One Direction, Let's Imagine

These are one direction imagines, I don't take suggestions yet, I'm going to start off doing random ones, love, fighting, harry, liam, niall, zany, louis, and random names!


2. Harry and Miranda

*Harry's POV*

"Miranda! I'm home love!" I could hear her running upstairs and then, that's when I saw my beautiful girlfriend, standing there crying on the top of the staircase. "Miranda?" "No. Leave me alone." She ran down the stairs and as she passed me I grabbed her waist and pulled her back. "What the fuck! I get home from a 10 month tour and all you have to say is leave me alone and then you try and walk out the door! I fucking missed you, and I love you with all my heart, now you better tell me what the hell is going on." She teared up more and I could tell that I had done something, and her heart, was completely broken. "Why don't you go ask Samantha!" She threw a note to the ground and ran out the door, and you sat there in silence, reading the note out loud to yourself. 

Dear Harry, 

I've missed you while you've been gone! And you know how we met up before you left, and did some things... ;)  Well I'm pregnant, and it's a girl! And you know how when you used to rub small circles in my back and look into my eyes and say "Babe, If we ever have a baby, and it's a girl, I'm naming her Emma!" Well you got you wish because that's what I'm naming her! I could't wait to te-  

Miranda's tears had blurred the rest, and as I walked out the front door letting the winter air hit my face, I saw her, laying in the middle of the street, in a ball crying, and the next thing I knew, a car was racing down the street. "Miranda!" I ran into the street picking her up and racing her towards the house. I kicked the door shut with my foot and threw her onto the couch. "Didn't you read the rest. Didn't you fucking take time to actually get the facts right?" I threw the letter at her as she read the bottom, I love you Harry Castalla, I love you :)  

"Wait, this wasn't for you?" She wiped her tears and stood up "No! It wasn't, it was sent to the wrong address you little bitch!" The words stung as they slipped through my lips. "Harry....I...." Her tears flowed back with in a second and she was already running up the stairs, away from me. "Miranda, babe i'm sorry!" She tripped at the top step as she looked back to me, and as she started to slide down the stairs, her head quickly hitting the bars on the railing, I was just lost, spacing out and then it hit me, she had passed out. "Miranda!" I raced over to her picking her up into my arms. I carried her back up the stairs and I slid her out of my arms and onto the bed. "Babe please respond please I love you so much and I did't mean anything that I said beside the fact that I fucking missed you, and I love you so much, babe please wake up." I saw her eyes flutter open as she looked at me. "Get off of me." She rolled out from my grasp and ran back down the stairs, I followed her quickly and as she stopped in the middle of the street and turned around, a tear rolled down her cheek, and a moving truck hit her, straight on, and then she was gone. "Miranda no, please no, MIRANDA!" I quickly woke up and turned on the lights. I cried and cried and cried as I looked to the side realizing Miranda wasn't sleeping next to me. "No... no no no no no." My screams echoed through the house and I heard running. "Harry? baby what's wrong?" Miranda appeared in the doorway with a glass of water and as she saw me there crying, my soft curls now drenched with sweat, she dropped the glass, shattering it on the hardwood. She ran over to me and held me close, my tears soaking her shirt. "Babe, what's going on? "I just had a really bad dream and, and I miss you." I woke up once more and rolled out of my bunk on the tour bus. Seeing Miranda again was all a dream, she really was dead. I walked into the living space and saw Darcy sleeping, she woke quickly to my cries and ran over to me. "Did you see mommy's angel again daddy?" I just chuckled "Ya, kind of Darc, now go back to bed sweetie." I kissed her head and tucked her in, then crawled back into my bunk, drifting back to sleep

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