This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


1. Charter 1.

*Riley's POV*

"Riley! Get up! You promised we would go shopping!" I heard Sara say as she shook me out of a dreamless sleep, "Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!" She continued. "Ok ok fine" I huffed, I heard her squeal with joy as she ran out of my room. I walked to the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror. Wow. What the fuck do I look like. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and walked back to my room. I was going through my closet to find something to wear just as she walked back in. "What you gonna wear bestie?" She beamed, I looked at her and smiled "I dunno, I think my high waist navy skinny jeans with my black belly top and that grey hoodie I have, it's not that cold out" I said as I looked out my window to the sunny London morning. She smiled and said "Anything looks good on you" I laughed. She was wearing her bright neon pink long sleeve shirt that said I LOVE SHOPPING on the front with her black skinny's and a jacket. "I'll go make you a coffee so your not as grumpy for the rest of the day" And with that she was off. I got dressed and did my hair and makeup. As I walked out into the kitchen she handed me my coffee in my One Direction mug and she had made herself tea in her matching mug. "I can't wait today is going to be amazing!" She said, I smiled at her and said "Yeah, whatever" I don't like shopping I'm not like your typical girly girl unlike Sara I guess it's true what they say, opposites attract. Once we were done she dragged me out the house and we set off for a day of shopping......great.... 

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