This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


8. Chapter 8.

*Sara's POV*

The last 5 minutes of my life seemed like a dream. It was unbelievable. Harry, he asked me out then he kissed me then pulled me to his car and we are driving to our first date OMG this is not happening! I looked beside m there he was smiling like a child on Christmas morning. Oh those lips OMG those lips! THEY WERE ON MY LIPS!! "Everything alright babe?" I heard him ask after some comfortable silence. "Yeah yeah I'm fine Harry, thank you" I smiled

"Is it ok that I kissed you?" He suddenly got more serious

"Yes Harry it's fine trust me" I smiled "that's why I kissed back" his face brightened instantly. I can't believe I'm on a date with Harry!


*Harry's POV*

I was silent after she said that's why she kissed me back. I was over the moon! I never felt like this before! I'm in love with someone I don't know, how is this possible! I don't even know.

We were sitting in silence again listening to the music coming from my radio. "So I'm going to take you to T.G.I Fridays if that's ok with you, we can go somewhere else if you want" I told the beauty sitting next to me. "Are you kidding I love Fridays! It's my favourite restaurant!" She practically yelled. "Really!?" 

"YES!! I love it!"

"Awesome!" And then BSE came on and we started laughing. I started singing and she was just sitting there smiling at me "Sing with me Sara!" I begged 

"No no no hahahaha I can't!" 


"No Harry!" I pouted at her and immediately her face dropped 

"Ok ok ok fine but sing with me!"

"YAY!" And then we started singing and she had such a beautiful voice I couldn't believe it! We sung each song together until we reached Fridays. We entered the restaurant and sat opposite each other in a corner by the wall so the fans can't see me much and I can have a nice lunch with Sara. "So Sara have you been a fan for long?"

"Yes we have not from the start but me and Riley fell in love with you guys about a year and a half ago" she beamed

"That's awesome" I was about to say something else when 4 girls came up to our table. "Hi Harry! We love you please sign these for us!" They were saying, I figured the sooner I just do it the sooner I can just get back to my hopefully soon to be girlfriend. "Sure girls" and the started jumping and laughing andsqueaking. After I signed everything they turned to Sara and I prepared for the worst. "Hi" said the tubby one "who are you?" They sounded actually nice, I thought they were going to hate on her like one fans do to our girlfriends. "I'm Sara, nice to meet you" she smiled that beautiful smile that made my heart pound. "Nice to meet you to" they said "Are you Harry's new girlfriend?" Asked the tall one

"Uhhh" she looked over at me as did the other girls and all of a sudden I just smiled

"I hope she is" I told them and they were jumping again saying they hope we have a good long relationship. After they left I leaned in closer to Sara. "Will you be my girlfriend then?" She looked at me with disbelief then smiled so widely "I'd love to Harry" she said for the second time today. We smiled and a grabbed her hand "What's your number btw?" And we exchanged numbers. I took a photo of her for the contact icon and she did the same. I felt confident and posted the picture on twitter and Instagram after tagging her as my new girlfriend in each post. Instantly her phone went crazy and she looked through all the comments and looked so happy I looked through the comments also and they were all so so nice I was so excited and with that becoming official we ordered our food and got o know each other better and it was the best first date of my life. 

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