The new boy

Allie is a shy girl in school but out of school she can be normal. Justin is the new boy in school but also a bad boy... so it seems.
Justin thinks hes a bad boy until he meets allie...what happens when Justin falls in love with her the day they meet.


3. chapter 3

we walked in to maths and i introduced Justin to Mr Johnson. i went to go sit down and go talk to summer and hollie.

"im gonna ask him out" is all i court of hollie as i went to sit down. " who you gonna ask out?" i asked out of curiosity. "Justin!!!" hollie shouted so the whole class could hear. everyone turned round to what they were doing apart from Justin, who was now walking to wards us.

(its a study period)

" OMG OMG OMG, he's walking over!, everyone act normal!" as he walked over hollie just sat there legs crossed with a huge smile on her face... because that's normal...or in her case, Hollie normal.                

" you shouted, oh hey Allie." Justin said with the biggest smirk on his face. "hey Justin, my friend, Hollie, over here wants to ask you something" i said with the second biggest smirk on my face but hollie on the other hand she had a stare that could kill. no joke. " thanks Allie, erm...i just wanted to say...hello" me and summer couldn't help but burst out laughing.

*skipping the rest of the morning*

it was now lunch and i was starving! i was at my locker putting all my books away to find, once again my locker door thrown back nearly trapping my fingers.

" hey babe,wanna sit with me at dinner?" " is this gonna be a regular thing? and erm.... wont you be jugged?" " for what?" " for sitting with me, im not the prettiest girl in the world or the coolest" " so? im sick of everyone telling me to stay away of you! you alright! and you are really beautiful!"

that's the first someones called me beautiful. " hehe, thanks, fine, ok ill sit with you, but you have to sit with my two bestfriends..."   " sure"   " i would warn you hollie has a thing for bad boys." just thought i would warn him. " ME?....Bad Boy? why does everone think that!?" really is he asking the question. " well you did beat up students in your last 2 schools.."  " oh yeah, that, its only because i have some anger issues and they pushed it to far" ok so now i kinda warming up to him, i don't know why. " oh, come on we better get going be for i die of starvation" and with that we walked to the canteen.

As we reached the canteen people started to give us funny looks. " hey babe, just ignore them." Justin said with a reassuring smile. " will do, im used to it and what did i say about calling me that!" " sorry beautiful" he said with a very sexy smirk. " thanks" i said as we sat down at our table where summer and hollie both were sat, with there mouth's wide open. i looked at Justin who was laughing to him self about what he could see in front of him , it was funny. after a few seconds later summer decided to speek, " erm...hi Allie and Justin!, Just-"summer could only get half her sentence out because Hollie decided to interrupted her " HI JUSTIN!"    

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