This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


7. Chapter 7.

*Niall's POV* 

We were walking together through the park and I said bye to the guard standing that stopped the girls in the beginning. "So where's your car anyways?"

"Hahaha Niall I think your in for a surprise" she laughed. I was so confused then we stopped on front and a Yamaha R6 OMG this is my favourite motorbike out there! "Tell me this isn't yours" I said in awe. "Oh but dear Irish boy, it is" my jaw dropped I couldn't believe it.

"Well, are you getting on or am I going to just sit here while you stare?" I was pulled out my shock by her strong and beautiful accent. "Yeah yeah sorry I was just shocked" I said as she handed me a helmet that she got out her backpack. She took her little shopping and shoved it in her bag. After putting on the helmet that was a bit small I claimed on behind her and grabbed on to her tiny waist. I smiled I felt so good holding her for some reason. She lifted the visor of her helmet and turned her head to me. "You ok yeah?" She asked I saw her hazel green eyes shinning brightly as the sun shone on them. "Yeah don't worry I'm good" with that she lifted her hand and flopped my visor down and hers also then she turned around and turned on her bike.

*Skipping ride*

We walked through the door of her and Sara's shared apartment. It was small but cute it had a massive veranda and it was very homy. She put the two helmets on the table and took her shopping out her bag and dropped it next to the table on the floor. "Niall what do you want to drink ill get the pizza order now, btw what do you want on your pizza? And oh I never asked are you ok with pizza?" She asked me taking off her jacket leaving her in a tank top and showing of many tattoos. "Yeah uh pizza is fine and I uh do you like Hawaiian pizza?" I stuttered looking like a complete idiot because I started blushing. "I love Hawaiian pizza!!" She said. 


"Ofcorse!" It's the best" she beamed "what would you like to drink?" She asked.

"Do you have beer?" 

"Are you asking me if a breathe? Ofcorse I have beer!" I started laughing and then soon she joined in. She went and got two beers and I sat on the big leather couch. She sat next to me and got on the phone to order the pizza after she was finished she put the phone on the coffee table and we clinked our drinks and drank. "So Riley I see you have a lot of tattoos"

"Uh yeah I have quite a few haha" she looked down at her arms. We had a long conversation about ourselves and just got to know each other really well. I felt so close to her as we enjoyed our pizza that arrived, I really really like her I know that for sure. I just hope she likes me too. 

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