Always Running

Hi. I'm Sierra. I am 14 almost 15 years old. When I was 2, my older sister, Martha, died and my parents fell into a deep depression. I've been forced to grow up and learn how to take care of myself and my parents. By the time I was 5, I was already making Kraft Dinner. We live in a regular sized house. It's big enough for the three of us. I used to go to school but I stopped to take care of my sick father. He was sick with the flu for 3 months. Even when he had to throw up he hardly moved off the couch. All my parents do is lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling. I don't have very many friends because I don't have time for them. And this is my life... at least what I was told.


1. The Library

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I wake up at 7:30. Just like a normal day. I get out of bed, make my bed, check on my parents to see they're exactly how I left them last night. Then I go back to my room to get dressed, I put on my dark jeans and a white, slightly oversized tank top. I don't have very much extra money to buy clothes. I get a little bit from the government for food and the necessities because my parents are unable to work. Next, I brush my hair and teeth. Today, I let my hair hang down. Normally I would put it up in a ponytail.


I go to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I make some oatmeal because it's easier to shove my down my parent's throats. I feed them their oatmeal, then turn on the old stereo to some smooth jazz. They like that. I can tell by the way they almost smile. After that, I sit down at the clean dining room table to eat I oatmeal. I eat as slowly as possible because I know when I'm done, I'll just be sitting, watching my parents, waiting for them to get better. But I know that is nearly impossible.


I can't even remember my parents before all this. I don't remember Martha. I don't remember.


I start thinking about what I might do today. Maybe I'll organize all the drawers in the house, again. Maybe I'll practice the music from my master level piano book, which I've already mastered. Maybe I'll dust every single spot in every room, like normal. Or maybe I'll finish reading my book, for the 50th time. I could walk down to the library to get a new one but I don't want to leave my parents in case something happens. Maybe, I'll take that chance today. Maybe, I will.


It was almost 12 when I started to make some chicken noodle soup for lunch. I took out my parents prescription pills and ground them up and dumped them in their bowls. I fed them again. I quickly ate my soup and found my mom's old library card. It looked like it was a different library called the West Oakwood Resource Center. We must have lived in a place called Oakwood or West Oakwood before we moved here. I took $5 out of the savings jar seeming as I would have to buy a new library card.


I was hesitant walking out the door. Leaving my parents. What if something would happen to them when I was out. These same thoughts ran through my head every time I went to the store to get some food. I ignored them and walked down the street.


It took about 10 minutes to get to the library. I walked in took in my surroundings. It was quiet like I imagined, it had that musty, old book smell that I hate mixed with the crisp, fresh smell of new pages turning that I love. The building was filled with hundreds of shelves lining the walls. Down the centre of the room was a row of computers. I have never been on one. I have no clue how to work it. I wonder if I should maybe go on one after I get a book. I study the rest of the room until my eyes find the reception desk. I slowly walk up to the lady behind the desk. She looked maybe 40 or more. She wore glasses and a cashmere sweater, which  I don't understand why because it's the middle of summer.


"Can I help you?" she scowls not looking up from her computer.

"Um... I was wondering if.. I, um..." I stuttered.

"Well spit out it out girl!" She whisper-yelled. I cowered and took a couple steps back.

"Could I get a library card please?" I asked whispering.

"Yes. $5 please and sign here on the card." she said sliding the card across the desk.

"Um, thank you um.." I searched for her name tag. "Ms. Templeton." She didn't reply. Her eyes had fixed back on her computer screen.


I turned and started on my quest to find a new book quickly so I could get back to my parents. Maybe I should look for a series. I went to the teen fiction section. Thousands of books welcomed me to open their covers. Chill crept up my spine and swept over me as the pure excitement of finally getting a book to read. I easily spent an hour looking down one aisle deciding between two books. I heard a noise coming close to me. I knelt down down and looked down the space between the row of books and the shelf above it to see a girl that looked my age walked down the aisle next to me, dragging a boy, that looked maybe a year older than her, behind her.


"C'mon Celina. Hurry up! I'm so bored of this scene! Let's go get meet the other's for ice cream or something. Pleeeaasse!" The boy pleaded.

"Be patient Drew! And remember we're in a library, keep your voice down... unless you want to get us kicked out again." Replied the girl who's name I learned is Celina.

"That's a good idea!" He said his voice filled with excitement. He opened his mouth wide and started yelling "I LIKE TO PARTY WITH YELLOW ELEPHANTS!". Celine was trying to calm him down before the librarian got to them. It looked hilarious. A loud giggle slipped out of my lips and I immediately clasped my hand over mouth. Half because I hadn't giggled not even smiled that I can remember until today, and half because Celina froze when she heard me. She started looking around. I felt my body stiffen.

"Drew. Did you hear that? I think someone is spying on us." Celina said with a smirk stuck on her face.

"Well maybe we need to teach the little twerp a lesson... But first we need to ditch Templeton who is probably right behind me." answered Drew.

Ms. Templeton cleared her throat behind him. Celina and Drew started running.

 "Come back here!" Ms. Templeton ordered.

 I needed to get out of this chase before I got stuck in it. I heard a crunch. Ms. Templeton's glasses had fallen and she accidentally stepped on them. While watching her, I didn't realize Drew had tripped over my outstretched leg. I stumbled to my feet and offered him my hand to help him get up, he rejected it.


 "I'm so sorry." I apologized.

 "It's fine. Don't worry about Templeton now she's legally blind without them. I'm Drew by the way. And I'm guessing you're the spy?" He rambled.

 "Oh yeah. Sorry about that. My name is Sierra. Where'd your friend go?"

"Oh Celina? I don't know,probably hiding in the little girl's room. She doesn't handle being in trouble well." He explained.

"I see. Well I should be going. My p-"

"There you are!" Ms. Templeton interrupted staring at Drew and I. She grabbed me by the hair and drew by his forearm and dragged us out of the library.

"WAIT!! I'm not Celina!" I said, surprisingly not cowardly.

"Of course you are! Same blonde hair, same annoying voice and same stupid little boyfriend!" Ms. Templeton said proudly.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH!! WE ARE NOT DATING! I am happily single." Drew exclaimed as he turned to me and winked. A feeling completely foreign to me started boiling in my stomach. I felt heat rush to my face and I couldn't help but smile.

"Doesn't matter. You two are never to come in this library again!" Ms. Templeton said strictly.

"But-" I started but she was already inside. Seconds later she came back pulling Celina by the hair, the same way she did to me. She threw beside Drew with her back towards me. I mouth 'Wait for me' to Drew he nodded and I snuck in to finally get the books I dropped.

I searched to find the aisle I was in until I saw two books laying on the floor and dashed to the desk to check them out. Luckily there was a different younger, nicer librarian at the desk.

Once my books were checked out, I swiftly avoided Ms. Templeton as she stormed back inside and met Drew and Celina outside.

"Hi Celina, I'm Sierra. And I met Drew in the library while you guys were being chased." I greeted.

"Yeah. He told me." She said keeping a straight face. I don't think she likes me very much. I should leave.

"Oh! CRAP! I forgot about my parents! I need to get back home right now!" I explained. I started to run back when Drew called my name. I turned back.

"WAIT! MEET HERE SAME TIME TOMORROW?" He yelled across the street. I didn't answer.

"PLEASE?" He asked. I smiled at him and continued running.





HAIIIII! IT'S TYRA!!!! that's me lol. um I would really REALLY  want to know what u guys think of this and if I should write more or anything in my writing style u don't like that I could change ot just anything u didn't like or what u did like im open to any comments please just comment like it and fav it! ily!

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