The new boy

Allie is a shy girl in school but out of school she can be normal. Justin is the new boy in school but also a bad boy... so it seems.
Justin thinks hes a bad boy until he meets allie...what happens when Justin falls in love with her the day they meet.


2. chapter 2

" thought i know you?"

" no" why would he know me?

"must be someone els" he sounds much for bad boy. by now he's new 'friends' have left so its just me and him.

" can i please get to my locker?" i ask pointing to the locker hes leaning on.

"oh, sure"

he seems really kind

i open my locker to find it nearly being slammed on my fingers.

" watch it" he could of nearly torn my fingers of.

" sorry babe, but theres something wrong"        what could be wrong now!

" iv been told by people not to talk to you because your ugly and pathetic... but that's not true! you seen nice."

" and i don't really like nice people but your different!"

"thanks, but is there a reason you nearly chopped my fingers of then?" i don't know what it is but i can talk to him like iv been talking to him for years.

" sorry baby." this boy needs to stop calling me babe and baby.

" please stop calling me that" and with that the bell rang for first period.

" can you please take me to maths?"

" oh, i have maths first too, come one"

we walked to class still talking and him slipping babe and baby in the conversation.

just a second, where's hollie and summer? it doesn't matter.


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