The new boy

Allie is a shy girl in school but out of school she can be normal. Justin is the new boy in school but also a bad boy... so it seems.
Justin thinks hes a bad boy until he meets allie...what happens when Justin falls in love with her the day they meet.


1. chapeter 1

*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* sang my alarm clock telling me to get my self out of bed.

im allie, im 17 and im in high school, more like hell school if you ask me. i have two great friends, summer and hollie. i live with my dad and my step-mum ( i hate her.).

well...that's really it, no, wait... theres more im shy in school and im hated by a lot of people but i done care i just ignore them.

now that's it ;]

i got up out of bed and turned my alarm clock of, god that thing is annoying.

i walked over to my draws and picked out some zebra print leggings, a YOLO tee, some purple vans and a #swag snapback.

i hoped in the shower and washed my self. i stepped out and got dressed. i went down stairs and had my breakfast. i finished my breakfast and got my car keys and drive to school. if your wondering where my dad and step-mum are, there asleep, they work nights.

i got to school and parked in the car park. i got out to find a crowed of people. why? i could see hollie and summer on the far side of the car park, i walked over to them and was greeted by summer but ignored by hollie. " hey guys, whats going on?" i looked over to the crowed and looked back. " theres a new boy in school, hes this bad boy and hes a complete babe!" hollie told me still not looking at me, to busy looking at the new boy even tho you cant even see him. " oh come on he cant be a Bad Boy if hes just got hear." i said trying to get hollie to look at me witch worked, her head snapped round to my direction. " your kidding right? he IS a Bad Boy, he was kicked out 2 school for beating up students." " she has a point allie" summer said deciding to finely join the conversation. " whats his name?" i ask trying to avoid the Bad Boy talk. i look over to see the crowed gone and to see a tall dark figure dressed in all black stood talking to two boys who i suspect are, ryan and chaz.   " his name is Justin... Justin Bieber."  hollie said in a dreamy tone of voice.

the bell rang and everyone hurried into the hall ways. me, as normal, rush inside to my locker while summer and hollie take there time. i get to my locker to find the tall dark figure i saw in the car park...Justin Bieber...oh great.

" erm...sorry your in my way... your leaning on my locker" i say not even in a whisper

i hate talking to strangers...iv only gotten used to talking to summer and hollie. " sorry what was that?" the dark figure wasn't looking at me he had his back to me. " i said move" please" my tone of voice raised as i was getting annoyed now. i don't care if hes new, or a Bad Boy.

as he turned around i could feel my self shrinking.

"sorry babe, say that again, i didn't quite hear you!" did he really just call me babe! how low an this talk go?...

" i said ... nothing, nothing at all"


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