This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


9. Chapter 9.

*Niall's POV*

I just came back from the bathroom and I found Riley staring at the wall, she seemed different even though I could only see the back of her, her body language seemed different more sad and depressed, I felt miserable as I looked at her but why? It's like I was in love with her or something....right? "Riles, are you ok?" I put my hand on her shoulder and she seemed startled as if she only noticed me when I touched her "Yeah, what? Sorry I didn't hear you" she looked at me as I sat next to her "I said are you ok?" 

"Yeah of corse"

"Are you sure?" 

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" She looked at me with a smile spreading across her face

"You seemed so distant before, you didn't even hear me talking to you"

"Sorry Ni I was just thinking about something" I wasn't convinced at all

"What were you thinking about?" I pressed on

"Uhh I was thinking about...umm food?" She said but it sounded more like a question 

"Liar" I pouted. She wasn't talking. I could see she was racking her rain for an excuse and all of a sudden I felt her soft pink lips on mine, I don't know if she was doing this as an excuse or because this is what she was thinking about but I kissed her back. Soon we were making out and I pulled her over my lap. My hand traved up her thighs and rested on her sides, touching her skin thanks to her sexy belly top. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and my hands went in her shirt and rested on her boobs. She smirked against my lips and I wondered if it was because what she could feel in my pants or because I was holding her boobs, she moved up higher and pressed down on my crotch and I groaned again causing her to smirk. I pulled her shirt off breaking our kiss she was wearing a lace bra and that just turned me on even more. I lifted her up and took her to her bedroom I kicked her door shut I threw her on the bed. I looked at her OMG was this really happening?! She reached up and pulled me down "Take. Your. Shirt. Off." I pulled it off obeying her and we started kissing again. I pulled down her jeans and my jeans and soon we were making out completely naked. We both stopped for a bit. I think the same thing was on both our minds. A condom. She dropped her head back "Shit" I dropped my head on her neck and said the same. Suddenly she perked up and turned around and moved up higher on her bed tracking the bedside drawer next to it, she opened it and moved some stuff around. Then she pulled it out, protection she looked at it with a smirk and said "Ex-boyfriends are worth it some times" I pulled her down to me agin and continued kissing her I took it out her hand. I started kissing down her neck till I found her sweet spot causing her to moan, I left a fairly big hickey on her neck and continued down to her boobs I squeezed her left boob and kissed the other I licked her nipple and she moaned louder I carried on down her stomached leaving a trail of wet kisses until I got down to her private. I kissed her thighs and she moaned me name. I touched her teasingly just to hear her groan "Oh do ya like it babe?" I teased her again gently "Niaall" I put my one finger into her and pumped it in and out slowly and the I added another finger and began picking up the pace she moaned louder and louder each time I my my fingers go faster and faster till she cummed on my hand and I bent down to lick up the mess. She moaned and went up to her and we were kissing again. She flipped me over just as I was about to go into her and bent down to my ear "Your turn baby" she whispered seductively, I got goose bumps on my skin and moaned a bit. She moved down my torso and kissed my v-line I moaned but it sounded odd and squeaky she giggled against my skin and I moaned again she touched my manhood and I groaned louder, she licked my tip and slowly slowly put it in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down, I felt her tongue licking me and I moaned "Ahhhhhh baaabbee uhhhh" she touched my balls and I groaned louder unable to feel anything but pleasure. I felt myself start to twitch and I came in her mouth I reached down and pulled her on top of me and flipped her over my tip was at her entrance and I slowly pushed in just in cases hurt her, she winced a little when I was in and then moaned I started thrusting faster and faster each time hitting her g-spot our groans and moans filled the room "Scream my name baby" I said into her neck  

"Niaaallll" she moaned 



"Scream it I want the world to know my name!" And I thrust into her harder than before

"NIAAAALLLL!!" She screamed and breathed heavily 

"That's it baby" and I carried on thrusting as we moaned each others names "Uhhh you feel so good" I whispered

"Ni..uhh.Niaall I'm gonna uhhhh"

"Me Uhhh tooooo ah" I felt my self go floppy and did my fastest hardest thrust causing a scream to escape her lip and we both resale sec our juices into each other. I fell next to her  awe were both breathing heavily as I pulled her into my chest. I kissed her forehead and we both just lay there thinking. I love her.



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