Chronicles of Dreven Trenz

First run of a series I may continue. Be gentle. Its my first time.


2. Road to Lendir

We had been walking for only few days, but I was already feeling homesick. What was master doing? What were my friends doing? Was my mother okay? These questions fired through my mind. So much so, that I almost ran into the strange man’s back when he stopped suddenly.

    “What’s going on sir?” I ask. I look around him toward the path ahead. There, on the trail, was a small herd of deer. I stared in awe. I had seen their remains hanging at the butchers, I had even tasted the meat from them, but not once in my life had I actually seen one. “They’re majestic.” Even though I say the word, it doesn’t see to do them justice.

    “That they are.” He responds. “If there had just been a buck, we might have had a good meal, but, I refuse to separate those creatures from each other. That shall be your first lesson. You may hunt, but only the males, and only during the day. These wilds can be very dangerous at night.”

     He wasn’t lying. Just the night before, we had to seek refuge in a tree when a bear came sniffing around. I nod as I commit the lesson to heart.  Now, as we began to move forwards once more, the deer raise their heads and stare at us warily but do not run. I had seen rabbits and squirrels before, but had never been able to get close to them without them darting off into the underbrush. It caused me wonder when the deer did not run. We strode amidst them like we belonged. The man even dared to touch some of the younger ones. I watch as he leans down to one of the larger females, the matriarch of the herd.

      “May your young grow mighty and your progeny expand to the horizons.” It’s as though the animal understands, because she nuzzles him slightly. “You are most welcome madam. Now off with you, the trails can be dangerous for you.” I could have sworn the deer nodded slightly. She makes a small noise and the rest of the deer follow her into the woods. Just how many secrets did this man contain? Before I can ask anything, he turns toward me when he hears my stomach growl. The bread had been gone for almost a day. “I think…it may be time for some food. I suppose I’m feeling a bit peckish as well.”  He gives a small chuckle as he steps to the roadside. He leans over and begins pulling plants from the ground. I didn’t know it yet, but the man was a very talented herbalist. He returned with a fistful of odd flowering plants and held a few out to me. “They’re not exactly the tastiest thing, but it’s less dangerous than raw meat.” I look at him questioningly and take a couple of the plants. They don’t have any smell to them, but they are a pleasant purple color. “They’re just fine to eat though.” To prove his point he bites the flower off of the plant and chews it a bit. “Like I said, not exactly home cooking.” He laughs again eats another as he heads on down the road. I can’t help but smile as I follow him. Finally, my hunger getting the better of me, I bite off one of the flowers. The taste is bitter, but not horribly unpleasant. I continue eating the flowers as we continue down the trail. Every so often, he would step over to the side of the road and pick other flowers and plants. Handing me the plants he would describe what parts were safe to eat, what they might taste like, and how to tell them from their poisonous doppelgangers. Eventually my stomach is filled but my throat had become incredibly dry. I try to tell him this, but all that comes out is a halfhearted croak. He turns and gives a small laugh. “If you were thirsty, you only had to ask.” I give him a look that might have been deadly to others. He puts his hands up in mock surrender. “Okay, okay! You don’t need to get aggressive. I know exactly what we need.” He opens his satchel and digs inside. Pulling out a leather-bound canteen, he unstops it and hands it to me. I take a sip expecting lukewarm lake water with an old taste to it. To my surprise, the water is ice cold and very clean tasting. I tilt my head back and try to swallow as much of the deliciously cold liquid as I could. It wasn’t until I found myself gasping for air that I realized just how much of the water I had drank. It seemed like I had ingested gallons, but the canteen was no larger than any others I had seen. I hand the canteen back and wipe my mouth. “Amazing isn’t it? The canteen itself is enchanted. For all intents and purposes, it is endless. The water itself is from a glacial spring I found a few years ago. You’ll find no better drinking water in the world. Good thing it’s the only thing I’m able to drink besides juice.” He pulls the brim of his hat down slightly and continues down the trail. Finally, my hunger and thirst taken care of, I find my voice.
    “Sir, we have been traveling for a few days, but I know nothing about you other than that you need my help.” He nods a bit, and I continue. “If I may be so bold as to ask, if you have an enchanted item, are you a mage?”
    “A mage? No.” Is all he responds with.
    “If you are not a mage, are you of a magical race? Such as an elf or faye?” This could not be possible as elven folk and faye were the things of stories told to children.
    “I am neither elf nor faye. Though I do know a couple.”  His grin spreads across his face. Was he just toying with me, or did those fairytales hold a spark of truth?
    “Then, if you would sir, at least tell me your name?” It was beginning to get frustrating talking with this man. It seemed like he only spoke in riddles and half-truths.
    “My name? Oh I had forgotten that a long time ago. In fact, I doubt there are many who could remember that far anyway. These days, I go by Dreven Trenz. Though I am not royalty, I find I am the master of my own fate, and that is royalty enough for me.” He gives a grin that flashes his teeth briefly, and I remember that some appeared to be sharper than would normally be seen on a person.  Placing this to the back of my mind, a new curiosity drifts to mind.
    “Why can’t we have meat? I understand that eating it raw can be harmful but why not start a fire? It’s really not that difficult.” It was true. I had made plenty of fires in my time as an apprentice. A simple flint and tinder was all that was necessary. The man stopped and turned, looking at me as though I had become an oracle and given him the secret to the universe.
    “A fire you say? A fine idea, but I have never been able to…wait. I believe I know what might work. Grab some wood and pile it over here.” He indicates a patch of land places a circle of stones. We both begin collecting wood and piling it. Once we had collected a small pile, he asks me to keep watch as he slips into the woods. Moments later he returns with a pair of rabbits. He skins and cleans them, burying the entrails so that they might not attract predators. He builds a small spit and skewers the rabbits. My mind has since been working on how a fire would get started and I remember the bag my master sent with me. I pull it open, but as I do, Sir Trenz stops me. “No need for that lad. We will have fire, but in a very different way.” He holds his hands towards the pile of wood and his eyes narrow in concentration. “Do step back; I’ve never done one this small before.” I slide backwards; unaware of just what might be so dangerous. His lip curls into his trademark half smile and he mutters a single word. “Incendio.” A small flame leaps from his hand and a small yelp escapes my mouth. The wood crackles to life and begins cooking the rabbit. My eyes widen as I stare at the fire. “Good. I’m glad that turned out ok.” I almost don’t hear him but my attention is slowly turned to him.
    “You are a mage, Sir Trenz! You must be! No one knows of the magical arts but mages!” My mind is reeling. Could I really be traveling with one of the fabled mages?!
    “Please Reiken. If you must address me, please feel free to call me Dreven. No need for formality here. And as I have said, I am no mage, simply a fast learner.” He gives another of his flashy grins and pokes at the rabbits on the fire. “Oh! They are just about done. Please, have one won’t you?” How could he use magic, but not be a mage? The mysteries continued to compound. I remove a rabbit from the fire and take a bite. Being the first hot meal I’d had in days, it was, at the time, the most delicious thing I’d ever eaten. By the time we finished, night had fallen and we slept in the forest. Upon the morning we exit the woods atop a hill. The landscape expands before us as the forest gives way to plains land. “Behold Reiken! The plains of Gedron. Our next stop, the town of Lendir, and the place of our quarry.” He gives a single loud laugh and starts running down the hill. I am so awestruck by the seemingly endless view that I don’t notice him running. Once I do, I give chase, the grass on the plains feeling like the softest of carpets under my feet. The tall grass slides over my legs and the sun warms my face. This is probably the happiest I’ve felt since my father passed. We spend a number of nights on the plains, sleeping under the stars and eating what we could find. During that time, I learned small bits about Dreven. He had no family. No memory of where he was from. He said he did have a destiny but it wasn’t anything like what he wanted so he decided to change it. The more I listened to him, the more I came to want to be like him. He was master of his own fate, writer of his own story and I envied that. We had made the trek to Lendir without incident. Once more at the gates to a town, Dreven knocks and calls out. “Hail guards of Lendir! Dreven Trenz bids you allow us entry for we have business here!” There is a call from the other side of the gate and it begins to open. We step through and into Lendir, where we were immediately beset upon by guards.
    “Friends of yours?” I ask, hoping they indeed were.
    “Not so much.” He replies. “But I intend to make them so.” He flashes his grin and speaks to the captain of the guard. The guard nods, has his men check us over and escort us to town. Upon reaching the local inn we rent a room and once we are inside it, I finally get my answer. “So, you are probably wondering why we’re here in Lendir, eh?” My emphatic nod elicits a small chuckle from him. “This town has a small problem. A problem that once solved will aid both the town and me.”
    “You mean we’ll get the supplies needed for your item?” I question. The feeling of adventure once again rolling over me.
    “Indeed! This town is under the hold of someone. Someone who also holds the final piece to my puzzle. We shall retrieve that piece and be on our way.” He lays down in one of the beds and slides his hat over his eyes. “But first, a good night’s rest.” I follow suit and lie in the other bed. I find it is much more comfortable than the ground we had been sleeping on for almost two weeks. Before I fell asleep, one last question raced through my mind, and I had to know.
    “Who has this town so terrified?” The answer sent chills up my spine and caused me to have to fight for sleep.
    “The mad witch Helgrim.” This was the last thing I heard before I managed to fight my way into slumber. I did not know that this part of the trip would be one of the more deadly times in our travels. END CHAPTER 2

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