This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


4. Chapter 4.

*Sara's POV*

I looked at Harry he was smiling at me. My heart was beating out my chest I swear the people in China could hear it. I looked slowly at the others breaking my everlasting gaze with Harry each of them were smiling and asking different questions which I was glad to answer, my eyes finally set on my tall best friend and the sexy Irish boy sitting in front of her. They were staring at each other and I could see Niall's mouth hanging open just a little bit. The others were silent now too staring at the pair, finally Louis broke the now awkward silence by nudging Niall at his side a few times, he shook his head and blushed a deep red colour we looked at Riley and she was blushing just as much and turned her head to look the other way. All of us except Niall and Riley broke into a loud laughter. "Shut up" Riley pushed me a little and I tried to hide my laughter as did the rest of the boys for poor Niall that now looked redder than a tomato. "Looks like our little Nialler has a crush!" Teased Zayn. He tried to laugh it off as did Riley but that didn't go very well and had the rest of us going again. After about 10 minutes of us cackling like hyenas we finally stopped cos it looked like the two of them were on the brink of tears. "Aww relax guys! We didn't mean to hurt you" Sighed Liam like he was truley sorry for hurting his best friend and someone he just met. "I was just uhh looking at her her" stuttered Niall "it has really nice colours" I saw a blush creep up his neck. 

"Nothing wrong with liking someone mate" Said Harry.

"Yeah, like Harry seems to like Sara here, maybe it's time all the 1D boys were taken" laughed Louis. Now it was mine and Harry's turn to blush but he immediately smiled and stood up and took my hand and pulled me towards him and put his arm over my shoulder. I blushed even deeper but he was ok. "Yup, nothing wrong with that" He looked down at me and gave me his cute little smile and I looked over at Riley and she had a devious smile on her face and raised her eyebrows at me a couple of times. I wanted to kill her. 

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