Chronicles of Dreven Trenz

First run of a series I may continue. Be gentle. Its my first time.


4. The Dead Rise

     Bodies rise from the earth, some skeletal, others with bits of flesh still clinging to their bodies. The only thing the same about all of them was they were dead. I swing my forge hammer, smashing rotted bone, but it doesn't seem to do any good. The long dead warriors seem to swarm around me. The thought that I wouldn't live through this quickly rushes to my mind. Before these vile creatures have a chance to make good on Helgrim's threat, I feel a rush of air, and the dissected bodies of these creatures fall to the ground. My gaze dashes around and settles on Dreven. He is breathing a bit heavily, his arm outstretched.

     "Go!" He commands. "Get somewhere higher!"
Without hesitation, I make a run for the closest tree and climb quickly. Some of the remaining undead follow me and surround my perch.

     "What am I to do?!" I cry. This is nothing I had even dreamed  of before. It was almost as if living through a nightmare.

     "Stay there! Do not let them touch you!" The most I could do was nod and cling to the tree with all my strength. My eyes were locked on Dreven, both worry and admiration flowed through me as I watched him dispatch creature after creature. Eventually, he drops to one knee and I fear the worst has happened. Dreven leaps backwards and lands in a crouch, his hand dives into his satchel and comes back with a strange bracelet. He quickly places it on his wrist, clenches and opens his hand, and stands again. "Helgrim! Foul being of death and decay! You have wrought terror and destruction upon this land for far too long. I fear not your army, nor your magic, and I will see both slain this day!" He holds his hand toward the advancing legion of undead. Again, like in the forest, he speaks a short spell. "Aegis Scythe." A mighty wind whips around the desolate street, and coalesces into an almost visible blade of air. Dreven hurls this at the undead, and like a sword of the highest quality, it cleaves through the mass of undead, splitting them apart and dropping them to the ground. Dreven points at Helgrim and she hisses angrily. "Come! Meet me now! Your army has fallen, it is now your turn to meet the same fate!"
     Helgrim slides forward, her skeletal face unable to show emotion. "You have grown in strength as well traveler, but you will not leave this place. I will make you part of my army as I have so many before you!" She lashes forward with her hands. Tendrils of darkness spew from them and lance towards Dreven. He rolls quickly out of the way and stands once more. "Coward!" Helgrim screams. "Why do you run from your fate?!"

     A grim smile crosses Dreven's face. "I do not run from my fate. As I have told so many, so will I tell you..." He dashes forwards towards Helgrim. "I am my fate's master!" The hand, wearing the bracelet is plunged into the mad witch's chest, her head rocks back and an anguished scream bellows from her. With his other hand, he touches his forehead, heart, right shoulder, left shoulder, and utters a spell. "Veritas Vitae...Purify."

     A bright white shine comes from inside Helgrim. "No!" She screams. "You cannot do this to me! I am all powerful!" She claws at Dreven, leaving dark scratches on his face. "You cannot kill a shadow!"

     Dreven's eyes have softened. A look of pity crosses his face. "Magdalene...where did I go wrong? Be at rest, perhaps your soul may yet return to the light." The light pierces through Helgrim's body and it begins to crumble to dust. Soon all that is left is a pile of ash, and within Dreven's hand, there is a small pitch black stone. He turns slowly and motions for me to come out of the tree. Dropping to the ground I hurry to his side. He slumps onto my shoulder and smiles weakly. "Let's...get back to the inn..." I nod and we begin our walk back into town.

      People line the streets and stare at us. I can feel  their questioning gazes as we trudge past. One man looks in the direction we had come from and takes off at a full run. Perhaps to see if his unasked question was true. We enter the inn, and with help from the barman, ascend the stairs to our room. We lay Dreven on his bed and, after calling downstairs, the barmaid enters and tends to his wounds. Once taken care of, they exit, leaving me with him.
     "Was that what we were looking for?" I point to the small black stone on the table.

     Dreven coughs and nods slightly. "Yes...lore calls it the Deathbound Onyx...It is the final piece I need for my treasure..." Before he can say any more, he has fallen asleep. I choose to not wake him and instead return to the bar.

     Reaching the ground floor, I am met by a large crowd pushing its way in. A gruff looking man steps forward and claps his hands on my shoulders. "Is it true!? Is Helgrim dead?" I only manage a slight nod before the room erupts into cheers. I barely hear them though. My thoughts are on what Dreven said to Helgrim before she died. Who was Magdalene? What connection did she have to Dreven? Most importantly, why did Dreven need that stone? My questions were to be answered soon, but for now, I was content to know Dreven was alive. The town spent the rest of that evening celebrating its liberation, and continued celebrating long into the night. End chapter 4

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