This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


6. Chapter 6.

*Niall's POV*

"Well that went well" said Riley while watching her best friend and one of my best friends speed off toward Harry's car. "HIS CAR!! OH NOOO THAT'S MY CAR HOW AM I GOING TO GET HOME HE HAS MY CAR KEYS!! AND HOUSE KEYS OMG WHYYYYY!" I suddenly screamed. "Calm down Niall, I'll take you home ok?" 

"But I don't have my house keys, and the guys won't be home!"

"So come to my house"


"Yeah, why not? I was going to go home anyways, we can get pizza or something, I'm hungry"


"Ok then lets go". I decided since the poor girl is sacrificing her afternoon for me I should help her out a bit so just as she bent down to get her shopping I did too and got them for her. "You don't have to get my bags Niall" she smiled such a beautiful smile. 

"I want to" I said back simply. She was laughing a little and thanked me and then we were off to her car. Or what I thought was going to be a car.






A/N hey guys! Sorry this is so short and I HAVNT posted in a while, I was in Italy! And tbh I had no wifi whatsoever. But I will update a lot now, give me ideas please!  


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