lie down next to it. I drift into slumber with my fingers resting on the chilled blade. My thoughts are singular that night. Maeve would free Sir Roy, or taste the sting of Nixe-wen before the day was out.


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