Bury me Deep

Just a poem- open to interpretation. I would appreciate any feedback specifically as to how well you think the five poems in one works.


1. Bury me Deep

"Bury me deep," cried my friend in pain,

"Six feet under, beneath the ground;

Dig the hole and let me sleep."

Shovel and pick in hand.


Two feet down beneath the ground, soil bound,

My hands did bleed, eyes did weep.

Here in this empty land,

My tears sunk below.


Four feet down, two from dark deep,

Like the pull of quicksand,

My friend faced life's foe;

My soul let go.


Six feet down, in fire's land,

I thought to follow,

Death made a show;

I was slain.


I tried to climb slow,

And still stood low.

In the rain:




When I lost all hope, he helped me to achieve;

Though he still had to leave,

And face life's foe.




Note to reader: The poem is designed to be read in multiple ways. Taking the first line from each of the first five stanzas and then reading the last (in entirety) will create another poem in itself. Also doing the same for the second, third, and fourth lines works as well. So there are five poems in total here.


(Keep in mind, this is only the second time I attempted doing this so it's still being perfected but nonetheless works well enough as is.)


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